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Yuu lightly tapped her on the back of the head with the edge of his palm.

You’re not a bad person, Hana-chan.” He tilted his neck and let out a whining little grunt. “Ninja have to do bad things. It’s part of our job. But that means someone sent in the request, someone paid for it, the Hokage’s office approved it, then it got to the mission office, then it ended up in your hands. Someone once told me so long as you have two people left on the planet, someone’s gonna want someone else dead. It’s just human nature. If it wasn’t for ninja, people would be at full out war all the time. It’s a very delicate balance.

He shrugged and took a few steps around her to eye her up and down. “Konohagakure isn’t the symbol of peace I thought it was. It’s more like a stern tyrant...but because of it, Fire Country is relatively at peace. A few hundred years ago and the world was made up of nothing but chaos and fighting all the time, down to individual clans of families going at it. Now a ninja team can cut anything off at the roots. It’s bloody, it’s messy, but it works. Besides, there’s lots of fun missions, too. Capturing bears, delivering delicious foods, helping with repairs...I’ve done all sorts of cool stuff that didn’t involve getting my palms bloody.

Thumbing his nose, he continued. “Besides, it feels sort of cruel to admit it, but it’s fun to win in a life or death battle. Like all my training comes up to one point, do or die, and I do it. Maybe one day that’ll catch up with me and I’ll get taken down, but until then, I think I actually enjoy it.

A long sigh. “Does that make me bloodthirsty? Maybe Konoha really is a pit of violence. But it’s our pit, and look how pretty it is!

He extended his arms to the colorful trees and rolling grass punctuated by state of the art buildings and electrical wires crossing around them, the juxtaposition of natural beauty combined with overwhelming progress. “You’re the future of this village, Hana-chan. Aim ever higher, that’s my ninja way. Maybe those words will inspire you, too.
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