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The dog beast seemed to react less to its brother exploding, and more to the surprise of the Chuku woman. Which meant that it was shocked at the same time Moko was. It wasn't every day that something inflated into a meat balloon and splattered over the room, and Moko hadn't exactly seen that kind of technique out of Shipori before.

"Sure," Moko said, hesitation in his voice, "You got it."

The freakish beast wasn't ready to go down without a fight though, and it snarled and snapped at Moko. Somehow, he got the feeling it was keeping an unseen eye on Shipori. It was afraid, which was an advantage that they didn't have before.

Moko charged forward while he had the chance. The dog moved into the blow, jaws open, and while Moko landed a strong knee into the ribs of the monster-dog, he found himself with a whole dog around his hand.

"Damnit, let go of me ya' filthy hellspawn or I'll..."

He could feel the teeth biting down into his flesh, going even through his arm guards. Moko put his hands on the beast's muzzle and tried to yank it free, even giving another knee to its body to see if it would loosen up.

Then there was a sick yelp, and a schlerp noise. First the dog's bite got stronger, before going loose. Moko didn't understand what happened at first, until he saw his wrist blade sticking out of the top of the creature's skull.

"Well hell," Moko said as he pulled the beast off. It fell to the floor with a thump. Even though he won, his arm felt like hell from the forearm out, and his hand went limp.
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