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He cast a look towards Genta, then towards the men that he had attacked. Sudao knew that Genta would need his help, and to do that, he needed to get close to him. He had about four men left on his end, the majority not trained beyond what appeared to be that of genin or weak chuunin. He inhaled a sharp breath, tossed his sword into the air, and then leapt after it, forming hand seals the entire way up. He caught his sword, and with a flourish, did a kind of nose dive downward. Bright blue sapphiric veins of jewel lifted off his frame, particularly the ones coursing down his limbs. They connected along his gem, each lifting off, sharpened and poised.

As he began his descent downward, he outstretched each of the three veins, clashing his sword with a man directly below him. With a particular balance, he lashed out with one of the veins, stabbing the man below him in the eye as he whipped the other two around, controlled by chakra. They carved into the group of men that had just been below him, and in order to finish off the last one, one that had only had his limbs cut by the katana-like obstructions, he stepped behind him, and plunged his sword into the back of his neck.

He left the carnage, rushing straight for Genta, spinning around in another flourish. Upon his approach, he noticed the chuunin’s wound. He only hoped it wasn’t too deep as he moved to his defense, kicking a man in the chest and rebounding off his body, veins of jewel whipping around aggressively, slashing at any man who got to close. Sudao positioned himself to where the two faced opposite sides, where they could save the other from being flanked if they needed to. His three veins remained poised around his head like a cobra collar, sharpened and precise, albeit coated with blood. There was concern in his voice as he spoke.

“How bad did they stick you?”
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