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Default Combo Archetypes

Combo Archetypes

Rules Concerning Combo Archetypes

- If a Combo Archetype is taken by a character, this is the character's Primary Archetype. A Secondary Archetype cannot be taken.
- Stat Bonuses and Stat Flaws are the same if the character had taken Primary and Secondary archetypes.
- To determine Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary stats, you must choose one of the two archetypes being combined as a "primary attribute". That archetypes' Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary stats are then the stats of the character.
- Only the Special of the Combo Archetype is taken. The Special of the Primary Archetype is NOT taken.


Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Genjutsu Specialist
Combo Special: You may spend up to two rather than one thread points on jutsu. The second point spent on jutsu must always be a Genjutsu or Ninjutsu.
Description: Bookworms are the rare Shinobi that have dedicated their lives to the art of perfect Chakra manipulation. For this reason, they have mastered both Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, believing that a mastery of Chakra entails every aspect of it. Bookworms are typically very intelligent Shinobi that don't necessarily read all the time, but give off that impression simply through their acumen.

Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Elemental Specialist
Combo Special: An Elementum is allowed to effortlessly (and without seals) manipulate their specialist element for a single post post. This can include: launching it, blocking with it, or including it in strikes. It strikes (or blocks) with the force of a Ninjutsu 2 stages below their highest level in their village list (or stage 1 for genin). A 2 post cooldown afterwards is required before the ability can be activated again.
Description: Not only are Elementum masters of their elements, but they are expert Chakra manipulators and take great pride in it. Using either the environment around them or the elements available to them, they are able to control their elements with an ease that even the most refined Elemental Specialists envy. Elementum are the epitome of Elemental Specialists.

Marionette Master
Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Puppeteer
Combo Special: For two posts per thread, the Marionette Master can control one extra puppet than his highest stage of "Kugutsu no Jutsu" allows, though that puppet must be registered/listed in his inventory.
Description: There are those who study the mechanics of puppeteering and spend day after day training, and there are those who simply understand the proper techniques and methods of puppets without ever having needed practice. To them, the world does not feel right unless the weight of a puppet is beneath the strings of their fingers, and nothing feels more satisfying than the trickle of Chakra that makes their minions live. They do not settle for simply flinging their puppets around; their spirit moves with their creations, dancing and twirling alongside them as they move.

Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Beast Master
Combo Special: An additional technique may be taken for the beast companion at creation.
Description: Druids are known as the masters of the wild and wilderness; they are the lords of the earth and rulers of the wild realms. No one communicates and enjoys the company of "Mother Nature" quite like they can. They use this ability to help out their teammates as much as possible.

Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Quicksilver
Combo Special: The player can use two low level (Stage 3 and below) offensive Ninjutsu techniques in one post twice per thread.
Description: Believers in speed and powerful Ninjutsu, Rapidfires are known in battle to be hard and fast. Using Ninjutsu after Ninjutsu, they can quickly dominate a battle, never giving their opponents any time to counterattack. Though the rapid use of techniques might physically drain them, for them a fight is usually over shortly after it's begun.

Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Virtuoso
Combo Special: You may swap in 3rd swap for each stage in one list. All other lists remain at two swaps for each stage.
Description: Professors are a special breed of Ninjutsu specialists that are also very clever and have dedicated themselves into making a set of techniques completely unique to them. Their techniques are usually impressive and display their abounding intelligence. They are often times able to retain more information than the average Shinobi.

Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Polymath
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Sentinel may block against a technique one stage higher than indicated by their defensive technique. This does not boost Stage Six techniques to be able to block Stage Seven.
Description: When a Sentinel is on duty, comrades breath easy. The Sentinels are a type of Shinobi who base themselves upon using their Ninjutsu to create powerful barriers and defenses for shelters. Their objective is to ensure the wellbeing of an ally. While their firepower may not be able to match toe to toe against other Ninjutsu Specialists, Sentinels possess at least enough defensive prowess to nullify the attacks, making their skill a desirable asset for any Shinobi team in the field.

Mirage Elementalist
Archetypes: Genjutsu Specialist – Elemental Specialist
Combo Special: Any Genjutsu that the user has taken in the Genjutsu list of their village will have base duration raised by one post. However, the Genjutsu must be Stage 4 or below. The number of Genjutsu that can have their base durations extended is three per thread.
Description: The Mirage Elementalist is a Genjutsu specialist who has also taken a liking to the elemental techniques of their village. But they have long since decided not to treat it the two specialties as two different entities; he has discovered a way to combine his two hobbies as one. And so, he is a Mirage Elementalist, one who is much more proficient at the Genjutsu of his village than other Genjutsu specialists.

