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Default [Nukenin] - Furuse Sato

Name: Furuse Sato
Age: 25 (45)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1

Character Type: Shinobi/Missing-nin/Refugee

Country/Village: N/A
Rank: Jounin
Division: Former Air Division

Physical Description: Sato is an average looking man, albeit an exhausted looking one. His shoulders slump in a defeated manner, and rarely does he ever stand to his full height. His eyes are naturally small and due to this he often has to glare in bright light. Sato’s eyes are a light brown with heavy bags under them adding to his look of exhaustion. Sato’s hair is kept short for the most case although he does let his sideburns grow down to his jawline. While his skin is very pale he has been lucky enough to finally have a chance to enjoy the sunlight that other countries take for granted.

Clothing: Sato's outfit mostly consists of two mainstays; the hat given to Sato when he was first promoted to pilot. It’s a simple cap made of simple materials not suited for any sort of combat protection. It is adorned with a headband plate that shows off the symbol for Hidden Snow Village. As well as a heavy jacket that was normally worn by pilots who would have to deal with the even more frigid air of Snow Country’s skies. The jacket has fur sewed on the inside to keep the pilot warm. The gold buttons that would normally have adorned the jacket have been cut off and pawned for cheap change. Despite all the damage and tears that the outfit has suffered over the years it is easy to tell that Sato has put every effort into repairing the his outfit.

Personality: Sato is a man who has lived a cold life and has absolutely nothing to show for it. Many would perhaps balk at the way he deals with his loss, he refuses to deal with it. From start to finish he keeps his mind occupied with doing dirty jobs for those who will pay for his services, because if he doesn’t watch it he’ll find himself crawling back into a bottle. While he does many deeds that would be classified as “wrong,” he refuses to kill someone who can’t defend themselves. Of course this doesn’t mean he’ll defend the weak and protect the small but he also won’t partake.

Sato is a deadpan snarker who uses self-deprecating humor to defuse tension and to calm down situations. Very little gets the man riled up and it honestly seems like nothing can. It’s all a front. Sato is very much a man who lets things get to him, and is still dealing with the shit hand that life has given him. Every instinct that he has tells him to run away before he gets caught up in something that’ll get him killed. Since being awoken from stasis Sato has had trouble falling asleep. Somewhere in the back of his mind there's a fear, what if he falls asleep and another twenty years pass by? Would it be so bad? Can he take the chance?

In short Sato is a man of little pride willing to do dirty work so long as it doesn’t damn him for eternity. He refuses to be chained down by past and continues to run from his fears all the while snarking at whatever target he has.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Catch me if you can fuckos

Primary Archetype: Polymath
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, once per thread, the character can block a ninjutsu/taijutsu attack with a ninjutsu defensive jutsu that is one stage below the attacking jutsu.
Primary: Mental
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Physical
Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Tactics
Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Stamina, -1 Power
Description: A strategist of sorts, this type of fighter doesn't need to focus on a specefic type of style, and can take various techniques from various styles, but instead of being an all-out offense type, the Polymath needs to focus on defensive techniques to help the Polymath and the people around him/her.
Secondary Archetype: N/A


Physical - Tertiary

Strength: 1 -1 +14 = 14
Speed: 1 +12 = 13
Stamina: 1 -1 +14 = 14

Mental - Primary

Intelligence: 1 +2 +20 = 23
Tactics: 1 +1 +20 = 22
Willpower: 1 +20 +3(TP) +4(TP) = 28

