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The feeling of success coupled with the agonizing pain and screams of the monster made Sero feel like he would be able to make it out of the situation much better then his teammates. Then as if nothing else mattered a roar erupted through the area and in that moment Sero could not seem to concentrate. Everything from the dull colors of the wood and web became vibrant to the sounds of the beast thundered within his head. Unable to see anything in front of him Sero figured the only thing the monster would do is run or attack.

Sero knew something had to be done and with that he summoned up a large amount of chakra and large globes of snow began to form around him. Unable to see was a problem but the fact they were in a corridor helped to his decision to use such a technique. The barrage of snowballs flung towards the area the spider had been in when Sero last saw it, then all around the area. The amount of snow balls was tremendous and upon hitting anything, they would freeze. Sero could only hope that a few would stop the beast in its tracks.

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