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Default Konkaji Genta - Stone Chuunin

If it breaks, fix it! If that doesn't work, try again!
Konkaji Genta

(Pictured: Genta volunteering at a grade school in Sumibi no Sato)

Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 5’ 9”

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Stone
Rank: Advanced Chuunin
Division: IWA - Culture Specialist

Physical Description:
“Genta! You’ve gotten so thin!”

“Gen-chan, how come I can see your bones? You need to eat more!”

Being in the Konkaji most are grown and end up becoming larger than average, atleast in regards to girth and width. Genta on the other hand had some problems in his childhood that caused bouts of rapid weight loss. Does that mean Genta is small by an average shinobi? Not at all. The chuunin is a bit wider than some and bears more muscle mass than other shinobi, working on weapons and carrying a hammer almost half of his life it makes sense. His soft face complimented by a nice and even skin tone, although it is slightly bronzed from the sun and flames it’s not enough to being close to tanned. Around his right eye is his own mark, four triangles all pointing to the eye from the main directions (north, east, south, west). Each one of different colors, a deep blue, a crimson red, an enigmatic purple and a obsidian black. His sides closer to his abdomen you would notice several stretch marks, scars of the body growing and shrinking in such little time, most people won’t see them since he is easily self-conscious about them, but only because they’re just black specs on a well worked canvas.

To say Genta has a standard clothing setting would be an absolute lie and painful. In fact, it’s easier to just describe his general mission work wear, something that’s stable more often than not.

(Pictured: Genta's photograph listed in a few recruitment brochures for Iwagakure's shinobi academy)

Genta’s uniform is stylish, comfy and slightly threatening. He typically dyes his hair a darker shade as to not distract enemies from his menacing eyes, if those don’t catch them off guard chances are his weapon’s will spark. His helmet is typically work from the beginning to hide any signs that he is a member of the Konkaji and it protects him from surprise attacks, the tight metal clinging to his face almost as if it was sculpted for him. A black hoodie is donned on top of his clothes, black on black on black. But not too black, that’s cliche and tacky, even if it is easier to hide in, he still has to walk around with his cohorts in between moments of action. Of course the clan symbols are scattered on both the inside out outside of his sleeves and ‘not as black as black’ khaki pants, if his helmet were to vanish you would notice a thin cloth similar to a hitai-ate but the fabric itself is black with white imprints of the clan. He tries to accentuate the look with long, thick red laces that keep the hood from falling off, overall it’s a nine out of ten in Genta’s own stylish opinion, he just can’t find what he needs to perfect it.

When he can fully summon his soul armor into one complete piece than you usually have something magnificent. He can have obvious troubles choosing what kind of armor would compliment him in battle however when off doing mission among the people and children of Iwa, then the choice is much simpler.

It's a bit flashy and much more gaudy than what he typically likes when it comes to armor but it pleases the people the most and that's his job. He dons a bright green green helmet with an even brighter V-shaped 'horn' nestled on it. The suit of armor catches the eye more than he would like but that's the point. The shoulder pads and chest plate are of a darker green sheen, with silver and that bright green appearing as accent strips along the chest. His arms are lightly plated with the green from the shoulder pads extending only to be met with silver bracers for a majority of his arm length. His hands have none of the metal that protects the majority of his body instead it only has thick white gloves with the symbol of (the greatest country) Iwa on each palm. His legs replicate the same style but with a more metallic hue, mainly because he does not give his legs as much space to flex-they don't need to create hand symbols.

Genta is a firm believer that anything can be fixed and if it looks broken but can’t be fixed then there’s a good reason for it, innate beauty. Being in the Konkaji clan has lead him to work on great pieces of weaponry not just in function but also in style and aesthetics. Because of this he has been known to repair broken weapons and try to bring out their new ‘inner beauty’ and attempt people to stick with their original, still good looking weapon. At heart Genta is an artist. This mindset of fixing causes him to seem more positive around people, his job also makes him spin things into possibilities to make it better than how it already was. The fact that he actually fixes things physically tends to get people to believe his words and the fact that his artistic ability comes in to play, even his actions seem to have a bigger impact. Because he is an artist he falls victim to mood swings, having mental blocks, people denying his works or maybe just remembering a bad memory can often spur him from being a master artist to a down-in-the-dumps loser. The opposite can work as well as he often takes compliments and exaggerates them in his own head to the point of godliness. Another Artistic aspect he has is a growing and a lingering inferiority complex, with parents as perfect as they are how could anyone live up to their name?