Masochistic Trickster
Archetypes: Genjutsu Specialist – Daredevil
Combo Special: Upon entering a thread, the Masochistic Trickster chooses one Genjutsu. After someone hits the user, the one Genjutsu is activated on them, as damaging the user was the trigger. After three posts, the ability recharges. The user can pick a different jutsu if he wants.
Description: Who expects a Genjutsu Specialist to want to step into an enemy’s range of attack? Instead of obeying the standard principle of Genjutsu Specialists (staying out of range and wearing down the opponent with illusions), the Tricksters engage their foes directly. Extremely confusing to fight against, these Tricksters can prove to be more than just your regular pest in prolonged encounters.

Morale Officer
Archetypes: Genjutsu Specialist – Tactician
Combo Special: Once per thread for three posts, the Morale Officer gives off a aura of command, either reducing hostile Genjutsu duration by one post or increasing allies' Genjutsu duration by the same amount for those who fall inside the area of effect. The chosen effect must be stated when the aura is activated. The aura extends a diameter of 10 feet around the user. Once a person leaves the area of effect, the alterations are canceled out.
Description: Morale Officers are impressive in that they are able to flawlessly command the respect of their peers and teammates. They tend to have an almost military air of diligence and command. It can be said that Morale Officers are natural leaders with an undeniable charisma.

Archetypes: Genjutsu Specialist – Virtuoso
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Illusionist can increase a single opponent's amount of Genjutsu able to be stacked by one.
Description: Illusionists, like most Genjutsu specialists are experts in the art of confusing people with Genjutsu. However, they differ in that they excel by their subtlety and finesse. It is said that an Illusionist can at times put someone under several concurrent Genjutsu without the victim even realizing he is being manipulated.

Counter Mirage Specialist
Archetypes: Genjutsu Specialist – Polymath
Combo Special: Once per thread, the minimum duration of an opponent's Genjutsu can be broken through Genjutsu Training, Genjutsu Kai, or the Pain Method (without the help of an ally using Kai).
Description: There are better Genjutsu users, more subtle users, and smarter users. But no one matches the mental manipulator's ability to hack into the enemies mind and make them see exactly what he wants the enemy to see. Against another Genjutsu users, the Counter Mirage Specialist always comes out on top; his skill is unmatched by ordinary Genjutsu Specalists.

Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Blade Dancer
Combo Special: The character is able to advance one level in one of his three Physical stats for three posts per thread. The stat behaves as if the character is at the lowest possible stat of the next level. There is a one post cool down in which the stat that was temporarily boosted is reduced a level below normal. After the post is over, the character's stat return to their regular state.
Description: Trained in body and versed in sword, Shogun are what mundane swordsmen dream to be. They eat, sleep, and work with a blade always in arm's reach, for at this stage in mastery, the sword has become an extension of their bodies. On the battlefield, the flash of light against a Shogun's blade invigorates the troops, for none can hope to defeat the Shogun in swordplay, not even the best of the Blade Dancers. They have committed their entire lives to a sharpened slab of metal; it is their religion, it is their way of life, only they can understand the almost holy bond between a Shogun and his blade.

Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Projectile Specialist / Archery Specialist, or Projectile Specialist - Archery Specialist
Combo Special: Once per thread, the user can shoot with perfect accuracy from any distance (the target must be in sight). The projectile will hit with two times the user's base Strength (no Strength bonuses are included in the calculation).
Description: Ever seen the guy who could shoot darts arrows into the middle of the target area all the times? The person who never miss? The one who can pin a butterfly wing against a tree one mile away using a toothpick? That is what the Hawkeye is all about, having a great knowledge of the anatomy combined with keen eyesight, one would need to be careful when fighting them. Despite all that, though, do not be deceived by their title; years of training in the physical aspect of Taijutsu has developed their bodies to a near-perfect physique. What does that mean? It means they're just as dangerous up close as they are from afar.

