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Default Part III: Character biography and Writing Example

Part III: Character biography and Writing Example

Biography: As the name suggests, this is where you write about your character’s biography. Most use a chronological order format when they write their story but you are not restricted by that. It can either be in first or third person. It must however be in prose form (not bullet points) and it must be at least 500 words long.

While a detailed biography is usually a good thing, keep in mind that leaving some information undisclosed can make for good surprises during role play.

Most GMs will want you to write about the important events which happened in the village's history and how these events affected/influenced your character. Including this sort of information usually goes a long way to showing that you're interested in the village and want to participate in future plots, so it is in your best interest to do so.

Writing Example: This is only necessary if this is your first character. The purpose of a writing example is to show that you can write. Or rather, it is to give an idea on how you will write your future posts in role play. We suggest writing a very brief piece (~300 words) including some dialogue, thoughts and maybe some actions.

Other Info:
Any other trivial info you may want to mention about your character e.g. hobbies, favourite music genre, etc.

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