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":

Clan/Bloodline: Konkaji
Primary Archetype:
Konkaji Soul Smith
When taken as a primary archetype the shinobi gets Kon-Konpon for free (If stats allow).
Primary: Mental
Secondary: Physical
Tertiary: Chakra
Stat Merit: +1 Strength, +1 Stamina, +1 Willpower
Stat Flaw: -1 Tactics, -1 Intelligence, -1 Speed

Secondary Archetype: Virtuoso
Stat Merit:
+1 to Intelligence, +1 to Tactics, +1 to Control
Stat Flaw: -1 to Stamina, -1 to Willpower, -1 to Power


1+1+10=12 (+15 Myou-Hibana-Ken)
Speed: 1-1+8=8
Stamina: 1-1+1+9=10 (+12 Myou-Hibana-Ken)

1-1+1+9+4(Advanced Chuunin)+2(AP)=16
Tactics: 1-1+1+9+3(Advanced Chuunin)+3(AP)=16
Willpower: 1+1-1+11+2(Advanced Chuunin)+3(AP)+2(T)+1(M*)=20

Control: 1+1+4+2(T)=8
Reserves: 1+5=6

Jutsu and Techniques

Teitgetsukon (Soul Forge)
Stage One
Kon-Konpon (Soul Root) - Toitsu [Power=2, Intelligence=2]
Seisei-Ken (Summon Blade) [Reserves=3, Willpower=2]
Koujoumae (Soul Lock) [Power=3, Tactics=2]

Stage Two
Seisei-tebukuro (Summon Gauntlets) [Willpower=5, Intelligence=4, Tactics=4]
Gonsakukon (Faux Soul) [Willpower=6, Intelligence=5, Reserves=5]

Stage Three
Seisei-Hanka (Summon Boots) [Willpower=8, Intelligence=6, Tactics=8]
Ikkyou Sankan no Jutsu (Unexpected Visit Technique) [Power=8, Reserves=8, Control=6]

Stage Four
Seisei-Shappo (Summon Helmet) [Willpower=12, Intelligence=11, Tactics=10, Power=12]

Stage Five
Seisei-Bugu (Summon Chest Piece) [Willpower=17, Intelligence=16, Tactics=16, Power=15]

Myou-Hibana-Ken (Blade of the Life Spark)
Stage Three:
Stat Requirements: Strength=10, Stamina=10, Power=8
Stage Bonuses: +5 (+15) Strength, +4 (+12) Stamina

Item cost: 8 (large hammer [4] + Morph Great Sword [1] + Morph Katana [1] + Morph Spear [1] + Heat [1])
Description: From a distance you could see the eighteen inch long hammer (In both width and height) and notice its fine details. One end of the hammer is a cube shaped, you can see that it was worked on by hand as there are small imperfections on it, the hammer has a pattern similar to his father's mark, rapid triangles made from gold growing and encircling the cube as it reaches the center. On the other side is a perfect ground shaped end, if one touched it they would see no imperfections, no flaws, the pattern on it resembles his mother's mark but the hammer has it embroidered in jade. As you follow your eyes along it you will notice curves and lines dancing in a random pattern towards the middle but it is as if each mark had a purpose for being there. Towards the middle is Genta's own facial mark created with a soft gold and outlines by silver. The handle itself is also made of steel much more simple in it’s composition the handle itself has a scale like format covering it all the way down, making it easier to handle and a nice contrast to the vibrant constant flowing head.

As for the hammers ability in regards to combat and utility it is also as beautiful. When wielding Toitsu the user has the ability to use any of the Konkaji clan techniques and ninjutsus without the use of hand seals. If trying to make a show of it the hammer also lightly glows while channeling chakra.

When chakra is applied and absorbed the hammer can change temperature, going from red hot, being at a heat capable of most smithing work but also able to cause burns on the skin if needed for more aggressive scenarios. At the same time it can reduce its heat back to normal almost instantly.

Because a blacksmith must master how to craft and handle different materials, the Toitsu can transform itself into different weapons, the most common obviously being the Konkajis tricks of the trade: Katanas, Greatswords, Large Hammers and Spears.

Of course being a hammer that gets constantly used for both combat and forging, it can take quite a beating, in fact it tends to repair itself somehow over time.