Weapon Thrasher
Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Kobudo Master
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Weapon Thrasher can (using his bludgeon) strike with two times his base Strength (no Strength bonuses are added on top of the activated Combo Special).
Description: This particular type of combatant is very skilled in a wide variety. They choose to wield blunt, typically light weapons that tend to be made out of various types of hard wood, without any sort of damaging point or blade. Weapons like tonfa, bokken, or staffs are common for a Weapon Thrasher. Because these weapons can often be used quicker than bladed weapons, the fighter can be a little more diverse in his or her abilities. If they don't connect with a slam of the weapon, they attempt a kick from another direction, sometimes a punch goes in unison with the weapon's attacks, and for these fighters, the weapons, although present, aren't the only form of attack.

Death Doctor
Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Offensive Healer
Combo Special: Twice per thread, the Death Doctor can physically touch a muscle and cause it to cramp painfully for one post.
Description: These are not your typical medics. In fact, these Shinobi barely seem like actual medics, for their main purpose in medical study is to discover more ways to disrupt the human body in combat. Their armament may seem a tad unorthodox, consisting of scalpels and syringes, but the Death Doctors understand exactly how to break down and destroy the body piece by piece.

Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Human Tank
Combo Special: The player can resist physical damage from all sources of damage for 2 posts. The Juggernaut has to remain in motion during this period of time and cannot use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. As soon as the Juggernaut comes to a halt, the effect ends, even if the Juggernaut is technically allowed to keep moving for more posts. This can only be used once per thread.
Description: The Juggernaut is a moving mountain of a human being. Completely ripped to the max with muscles growing off of other muscles, these tremendous Shinobi are unmatched in terms of physical strength. Their knowledge of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu may be lacking, but their ridiculous level of brawn is enough to make anybody tremble in fear just upon seeing them.

Speed Artist
Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Quicksilver
Combo Special: Once per thread, the user may perform one Taijutsu special technique twice in the same post. The technique must be Stage Three or lower.
Description: The speed artist is a Taijutsu specialist who has employed speed to its fullest potential in order to strike his opponents quickly. His main strategy is to attack at a speed that his targets cannot keep up; thus, he is able to attack with the same technique more than once in a single movement. Speed Artists are also highly regarded for the expert control they have on their much-too-quick movements.

Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Virtuoso
Combo Special: Once per thread, the user can increase his lowest Physical base stat by his Power stat for two posts (bonuses to that stat are not added on top of the activated Combo Special).
Description: The title of Firebrand is a high praise to those who practice Taijutsu. They are experts in the mechanics of physical combat, which enables them to improvise nigh impossible moves - thought to be beyond their capabilities - to make up for their trained style's flaws. They are tenacious and hard to keep down; just when it looks like one is beat, he gets back up with explosive energy to continue the fight.

Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Cavalier
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Spitfire can use one Ninjutsu technique Stage Four and below two times simultaneously in one post, counting as only a single use. Specific jutsu rules still apply (eg. a jutsu saying it can only be used once a thread).
Description: There are a certain breed of Shinobi that are always raring to leap into the fray, to test themselves against the hands of Death and Fortune. Spitfire Shinobi are all that and more. They thrust themselves past the front lines and into the heart of the enemy camp, guns blazing and war cries aplenty. Not only have the tested their will against the cold grip of the Grim Reaper, Spitfires have thrown themselves into its grasp, only to miraculously return, broken and torn to pieces...but, in all senses of the word, alive. There is no greater thrill or excitement for them than to see an army of enemies marching in their direction with the full intent to kill. There is no greater life for them than the one they have on the battlefield.

Elemental Suicidialist
Archetypes: Elemental Specialist – Daredevil
Combo Special: The user can seal up to three wounds using their element of choice. Fire and lightning would cauterize, water and sand would simply cover to prevent further damage, wood would also cover the wound(user's movement unhindered.) This doesn't require an action on the user's part. This sealing up does not heal the wound but acts as a temporary bandage until the user can get medical assistance.
Description: Elemental Suicidialists usually are the stupid Shinobi that run into missions, yet somehow come back alive. These are the Shinobi who plan to master an element and have mastered the art of dodging death repeatedly.

Force of Nature
Archetypes: Elemental Specialist – Human Battery
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Force of Nature is able to generate an elemental explosion from the tenketsu in his body by releasing an impressive amount of Chakra and instantly converting it at once. The explosion packs no force in and of itself, but simply deals elemental damage in a diameter of 10 feet.
Description: Forces of Nature are Shinobi who devotes every last ounce of Chakra in their coils to manifesting the power of their chosen elements. They are completely attuned to it, focusing the majority of their studies upon its study. These Shinobi, quickly coined as Forces of Nature, understand that the elements don't serve them, but they serve the elements and are simple the mortal medium for its expression.

