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Yuu ran his hand against the back of his head, against the thick bristle of his hair, and let out a long and rich laugh. He tilted his head towards Hana and gave her a shrug. “If you asked many of the members of my clan, you’d find that all my medical academia is considered easy studying time. If you want to be on top, you have to put in the hours. Since I don’t get as much field work as you do, I have to put forward my efforts in other ways.

Besides, it’s fun. I want to have the sharpest mind, the strongest body, the quickest reflexes. I have a lot of people way stronger than me that I want to be able to beat one day.

He thrust out a palm strike in the air in front of him, his form a mere mockery of the mastery of his father – and of his cousin Kaito, notably – but it was a strong and focused strike, so far removed from the more clumsy attempts of his early geninhood. Even without the aid of a chakra infused rush, it vibrated with sheer power. Taijutsu specialty, granted by the birthright of his bloodline limit, and tempered by his zealous attention to training and study.

That means you, too, now.” A playful grin as he repeated his thrusting shadowboxing, and then pointing at her with all the drama of a young hero. “I don’t wanna be a footnote in the legend of Itsuki Hana!
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