Kon-Tebukuro (Gauntlets)
Kon-Hanka (Boots)
Kon-Shappo (Helmet)
Kon-Bugu (Chest Piece)

Item Points Remaining: 0
Additional Item Points Gained: 0


“Have you ever seen someone move and there was an elegance about them? As if with every step they made a musical instrument was playing? That’s how I felt when I saw my mom use her Konken. When she found an area to practice her moves became almost trancelike, every muscle moved with purpose, a conductor of her own body- and the sparks! They would begin to light and dance with her, almost as if a love story was being shaped. Heh, I remember one time when my father watched her practice you could almost swear he was looking at an affair happen at that very instance!

But enough about my mother, I guess you have questions about me? A further look into an artist such as myself I guess? Well, I think you can tell who my main inspiration is but as for my life, atleast, in childhood nothing really outstanding or momentous comes to mind. My father was a hard working Master Smith, and yes, I think he is one of the best blacksmith’s in the clan. His hammer-Stamina, got it’s name from, well being stable. He could lock himself in a workshop for weeks, only to come out with a weapon that was not only the strongest steel around but one of the most aesthetic, I think that’s how he met my mother and her katana, harmony.

I could gush about my mother and her abilities but I’ll sum it up before I tend to go on a tangent: she was a true Soul Smith, easily a jounin at a young age and no one questioned her skill on the battlefield and off. I believe my father was also a shinobi but quit shortly after to deal with some internal...struggle? Strife? Strife. I believe that is the word I want to use here. There has been a growing argument over the use of simplifying the process of weapon creation within the clan, while easier it tends to make our weapons...lackluster at best. While people did agree with it to meet the increasing demand from our village and other financial ventures they began to even use it upon our Konken!

I would say I had a choice in this matter but I did not, my parents were the one’s who did and to say it stressed their relationship would be a very mild way of putting it. Like I said my father stopped his work for the stone military many many years ago, maybe even before I was born and believed that tradition was key within our clan. My mother on the other hand was not as keen with agreeing, she believed that using the molds would allow the carrier to have a much better influence on their own Konken. Those were not the best years of my life, good thing by that time I was beginning my training as a shinobi.

Being both a master of the anvil and the shinobi arts meant many great things for a Konkaji. So of course my parents, albeit hesitant about the whole ‘dying’ thing sent me on my way. The day’s were quite uniform and to say there was any fun would be an exaggeration. Wake up, eat, a couple of hours at the workshop, a full day at the academy, eat, go home, eat, more workshop time and a moderate sized dinner. I was often made fun of for being one of the more well-rounded students at the academy...hehe...sorry, I’ll stop.

However as I was reaching the age of twelve it was time for my Konken! My weapon, my paintbrush, my tool! It also meant that my parents had stopped their argument with a winner-my father. I was going to have a traditionally created Konken and of course my mark upon my face, atleast I got to choose something for myself! At first I told the elder that I wanted my whole face as a big mark! But of course that was shut down. After my hopes and dreams of a completely marked face were dashed I suggested the area around my right eye, it felt like my vision was what helped me want to be a better blacksmith and shinobi, seeing my mother and Harmony work together and my father and stability create works of art, I knew that highlighting something that I found so valuable would make the most sense.

Then the big day came, my ceremony! I knew it was going to be a big reveal, I even tried to hide my face from the entire clan for weeks and when the party hit, it was incredible! I’ve attended several Testament’s before but actually being the reason for one was fantastic. My plate was always toppled with food and my cup was just a never ending bottomless juice bonanza! I told my parent’s how excited I was and was ready to dance in unison with my mom, a katana just like hers. Wait, no. A katana that was bigger than hers.

But nope. The sages were wrong. Yeah, I said it. The sages were wrong.

I got a hammer, not even like this giant slab of metal that my father wielded or this really long sword that my mother possessed. It was this small, gaudy hammer. I mean it handled great and I could swing it, but I didn’t train for this! No, my destiny was with a sword, mother was right! Of course no one could hear my frustration...and I may have not expressed it either, I mean, it was on such a sugar rush!