Archetypes: Elemental Specialist – Virtuoso
Combo Special: Gain an extra freebie for a swap technique in a village list at creation.
Description: The Dilettante are people who learn the nature of their chosen element and seek to grasp all of its facets, but not for the sole sake of enhancing their battle skills. The Dilettante search for this intimate knowledge simply because the artist's spirit within urges them to do so, to find a way to channel the element in a personal, unique manner and show to others the beauty of its nature.

Arms Master
Archetypes: Blade Dancer – Kobudo Master
Combo Special: Twice per thread, the user is able to attack once with each weapon (so twice). Provided that the two weapons are two completely different weapons (Cannot be a katana and a broadsword, etc.), the two offensive attacks count as one.
Description: The Arms Master is generally an experienced warrior who spent an unusual amount of time learning all the secrets of using weapons such as swords, daggers, maces, bo staffs, and so on. It doesn't matter what situation the Arms Master is in so long as one of their favoured weapons is in his hands. They fight with two completely different weapons in perfect synchronization, complementing the strengths of slender steel with the brute force of skull bashers.

Solid Swordsman
Archetypes: Blade Dancer – Human Tank
Combo Special: Once per two threads, the Solid Swordsman may completely disregard a serious, but not mortal, physical wound. The wound aggravates them for the entirety of the second thread, however. It must be stated OOC in the second thread that the wound is from a previous and the character is simply suffering the side effects.
Description: At the peak of physical fitness, the Solid Swordsman is a worthy foe for any opponent, in particular: rival swordmasters. With their extensive training in the art of the sword and their great strength, few can force them to move if they choose not to.

Archetypes: Blade Dancer – Tactician
Combo Special: One post per thread with an extra for every 10 Reserves, the Anlace can imbue his weapon with a "cut-all" property for one post, meaning it has the ability to easily cleave through solid, physical objects. It can also cut through Ninjutsu equal to the user's highest Stage in a Taijutsu he knows minus one.
Description: Named after a double-edged dagger of olden times, the Anlace live up to their title fittingly. Armed with a sharp blade and an even sharper mind, they are constantly looking to end a battle with the next strike. These are the swordsmen who lack the raw strength and size to win duels by simply slashing wildly, so they rely instead upon tactics. With their vast intellect, they think two steps ahead; with their deadly steel, they finish it in one.

Archetypes: Projectile Specialist – Daredevil
Combo Special: Once a thread, the user can pour Chakra into a projectile and when that imbued projectile hits something, it will explode with the force of five exploding tags.
Description: Bombardiers are not as accurate as the Hawkeye, but find their own way to compensate: Making a bang. They are flamboyant and almost risque in nature, either turning a target into a pincushion or blasting it apart with explosive barrages; they are the Shinobi who release their weapons with a little extra 'flair'. Behind the back, between the legs, both eyes closed, even trying to catch an enemy missile, a bit of showboating never goes amiss with Bombardiers. They usually tend to run out of ammo rapidly, but by that point have no further need of any more.

Archetypes: Projectile Specialist – Tactician
Combo Special: Twice per thread, the Marksman can rebound their projectiles off of solid surfaces perfectly to try and hit a target.
Description: Marksmen are the exact opposite of their fellow Bombardiers. They are neither flashy nor gaudy, and try to make every projectile count. Marksmen think before they act, factoring everything around them that could possibly alter the course of their throw and cause them to miss their intended target. Their missiles may take an odd route, but know that it will be, unfailingly, dead on target.

Devil Archer
Archetypes: Archery Specialist – Daredevil
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Devil Archer can shoot an arrow capable of piercing any physical barrier, and any Ninjutsu barrier two or more stages lower than the user's highest Ninjutsu.
Description: Bold and wild, Devil Archers are the fiery eyed cousins of regular archers. Simple sniping does not suffice for them; there always has to be something more to make others remember every shot the Devil Archers make. They constantly search for the one shot that will land them in the history books of not only their own country, but the world.

