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There are quite a few things about this bio that don't sit well with me. For one...I'm not the Maeda GM...but I'm pretty sure anyone born to the Maeda clan would be kept with the Maeda's.

The clan itself has a history of infection and outbreak...if your character was born with that clan, there's no telling when another outbreak can happen and the Maeda compound is made to help contain. Especially with someone that didn't know they were one and wouldn't know what to do if her worms went out of control.

Another thing is one mission does not a Chuunin make. Sure it was a good mission, sure she could have done something great and the logistics of the mission are quite unlikely but that's a mute point.

This bio is long but it contains very little about Rain itself or how your character reacts to the few happenings in Rain.

I'd like to see more about the village, more than one mission for a promotion and something a bit more logical as far as living concerns as parents withholding information about Ten being a Maeda even after numerous dreams as she had seems a bit unlikely.
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