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Things were finally starting to clear up no thanks to Yuri. Ryu was already starting to dislike the newcomer to the team but there was nothing he could do about. His options were either to be blunt about the issue, hurting feelings in the process or to stay quiet about his dislike. He had no middle ground in such matters and so, as a professional he chose to keep his mouth shut.

It turned out that the mission was going to require someone with medical expertise and that person was Yuri. As the medic pointed out, his skills were less offensive in nature than Ryu who had skills perfected for combat and annihilation. In reality few jounin were quite as offensive as the jinchuuriki was.

The jounin filtered out Yuri completely. He basically acted as if the man wasn’t even there and instead he decided to focus his attention to the courier. The medic was just background noise at that point until he had something useful to say.

"Please take this map. It’s the exact location of the estate. You might not need it but y’know." The courier paused for a few seconds then and started to remember what other information he had to relay. "They’re all here and yeah I think that’s all."

The swordsman nodded and took the map. It was easy enough to remember the general direction so he stuffed it away inside his coat, not needing to constantly take a look at their path. Once the exchange and meal was over, the trio made their way to Bear Country.


The group arrived swiftly to the location marked at the map. The route was a straightforward one and the estate was large enough to be spotted from distance. The jinchuuriki halted at the edges of the estate to examine the area. There were about two small buildings in close proximity to each other and a barn that was relatively far away, compared to the other two. The place was quiet and it didn’t seem like any of the danger that was feared had been there yet. Although it was strange that in the middle of the day not a single soul was present outdoors most like out of fear for their own safety.. They’re scared.

Let’s talk to them and see if their fears have manifested into anything.
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