Chakra - Secondary

Power: 1 -1 +17 = 17
Control: 1 +17 = 18
Reserves: 1 +16 = 17

Jutsu and Techniques

Hyouton - Ice Release
Stage I
[F1]Hyouton: Shogai Ni Hanshite Kanbo (Ice Element: Ward Against Cold)
Requirements: 3 Willpower, 3 Control
Stage II
[F2]Hyouton: Nozoku (Ice Element: Spyglass)
Requirements: 5 Willpower, 4 Intelligence, 4 Tactics
Stage III
[F3]Hyouton: Tsubetai Ashikase (Ice Element: Freezing Trap)
Requirements: 8 Willpower, 6 Intelligence, 8 Tactics, Sealing Tags
[F4]Hyouton: Tsubetai Murasuzume (Freezing Flock)
Requirements: 10 Reserves, 10 Power, 8 Tactics
[TP]Hyouton: Yuki Tate (Ice Element: Snow Buckler)
Requirements: 9 Willpower, 9 Intelligence, 7 Power
Stage IV
[F5]Hyouton: Yuki Shunshin (Ice Element: Snow Instantaneous Body)
Requirements: 12 Reserves, 11 Power, 10 Control, 12 Willpower
[F6]Hyouton: Ooi no Hakujou Kanchuu (Ice Element: Cruel Winter’s Mantle)
Requirements: 12 Willpower, 11 Intelligence, 10 Tactics, 12 Reserves
[F7]Hyouton: Ageru Nejiro (Ice Element: Raise Citadel)
Requirements: 15 Reserves, 15 Power, 13 Control, 14 Willpower, Sealing Tags
Stage V
[F8]Hyouton: Kori Bunshin (Ice Element: Ice Clone)
Requirements: 17 Willpower, 16 Intelligence, 16 Tactics, 15 Reserves
[F9]Hyouton: Boufuu (Ice Element: Storm)
Requirements: 18 Willpower, 17 Intelligence, 17 Tactics, 14 Power
given time.
Stage VI
[F10]Hyouton: Wareru (Ice Element: Shatter)
Requirements: 21 Willpower, 20 Intelligence, 19 Tactics, 17 Reserves, 15 Power

Global Ninjutsu
Stage I
[F11]Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Stage II
[12]Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage III
[13]Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu (Chakra Hunting Technique)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Stage IV
[14]Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air)
Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14

Global Genjutsu
Stage I
[F15]Suiganmourou no Jutsu (Drunken Sight Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 3, Reserves 3
Stage II
[F16]Magen: Kokuni Arazu No Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique)
Requirements: Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4
Stage III
Requirements: Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8
Stage IV
[F18]Nemuri (Sleep)
Requirement: Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Control 12

Shinobi Kit - [0]

Item Points Remaining: 8
Additional Item Points Gained: 0


You’re not really sure what you’re doing here as you sit alone in some unnamed bar in Rice Country. Well, actually you do know, you just don’t want to admit it to yourself. You know you’re not here for the watered down drinks, and you sure as hell ain’t here for the company. All around you are miscreants from all walks of life; you have your Mercs, Ronin, and even the occasional Missing-nin. You’re here to sell yourself like some common street whore and it’s both a humiliating feeling and a frustrating one. You’ve been sitting here for what feels like hours waiting for someone to approach you for a job and you’ve been waiting so long that the ice in your drink has melted. For some reason this brings out a chuckle from you as you reach down to grab the glass.

You stiffen as a chair at your little table is pulled out from under the table. You didn’t even hear them come close. A woman sits down and she is beautiful, but you’ve learned a lot about women since you were a child and you know this is a dangerous kind of beauty. It puts you on edge as you look at her from over the rim of the glass. She simply looks at you and smiles.

There’s silence between the two of you as you sit together at your table. You try to speak, but she interrupts you by raising a hand to the bartender. The man behind the counter nods once to her before he gets to work pouring her a glass. Huh, now that’s interesting you think as he brings her the drink. He didn’t bring you your drink, and her glass looks a far might cleaner than yours did. She takes the glass from the man and smiles, but he just keeps his head down. That’s even more telling and you feel your body tense up. The bartender told you to fuck off when you came in. She takes a drink from her glass and motions for you to continue .

“I specialize in Hyouton,” you begin.

“Tell me about your home,” she finishes.

You stare at her blankly, the question came from so far out of left field you never had a chance to catch it.

“I’m sorry?”

“Your home,” she repeats. “What was it like there? I never got a chance to travel to your village and now I never will.” She fingers her glass as she looks at you. “See, I’ve met quite a few Yuki-nin over the year and they never stop talking about how beautiful it was during the winter.” The woman leans forward eager. You do your best not to look at her chest, but you both know you fail.