Shadow Puppeteer
Archetypes: Puppeteer – Quicksilver
Combo Special: Once per thread for a single post, the user can double his Speed stat (no Speed bonuses are added on top of the activated Combo Special) for the purpose of escaping (not dodging) or shifting hiding spots.
Description: The problem with Puppeteers is their vulnerability at close range. Shadow Puppeteers have realized this fact and taken measures to decrease the likelihood of having to fight an opponent up close. Working their bodies into physical shape, they train themselves in the art of speed to evade and maintain a healthy distance from enemies. However, they also use their speed to quickly shift hiding spots from which to control their puppets, in case the range grows too great and they need to get closer or because their location has been found out.

Field Surgeon
Archetypes: Healer – Offensive Healer
Combo Special: Twice per thread, the Field Surgeon can use two medical techniques as one action; as long as they are both offensive or both defensive (healing). This does not apply to techniques in Stage 5 and up.
Description: The Field Surgeon is a Shinobi that all other Shinobi love to have as their teammates. Not only are they intelligent combatants with a wealth of information on the intricacies of an opponent’s body, but they are skillful healers who can help out in almost any situation. Because they are able to heal with much more efficiency, teammates are very appreciative of the Field Surgeon’s skills; as long as he’s around, nobody gets hurt.

Miracle Worker
Archetypes: Healer – Human Battery
Combo Special: Once per thread for one post, the Miracle Worker is able to generate an aura from the tenketsu in his body by releasing an impressive amount of healing Chakra at once. All those within the aura - excluding the Miracle Worker - are then regenerated by the effect of the Stage Four Chiyute (this does not count as one of the Chiyute's given uses in a thread). If the user does not know Chiyute, the aura will simply dull the pain to a slight numbness. The healing aura extends around the user for a diameter of 10 feet.
Description: The biggest obstacle for any Healer is his amount of Chakra. Only so many people can be healed before the limit is reached and no more healing can be done. However, the Miracle Worker is a Shinobi who possesses a larger-than-average quantity of Chakra and can continue to treat patients long after the regular Healers have stopped from fatigue.

Archetypes: Healer – Virtuoso
Combo Special: Gain an extra freebie to spend on a Medical swap at creation.
Description: The Physician is a medic who practices a very unique style of healing. Although they do know the same techniques as your standard Healer, they also practice alternative forms of medicine to help ease the pain. They tend to be more 'natural' methods (ie. drinking tea made from a specific herbal mix rather than taking regular medicine) than synthetic, and are out to prove conventional means aren't always best.

Archetypes: Offensive Healer – Daredevil
Combo Special: Once per lifetime, the user can heal completely from an otherwise mortal wound over the course of three posts (things like decapitation do not count as a "wound", but having a slash across your neck or your gut opened up does).
Note: After healing, this does not meet the user is automatically out of the thread. In fact, the user is still very much in the thread and still has to escape if others are still in the thread.
Description: There are times in life when things look bad. Really bad. The only way to escape the situation would be death; so, the Lazarus dies. However, he does not stay dead for long. The corpse begins to pull itself back together from mutilation, eyes are popped back into sockets, and vertebrae are reconnected. They Lazarus has stumbled across a sea of power that had slumbered within his body, and although it may only ever be accessed once, it provides him with a second chance to life.

Beast King/Queen
Archetypes: Beast Master – Daredevil
Combo Special: Once per thread, by imitating the call of their beast, the user's pet companion's Physical stats are quintupled for two posts. For two posts after that, the pet is stunned and immobile.
Description: There are people who fear no animal in nature. They prick their fingers before swimming with sharks, they strap raw meat to their bodies and taunt lions, they attempt to ride rhinoceros just for the sake of riding rhinoceros. They are the Beast Kings and Queens, and there simply isn't a reason to explain why they do such things. These feral Shinobi are completely, even abnormally attune with the creatures of Mother Nature. They prefer to fight alongside their animal companions rather than fight behind them; because of this, they are able to utilize the talents of their companion better than any other type of Beast Master.

Archetypes: Beast Master – Human Tank
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Behemoth's pet has either its Strength or Stamina doubled (bonuses can be added on top of that stat for the activated Combo). Special) for one post, plus an extra post for every 10 Reserves.
Description: The Behemoth are colossal Beastmasters, and they like to choose animals large in size as well. It's not unlikely to find a Behemoth with an elephant or hippopotamus as a companion; confident and difficult to unnerve, the Behemoth are steady but sure in themselves. Though they can appear to be menacing because of their height or size, Behemoths can actually turn out to be quite amiable.

