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You know...

I'm not a man of excessive description, nor a man to embellish speeches with long tirades (I'm looking at you Buk, you Cuban dickweed!)

But, if not for Engi, I can't say I would be the same man I am today. In the three long years I've been here, I have found friends that often overshadow those I have known for my whole life. Bonds of mutual trust have been established that I can never erase.

In many ways, Engi has replaced the drugs I so regularly used to abuse. Instead of toking up and playing some shitty vinyl at 3 am, I find myself cursing at Swedes who don't post, imagining dreamteams of fake American Football players with Koreans and Canadians, or bantering about Star Wars with a woman who thinks she's a little girl and the one man who has, quite simply, become one one of my best friends.

And I wouldn't exchange that for the world.

In an environment where the fandom has clearly over eclipsed the source material, with both an abruptly hostile yet overwhelmingly engrossing - and down right FUN - community, I can only hope to share the future with you all.

Especially since you bastards won't let me leave.

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