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Originally Posted by Kaen View Post
Oh, you were here then? I'd always assumed you came in on the vbulletin days for some reason. Shows what I know. Need to beef up on Engi history.
Here's a run down of Engi History:

I remember PandemoniumPuppet ("Pande" now) approached me on a forum called "NarutoTalk" (not sure if people remember this one). He wanted to start an RP forum. I think I refused at first, then he got someone else. Anywhoot, the person Pande hired eventually f-ed things up and got fired. Then I stepped in and migrated the forum from phpBB to vBulletin and stayed an admin and contributed a lot in the normal forums. I never got into RP though. Then, the one who f-ed up everything from the last forum decided to come back - many people refused. Not sure how it came to be, but eventually we let this person in as a goof, then he was liked again. The person that was hated back then was Baka-san. He shaped up since then and turned out to be pretty cool.

Once the forum was in better health, it was time to transfer the domain ownership from the person that previously owned it: Bers. This was like pulling teeth. Not sure how we did it, but he finally caughed up the account information. At the end of the day, though, him and I came to terms.

It was decided that I would be the master admin of the entire site and I would run the Paypal account, and all the accounts for that matter. Pande and I worked closely then (around 2003-2004?). I started enhancing the site with features and posting heavily in non-RP forums. Pande lead the RP and its direction. Eventually though, he started getting busy outside of the forum and left ownership to me, so I decided to keep it alive and been doing so until now. Since then, he's come back every once in a while, and he's always welcomed back.

We've had lots of people be admins and mods - most of them (if not all) have done great work. I'm always appreciative of people's contributions - many of you are so dedicated - it's great to see that.

Originally Posted by Sinnocent
Lol, Sam... Doesn't Engi just make you feel old sometimes?
Yes!!!! I remember I was this young punk at my university's computer lab, doing my homework on one window, while the other window had Engi. I was really a forum whore back then, forum-baiting people into my Sasuke-hatred threads that I would create:

Now I'm a sr. software engineer, with a bachelors in computer science, and engaged. Where's the time gone!!!! I still have a passion for Anime (haven't missed an episode of Naruto) and video games.

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