Archetypes: Beast Master – Quicksilver
Combo Special: Once per thread for three posts, the Peregrine can transfer all of his Speed (except for 1) to his pet, including bonuses. Afterwards the Speed is returned and the pet's Speed is halved for one post.
Description: The Peregrine are a variant of Beastmaster that is always raring to go. Fast or slow (preferably fast), as long as they're moving and going somewhere, they will be satisfied. Known to spend the majority of their time outside the village walls for more space, Peregrine tend to pack light and live off what they can find in the land. If all else fails, they can always rely on their beast partner to help them scrounge up some food.

Archetypes: Beast Master – Cavalier
Combo Special: Twice per thread, the Savage's beast can use one Ninjutsu technique the Savage knows. The jutsu used each time must be different, and they count as part of the Savage's given uses for that jutsu per thread.
Description: Wild. That is the only way to describe the Savage. Etiquette is an anethema to the Savage; try to teach one fine dining and you'll end up with broken china and half a tablecloth. These Beastmasters tend to be more 'at one' with their animals more so than any other type of Beastmaster. Perhaps it is the untamed nature of the Savage, it will never be known. All that can be assured is that when wolves howl, the Savage howls along loudest of all; when the lions roar, the Savage roars and drowns them out, and when the falcons fly, the Savage's spirit soars with them.

Human Cannonball
Archetypes: Daredevil – Human Tank
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Human Cannonball can use a tremendous burst of Chakra to launch himself in a single direction. Power is added onto Strength for force of damage, Control is added onto Speed for velocity, and Reserves is added onto Stamina for distance in feet. No bonuses are applied to any stat during the duration of this Combo Special.
Description: The only thing more dangerous than a person who doesn't care about his wellbeing is a big person who doesn't care about his wellbeing. Human Cannonballs like to think that with their bigger bodies they have higher limits, so they push themselves and experiment with things only a fool would dare attempt.

Archetypes: Daredevil – Maverick
Combo Special: If the Vigilante is working solo in a thread, he can increase a single Physical stat by an amount equal to his Reserves stat for three posts. This can be done once per thread.
Description: These are the outlaws, the men and women who prefer to do things their own way. The independent, bright mind of the Maverick coupled with the reckless attitude of the Daredevil makes for a daring combination. While not necessarily rebellious against the figureheads of authority, these Shinobi at least consider whether or not the commands issued them are worth the sacrifice; if not, they'll do it their own way.

Archetypes: Human Tank – Polymath
Combo Special: Once per thread, the base Stamina can be amped up three levels for two posts (no bonuses to Stamina can be added on top of the Combo Special while active). Afterwards it is decreased one level for one post (no bonuses to Stamina can be added during this cooldown).
Description: The Pilaster is more or less a wall of flesh and bone. They are immovable unless they choose to, and are a tenacious bunch to boot. It is extremely rare for a Pilaster to turn his back and run away from a battle. As a literal pillar of strength and resolve, Pilaster can prove to be handy teammates in battle for their defensive strengths, providing allies an ample amount of opportunity to counter attack.

Archetypes: Human Tank – Myrmidon
Combo Special: Once per thread for two posts, the Berserker can throw himself into a literal rage, sealing off all Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/Chakra based techniques to double both his base Strength and Stamina (a quarter of normal bonuses can be added on top of the activated Combo Special).
Description: The berserker is insane. He is unrestricted and unfettered; he lets himself loose to accomplish his mission or attack his target. His teammates know that the berserker is reliable because he is a shinobi trained in a variety of different techniques that seem to complement him flawlessly. The berserker's physical prowess is often admirable, somehow fighting to the bitter end despite any injuries on his body.

Archetypes: Human Battery – Virtuoso
Combo Special: The Dynamo can give up his uses for Ninjutsu/Genjutsu to another character in a thread, but only for stages that the Dynamo has jutsu in. Specific rules still apply (eg. Kawarimi can only be used twice per thread).
Description: The energy of youth seems to be the power source of these bouncy, energetic Shinobi. The Dynamo are ninja who have a lot of Chakra, know it, and aren't afraid to aid others less fortunate than they. They are rarely ever sluggish and slothful, but this is not to mistake them as overeager and impatient; Dynamo just have so much energy to keep on going when others have given up from being physically worn out.

