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"Anything to help," Yuri said with earnest, open eyes and a small frown. His brows were furrowed just a bit, and his breathing had quickened. "I have a report someone is injured? Where may I assist them. We must save them!"

The con artist. The family ate him up, grabbing at Yuri's arms and gingerly pulling him away. As he walked, Yuri turned to look over his shoulder wild, open mouth smile on his face.

They love me.

A servant of the Habesobi offered him food on a tray, which he delicately accepted, bowing deeply while walking and pretending to mutter a thousand thanks for their undeserved kindness. This was his playground, where he excelled. He turned tables and gained confidence for a living. People don't share secrets to their enemies.

They opened a room and on two beds laid members of the family. A small boy, possibly mid-teens and a large middle-aged woman. The woman was stiff as a board and covered in sweat while the boy wriggled in discomfort, holding his stomach. The woman looked more severe, so Yuri walked over to the boy and pressed his hands on him, coursing his energy into the boy. Within seconds the boy opened his eyes and smiled.

"A stomachache? You had everyone very concerned." Yuri scolded the boy while shaking his head. His mother pressed her hand to her mouth in shock and grabbed the boy by his collar.

"All the way from Konoha! You know how expensive it is?"

They left the room and Yuri began to focus on the large woman. Immediately he could sense something wrong. This was bad. This was intentional.

This was poison.
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