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"Kugo it is! If that's what you would like to be called, I can certainly stop referring to your prestigious lineage. Should I call you Kugo-kohai," he said, another ridiculous wink briefly fluttering across his right eye.

He knew he was coming off extremely brash and rude, but he was disconcerted to find he couldn't help it. Yuri had made it as a jounin by being the opposite of these two. He followed in the shadows, avoided attention and focused on his stellar record of mission completions. The dragon was noted for his spirit possession and this boy was a family name. They got by on being branded with excellence. Yuri almost felt jealous which he was certainly not familiar with.

They were seated within minutes, presumably because they were three shinobi, though the air of arrogance, stoicism, and laziness might have helped. Or maybe this was a place where seats weren't reserved. Yuri could count how many restaurants he visited on one hand. And each time it was on an intel mission, where the mark was wealthy or powerful. The courier sat down with him, picking at his already torn nails.

Yuri abstained from eating at first out of reverence for the gods, which was an old foolish belief system he held from his time as a child on the island. His parents were devout scientists, but instilled in him a fear of the gods. He offered a quick silent prayer and unfurled his secondary mission scroll, the one he was told to open once he arrived, lest he get captured alone and tortured for secrets.

The seal pulsated and split open, the words spilling forth. Yuri read aloud quickly, as though he had seen this before.

"I was a rendezvous for the rendezvous. My medical experience was demanded. My skill set is much less offensive in nature than yours, Ryu-san." Yuri looked up and turned the scroll around to allow them to read. If they were quick they could read the mission details before the scroll wished away to embers on the table.

He popped an appetizer into his mouth, smirking at the flavor. It was actually delicious. They sat and ate their fill, savoring the food, all while hung a delicate and tenuous air of discord. Yuri pulled out several full stacks of money, setting it gently on the table.

"Don't be curious, this is mission funds," he said with a slight laugh, a soft tinkling in the dim lit restaurant. He always made sure he has plenty of liquid assets in case he needed to buy a favor, or a meal.

But food was a waste of money in Yuri's eyes. It disappeared too and didn't offer enough incentive to gain the upper hand.

"If you've all had your fill, we should make our way to Bear Country. As you'll see in our missive, we are expected soon."

Yuri smiled, dabbing at his mouth gently with a napkin. He gingerly handed one to Kugo.

"Here, use this. That way you can spare your sleeve." His eyes sparkled again, but not with malice. It was almost, genial?
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