Archetypes: Tactician – Cavalier
Combo Special: Can only be used once per thread. The Harbinger cannot be caught off guard by an ambush. Before the enemy surprise attack happens, he/she will be overcome by a strange feeling to alert them of danger. They won't know exactly where it will come from or in what form it will take, but they simply know that they've been targeted by a stranger's malicious intent.
Description: Harbingers are an anomaly within the Shinobi world, and that's saying something. They're rumoured to be clairvoyant, but the truth of the matter is not even they can explain their supernatural abilities. Some have theorized that their "sixth sense" is a byproduct of their years in combat, that they've become so attuned to the world around them they can sense when they are in danger. Who knows? All that's certain is they make for extremely effective lifesavers.

Archetypes: Tactician – Myrmidon
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Guardian can instantly nullify any Ninjutsu attack two stages lower than his highest Ninjutsu by striking it with a hand.
Description: The leader on the battlefield, with a variation of skill sets and changing style, the Guardian is always known as the supporting friend or comrade no one can do without. All the tactical skill and prowess allow the Guardian to outdo foe with intelligence, coupled with exercised jutsu ability. They specialize in team combat, either as lead or supporting cast.

Archetypes: Quicksilver – Cavalier
Combo Special: Once per thread when the Enforcer physically grabs someone, the target's body is instantly paralyzed (though can still speak/breathe/shift eyes) so long as the Enforcer keeps his hold for a maximum of three posts. The Enforcer (including clones)cannot carry out any offensive actions while this special is active. If an ally of the Enforcer were to attack, the adrenaline boost of the victim would be great enough to allow him to instantly break the hold.
Description: Enforcers take things fast, and they take things hard. Their main duty is to quell insurrection and provide support through force, which they happen to be perfectly fit for. Their inborn speed, grace, and experienced in both small and large scale fighting make them the perfect "police" for any situation. In times of war, Enforcers were never sent out as first waves; rather, generals deployed them as reinforcements, to shore up breaches in the lines. Darting around the enemy soldiers and exhaling volumes of Ninjutsu, they were - and still are - seen as the perfect soldiers.

Archetypes: Quicksilver – Myrmidon
Combo Special: Once per thread, the user can use their Speed (as long as it is superior to their opponent's) to sneak up behind "completely unnoticed". (Read: The opponent can still counter their attacks if he is skilled enough)
Description: Assassins are quick. Silent. Deadly. Wherever they go, the Grim Reaper seems to follow and corpses turn up in the strangest of places. Using their speed, they attack their victims with a precise efficiency that cannot be dodged. But they are also ruthless and thoughtful; to assassins, killing is an art form and they are the artists who are set out to perfect it.

Archetypes: Virtuoso – Polymath
Combo Special: Gain an extra freebie for a defensive oriented swap technique at creation.
Description: Maestros are masters in some artistic field. They are above and beyond Virtuosos in that they have taken it one step further. In addition to using a variety of techniques that supplement the art of their choice, they are clever enough to take techniques from a broad range of lists that will make them the ultimate defensive-offensive fighter.

Archetypes: Virtuoso – Maverick
Combo Special: Once a thread, the Maven can use two offensive techniques in a single post, as long as at least one of them is in the field they 'specialize' in (the list with the highest Ninjutsu). They have no defensive action for that one post. If one technique is Stage Four or higher, the second must be Stage Three or lower.
Description: An extraordinary specialist in musical arts, and artistic fields, the Maven can bully most in an intellectual showdown. Abstract in thinking, they are independent fighters that are known for unravelling and disposing of enemies with a variation of jutsu, with an excess of finesse.

Archetypes: Cavalier – Maverick
Combo Special: For Stamina/10 posts per thread, the Masochist can literally ignore all pain and turn it into a pleasurable feeling.
Description: Masochists just don't make sense, plain and simple. They do the oddest of things when alone - which is most of the time. With a somewhat deviant attitude, they enjoy rebelling against social norms as well as duties expected of them. They aren't necessarily treasonous, but they have a harder time following orders to a T. On the battlefield, they have been described as demons. Without self restraint, Masochists are a tornado of deadly Ninjutsu, cackling madly until the bitter end.

Custom Combo
Archetypes: Your Pick – Your Pick
Combo Special: Your own description here
Description: If none of the archetypes described above fits the image you have for your character it's not the end of the world. You can register your own combo archetype in the jutsu registry if you can get approved. Customized combo archetypes are unique to a character and will be made part of your personal swap threads; they may be used only by you.

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