With the ceremony over and my face embezzled with the pride of our clan, I could say school ended quickly, I was officially a genin of stone! As a genin the missions were fairly easy for me, since I had a no-fun routine already in play I managed the transition from school to work quite easily. I guess because of my reputation as a clan member and the fact that I knew how to swing a sword-I mean a hammer, it was quite easy to reach the rank of Chuunin at the age of sixteen. Slower than most but I can say that was because of some other...problems.

My mother died about a year prior to my promotion. At the academy we were always trained to accept and acknowledge life and death as a continuous circle, and for a few months I went with it. But then at the Tribute to the Lost.

I lost it.

I spent days alone, weeks even just trying to get over it but I never could, seeing her sword idly sway lightly as it was hung, knowing that it would never be able to dance the way it was meant to. My father did not take it well either, his work diminished and quality issues appeared everywhere in his work, it was highly difficult to maintain a presence as a Master Smith with shoddy quality goods. We both lost face but neither of us cared. I couldn’t eat for weeks, I am not exaggerating, literal weeks of no food. My body changed and none of my clothes fit well.

I guess my epiphany in finding my muse was when I was encouraged by one of the sages(Main pro factory) to try working at the forge created in stone. The weapons that came out were the same, every bit just another cog in the wheel, I understood what my father meant by how this process ruined the Konkaji name and how it was a ‘stupid fuckshit lazy way out’. When the metal cooled I inspected it, the sword wasn’t that bad of work, I felt the need, compelled, to just working on it, sharpening the blade, improving it. While hammering away I felt something moving my hand, causing me to strike the iron, I could swear that when I looked at what was grabbing my hand, it was my mother’s own touch. We danced, no not a dance of two lover’s but as was as if the both of us knew this was the last song. Our hand’s didn’t warp and twist the metal, no. Our hands massaged it, we caressed it, created it and metamorphosed into a true piece of beauty, and that’s when it occurred to me. The process removed the bulk of the work and gave me the clarity to improve the smaller aspects that I might have forgotten! It was as if both ways were...right? When I finished polishing the sword I felt light on the inside of my heart. Every argument I’ve ever had, the clan, stone itself- it could all be answered through works of art, beauty such as this. Maybe the elder just wanted me to get to work, but when I walked away from the furnace with a newly crafted sword in hand, I knew that i could accomplish any of my goals.

My works of art continued and every day was a form of dance, no it was more than just a dance, it was a rhythm. My missions excelled and every metal work was praised highly, like I said, I accelerated, even if it was later than most.

Now we should move on to current events- the great quake that did quite a bit of damage to Jondori. Like most shinobi I wish i could say I jumped in, saved the whole city and left a hero, but there’s nothing worse than watching something bad happen without the ability to do anything yourself. The work I did was minor at best and even then it felt insignificant, you could tell morale was at a low not just for shinobi but for the entire country. With the event’s and ongoing there was a change of how people were ordered, gone was the hectic and erratic system and put in it’s place was something more, something better.

I quickly called in as many favors as possible to get into IWA, specifically the culture specialist. With my innate ability to create works of art and my not-as-imposing stature compared to most Konkaji it was much easier than I expected. Although I had idea’s and even contemplated being a diplomat, I felt as if they did not meet what I wanted. Political power could be gained through favors and dirty deeds, I was above that. I wanted to be a conduit of change for the Konkaji and if I could garner the people-not the politics into supporting us than we could figure out what we want without outside influences. Not to mention, I am a little bit conceited and want to show people my work. What good is art if it isn’t shown to the people?

Other Info:
-Will often and openly critique people’s appearance as well as the condition of the tools and armor they use.
-Is a sucker for puns and will find himself in a laughing fit if one really tickles him.
-Often carries useless ‘ceremonial’ swords while out establishing the will of stone as peacekeeping gifts.
-Don’t ask him about his stance on current Konkaji affair’s, he’ll either decline or you’ll be sitting for a couple of days.
-While he is proud of his heritage he has covered up his mark from time to time when dealing with civilians, he learned that it scares those in smaller towns or those hesitant of shinobi due to current events.
-While he has a consistent armor that he prefers to summon, he can often be indecisive and change his armor, even getting into fits where he summons clashing pieces!

Thread Ratings:
Harmony: Advanced Chuunin, 9 points ( +4 Intelligence, +3 Tactics, +2 Willpower)
Stability: AP (+2 Intelligence, +3 Tactics, +3 Willpower)
Wordsmiths: +2 Willpower, MoTM +1 Willpower
Time for Action: +2 Control

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