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I guess I am comfortable enough with this, I still feel he is a little disconnected from the village at large and I find that a bit of a curious approach for a clan character. I do however see myself as an example that when the character finds their voice, their opinions and moral compasses in relation to the village arc becomes much more apparent. There's a lot of logical and logistical leaps done to make your concept work and I find myself employing a lot of fridge logic and force to make the puzzle pieces you've laid out fit.

But I don't think I'm looking for Pulitzer prize winning material here, I'm looking for RPers and characters capable of evolving and being down for a good time. I think you've proven that time and time again, in spite of criticism or critique, that you're an earnest writer and person who simply wants to have a good time. Cho may lack a bit of what I want out of a canon clan character, but I think I trust you enough to give you the benefit of the doubt and I trust your level of investment and interest to spurn out some cool storylines.

You're a very active RPer but the Aburame is a canon clan and the Engi Aburame are near and dear to my heart, so with that said, I expect you to give it your all and be invested in the long haul. I also expect for Cho to not remain an outsider or ignorant of village politics for much longer.

I'll end with the same words that Slav left me when I submitted a rough around the edges Leaf clannie all them years ago...

Originally Posted by Slavm8
Either way, with all that said, I still stand by my words regarding the potential this character has, which was why I was willing to ignore the various lacks in the biography. So yeah, basically, this is pretty much the only criteria which helped sway my decision. This is why I’ll be looking at the character closely, expecting much from him.

Because should it become apparent, at any point, that this was a lapse in judgment, then… never mind
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