“It was cold.” Sarcasm, sarcasm was always your fall back when you were put off wasn’t it?

“I bet.”

Part of you wants to correct her. You can tell she doesn’t really get the double meaning behind your words, but then, you don’t have to explain shit to her.

“I’m also skilled with Genjutsu, and proficient with Taijutsu” You try to bring the conversation back on course. She lets out a slow whistle as she takes in your words.

“Tell me about your family.” She says as she looks you in the eyes. You feel your face blush and that hasn’t happened since sensei took you out after Takashi died. It was a terrible night filled with drinks and cheap women. You start to tell her to fuck off, that you’re tired of this shit, but the words don’t come out. Instead your start to answer her question. You try to fight it, but she’s using something on you, you can tell. Whatever the compulsion is, it’s very strong. Something in you wants to talk to her, it compels you. Maybe it’s finally time to tell someone?

“My father worked himself to death in the mines,” you blurt out. Your eyes are wide with surprise before they turn into a glare. How dare she! Anger rises in you before it fades away. She in return gives you a small sad smile, she almost looks sincere. Or maybe she is and you’ve simply become so jaded you no longer remember what sincerity looks like. Fight it!

“And your mother?”

You do your best to keep your mouth shut but still you talk.

“After my father died my mother worked herself to the bone trying to provide for me and my siblings. She fell ill a few years later.”


“Yes, one sister, one brother. I was the oldest.”

If you can just find the thread that’s forcing you to talk. If you can break it you can stop this. Find it. Find it!

“I’m sure it must have been rough, what did you do after your mother passed?”

You stop struggling to find the thread and instead memories overtake you.

It’s cold at home, and you’re running out of money. Momma had some money saved up but it’s going too fast! It’s not fair! You’re the oldest so you have to be a big boy now and take care of Jiro and Yue, that’s what momma and papa would have wanted! Tomorrow you’ll be at the food lines before anyone else even thinks of waking up! The food lines only have so much before they shut down at night… but there is another option you think. It’s servitude, papa had said, but even a kid knows that servitude is better than going hungry right? You look down at Yue, she lets out a small cough and snuggles closer to you. How can you let them down? You can’t. Jiro is rolled up in his blanket like a bug, he tries to be quiet as he whimpers, but it’s too late. You heard it. This isn’t fair!

But the world isn’t fair is it Sato?

It was in that moment you turned your heart to ice. The next day as the sun rose you weren’t at the head of the food lines, instead you were at the Academy’s doors. You were going to sign your life away, but at least they would be able to have something to eat. Small price to pay, papa would understand.

A taste of copper brings you back to the present. The woman is looking at you with concern in her eyes. Your tongue is bleeding, and your hands are shaking. You think you see understanding in her eyes, but even that won’t trick you into talking about your childhood. The cold, the hunger, the fear. You will not let her hear your pain, but something tells you that she already knows it. She’s probably heard a lot of stories from Yuki. Yours will not be the first, and probably not the last.

It was obvious that you would join the academy after your parents died. The village always did put Shinobi on a pedestal, Shinobi were their strength after all. If you joined and you did well your family would be taken care of, they’d never have to stand in the food lines ever again.

And they never did.

That thought is what kills your anger. You don’t have time to get angry, you need to figure this out. You find the string that was forcing you to talk and you snap it with a bit of fancy chakra control. Suddenly she doesn’t make you blush anymore, she’s beautiful true, but not enough to spill all your secrets. She must have put that thread on you when she first came in and triggered it when she sat down. The fire in your heart is down to a simmer and you’re just tired now. You feel old. Maybe you are? You order another drink and this time the bartender brings it to you personally. You down it savoring the burning feeling. She wants to hear your life so badly she’d risk the fight? Then let her. It’s old news now.

“I scored high in my aptitude tests,” you give out without needing to be prompted. The memory brings a small bit of warmth to you as you grin, relishing in the memory of the looks on those brats’ faces. Those idiots were so pissed that you scored higher than them. Who were you anyway? No one but a damn street urchin.

