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Yuu hopped up onto the picnic table and sat his rear on the table surface, folding his hands over his thighs and watching Hana's ninjutsu demonstration. Her talk of loneliness wasn't anything new, but it always ate away at his heart a little bit. He knew she wasn't trying to make him feel guilty, but he could tell that she was wasn't something he was fond of. He didn't even know the beginning of feeling lonely, with his large family and overeager cousins that always had supported him. Then on top of that, he had been effective at making friends and bridging the gap of lifestyle between most anyone else he met in Konoha. Hana, however...seemed to lose everyone that was important to her.

Except for Yuu, himself.

"You've got that bird, too, you know." The two Konoha genin had both been chosen by separate avian houses, further pushing them apart...but in a way, it also made him kin. Summoners inside the Hidden Fire were rare enough, and to be a pair both blessed by different skyward ninja was an honor.

He smiled at Kioko. “They’re supposed to get dirty. They’re combat ribbons, as weird as that sounds.

The boy stretched his back out and held his hands behind his head, grinning over at Hana. “But, jeeze, chuunin, huh? In Omoi, that makes you, like...eligable to be an assassin or a diplomat, right? Have you thought about that?

It was weird. Hana had gone from friend, to teammate, to rival, to an authority figure in such a small amount of time. Hana-taicho had a nice to ring to it, anyway.
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