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Sento wondered what this place looked like before the darkness claimed it. He'd heard why they were built in the first place, but seeing them in this kind of disrepair, swathed in mold and malice, was kind of sad in a way. Or, perhaps, it was his exhaustion talking. Either way, the one-eyed jounin pressed on, nose wrinkling a bit at the fountain.

The skull immediately struck him as odd. He could tell Majinken liked the aesthetic, which was equal cause for concern. "Hold on, you probably shouldn't j-"

The skull shattered. Sento stood there for a minute, dumbfounded. He closed his one good eye, took a deep sigh, and looked at Fuku. " sure you're not too close? Might have to do some heavy lifting at this distance..." His body ached as he reached for Ryuugamaru.

Just in case.
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