The woman gives out a melodious chuckle. The memory is as warm as it was all those years ago. “I scored so high on those stupid tests that fresh out of the academy I was put in a special program,” you’re bragging and you know it, but damn if you didn’t earn it.

“I can see that.” She looks at the emblem on your jacket. Unlike your headband the badge is a simple falling snowflake, but what it represents was anything but simple. Yukigakure’s pride, the Snow Air Navy. Only the best could serve, and you were among them. You give her a grin. “What was it like?” She’s smiling now, she’s curious, and you can tell this curiosity is more than just business. Very few countries had any sort of navy aside from Mist, and an Air one? Why that’s just absurd, and yet your village did it. It’s the one thing that you still feel pride over.

“It was absolutely amazing,” And ain’t that the greatest understatement of your life.

The program was a pretty simple one, outside of doing missions with a Chuunin teacher you had to learn how to work on and pilot one of the mighty Zeppelins. It was one such ship that you made many friends and quite a few enemies.

For just a second, one brief second you’re back on the first airship you ever served on. It’s lifting off the ground and you’re so scared that you’re about to piss yourself. An older deckhand tells you to calm down and to grab hold of something. Oh, how you remember that old bastard so clearly. You remember grabbing hold of a pipe until you managed to calm down. The sight out of one of the windows took your breath away. You were sailing on an ocean of white, and it was beautiful.

No longer were you stuck in that colourless gray village. No, now you were free. Free up above, where there were no sneering upperclassmen, where there were no responsibilities keeping you chained down.

Ah, but that wasn’t exactly true now was it? There were still chains keeping you down, were there not? You think of Yue and Jiro. The smile dies. They may have been chains, but you needed them, without them you’d have just floated off the earth. You should have done more.

You shake away the shame and continue talking.

“I climbed the ranks pretty fast. It wasn’t hard to get promoted to Chuunin since you were pretty much being trained to become a pilot. Only Chuunin could be trusted to pilot those ships. The lives in your hands were too important to trust to a genin. Only Jounin could be captains, so as long as you did what was expected to you were pretty much guaranteed a Chuunin rank. And wasn’t that a fuckin’ joke.”

She looks at you there is a question in her eyes.

“Well, things were really starting to get rough at that point I think. Snow was starting to expand, or try to. Having a high number of Chuunin and Jounin meant something, even if it was only on paper. People put a lot of expectancy on rank. I won’t say they gave out the flak jacket’s like candy, but there were plenty of examples of people being fast tracked.” You should know you were one of them weren’t you? You were so unprepared when it came down to it. You shake your head, she’s talking again.

“Is that how you became a Jounin, Furuse-san?

You find yourself stopping short. You never told her your full name, or even your first. How did she- You stop short. There in her hands is a copy of a Bingo Book, but you can tell that it’s a pretty old one. She has it open and is looking at an entry. Over the top of the book she gives you a smirk, and you know exactly what entry she has it open on.

“No.” It’s a simple answer. It doesn’t tell of the fear and the struggle that went into getting the rank, but how little you felt you really earned it.

She lets out a hum as she taps a finger on her glass and looks at you.

Another memory hits you.

The zeppelin was losing altitude and it was losing it fast. You weren’t sure where the problem was, and it wasn’t like you could just hop out of the pilot’s seat to find it! The captain is trying to keep everyone calm as she sends the engineers out to find the problem. You got maybe ten more minutes before the ship begins a plummet taking you and everyone else with it.

The intercom squawks as the problem is found, it’s the main balloon, one of the seals has ruptured. Damn it to hell they should have found that when they did their preflight inspection! You look at the captain and she looks back at you. You nod. You run out of your seat as your copilot takes the wheel. There were emergency seals filled with compressed air for these sorts of situations. Only is was that they were for if you were on the ground and needed to refill the blimp, not seal a breach in mid-flight! You break the glass and grab a handful of them before dashing out.

You push open the hatch that’ll lead to the underside of the balloon, the wind rips your hat off as you stand up. You didn’t have time for a harness, one wrong step and everyone dies, more importantly you die. But fuck that. You ain’t got time to worry. You take a breath and turn your heart to ice. You put a foot on the balloon and then another and now you’re walking up the side of the balloon.

