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His hands flowed green as he placed them over the woman, issuing streams of his healing chakra into her body. His energy courses through her like a swarm of locust, seeking out diseases and illness and attempting to devour. The poison in her system was like an oil slick and his chakra was like a sad stack of paper towels. He could clean this up but it would take time.

Silence and darkness. For a brief moment Yoshiyuki Yuri thought he had closed his eyes, but his eyes started to immediately adjust, as years of hiding in shadows primed him to do. A shriek from the hallway down the way alerted him. He disconnected from the woman, pleased enough with her progress for the time being. To the observer, Yuri appeared to twist into the air, darker shadows erupting from the ground in jagged spears. He turned into the shadow.

He knew the corridor, he had memorized the layout as he was guided. While he didn't get to see many rooms, he was able to at least grasp the hallways and main, larger open spaces. Yuri appeared in front of the genin, stepping out of shadow like a leaf blowing in a breeze. He was in a combat kneel, one hand on the ground, the other holding a kunai.

"Are you safe?" he asked tersely, all pretense and antagonism gone from his voice. He liked to goad people, but his mission. Was to help the family and protect the genin. Yuri didn't fail missions. "Where is the girl?"

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