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Default 14th Engiversary: A golden moment

It is that time again, the 11th of March.

Early last year was wild, we were ready to make big changes! We took on new mods, we made a few behind the scenes renovations, and we started our first Global Arc. It was an amazing time that just reminds me of exactly why I love Engi. People working together, wildly different characters being able to take on the same situations from their own views. Some unique Bijuu were crafted, a lot of new techs were made, and people really took advantage of our new village alliances to craft the exact stories they wanted to tell, regardless of location. It was great.

Then, like usual, the closer we get to the holidays, we go quiet. Sometimes folks worry, but the cycle isn't unfamiliar. People start to worry about family, they have a lot of visits to do, they go off on vacations, then they start up school. To put it another way, life happens.

But then it happens, like every time. Someone comes into chat, or PMs someone, and goes 'hey thread?'. Then someone posts a new story, then everyone starts to remember the characters they have. Then the GMs have to come out of their dark slumber to rate threads and answer questions.

Then the Mods all look at our previous creative projects and arcs and go 'what the heck was I doing again?' Arcs get flushed down the drain, characters get refreshed, and then we are on the ride again. I can dig it. Until it is no longer feasible, engi will be here. Even if I have to fight a hundred bots to make it happen (yeah sorry about that bot invasion).

Okay, 14th engiversary, this is the Gold anniversary. So what is planned? Making plans seems unwise, but I am not known to be a wise man.

- I am going to try to shake the cobwebs off the first Global arc, and run it in a smaller fashion. Give me a little time.
- The Gaijin invasion arc is still in the works in the background. Beware the eyes of gold!

- We are going to make an effort to wake up some sleeping villages, but expect that to happen in proportion to activity on site.

So it is the 14th engiversary, what is the gift you ask? Well what would engiversary be without a gift of 7 AP?

Also, for a unique gift, anyone who claims it below can get one complete inventory item for half price (rounded up). We will call it an 'Heirloom' for the sake of book keeping. How this works, just claim it in the info for your character, and put a (/2) modifier at the end of the math for the item. You only get this for one character, so if that character goes bye bye, so does this special modifier. (It isn't that big a deal anyway, so don't fret about it)

Claim both of these below, while you tell me what Engi means to you, and your favorite Engi memory.

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