It’d be impossible to miss hole. You slap a seal over it and activate it. The seal pumps air into the balloon and you can feel it raising back into the air. Your heart thaws in relief. As you make your way back to the pilot’s cabin you hear them cheering your name. You smile. The captain even gave you a drink from her private stash.

Life was good.

The woman lets out a long whistle to your story.

“And how did you become a missing-nin?” She has a smile like a cat that ate the canary.

You could tell her how, it’s a pretty simple question. You got drunk, and crashed a stolen zeppelin. That was the truth after all, but doesn’t it deserve more than that?

“I became a Shinobi for my family, for Yue and Jiro,” you say as you hold your drink up to a light and lose yourself in it’s amber depths. “And yet, I couldn’t really protect them from anything in the end. Yue got sick, just like mother had.” You close your eyes, the wound still hurts. “She passed while I was on a mission.”

The woman sighs, and even her sigh sound like a melody.

You flashback to that night. You had just returned home from a week long training mission. It was your first time taking your ship into the air, commanding it as only a Jounin could. You had felt lighter than air. Then you got back and you found the letter. It was black.

You ran as fast as you could. Your heart pounded in your ears as the tears started to fall. It couldn’t be real! It had to be a joke. A prank for staying away so long! You remember sliding on wet ice and falling face first into the snow. It didn’t stop you. You got back up and you ran until you were back at that old house. How long had it been since you were last there? One year? Two? You slammed open the door and ran in. The only light in the house was a candle in front of the family shrine. Her picture had been added to your parents. Your brother stared at you from where he was kneeling in front of the shrine. There was hate in those eyes of his, and you couldn’t blame him. He left the waiting room, and you fell to your knees crying.

“What happened after that?”

You laugh, it’s a self mocking laugh, a tired laugh, an angry laugh. It’s a laugh full of emotion and yet devoid of all of them.

“I got kicked out the Air Force.” She looks at you in surprise. “The village was going bone dry. Too much spending, and not enough earning. Those stupid bastards were too busy having opulent parties to care about the village.”

A week after Yue passed, you received your notice of order changes. They were cutting back on the air force effective immediately. Apparently they needed more boots on the ground to do more missions. Yue was gone, the sky was gone. You had nothing, Jiro hadn’t taken any of your calls. You remember looking out at the buildings and never before and they seemed so tall and you so small, so ready to spring onto you like a bear trap and never let you go ever.

“So then, what happened?”

Should you tell her? Does it even matter anymore? Does your shame matter when you’re the only one who remembers the truth of that night? Nope. You make up your mind and tell her.

“I fucked up.”

You don’t remember how much you had to drink or how long you had been drinking, but it must have been a lot on both accounts for you think it was a smart idea to try and steal a zeppelin. If they caught you at best you’d be killed, at worse? You didn’t want to think about that. But, you had no other choice! There was nothing left for you. You had sold your soul to this village for your siblings. One hated your guts, the other was dead. It was time to bail. Honestly, you’re amazed you even managed to make it into the hanger, drunk as you were. Even more amazed you had managed to get the mini-zepplin off the ground.

Not so surprised that you crashed it though. You were a good pilot, but you weren’t that good. You survived the crash, but as the blimp caught fire and you heard the sirens from the village, what other choice did you have but to run? And run you did. From Snow to Iron, from Iron to Bear, and from Bear to Grass. That was where they caught you in the end. Some small shit town in Grass Country. To be fair though, you put an an amazing fight, for one brief day a small village in Grass was a winter wonderland before a combination of Grass and Snow Hunter-nin got you. Luckily you were taken alive, but unluckily you were taken alive.

There’s a question in her eyes. You know what she’s wondering. If you were captured, then how were you here? They don't just let missing-nin serve out their time.

“Remember when I told you snow was cold? It was very cold,” you stress the word ‘very’. You remember how they dragged you into a public chamber where people from all over the village threw shit at you. A coward they called you, a traitor they yelled. None of it mattered, it was all white noise to you anyway. None of it mattered, until you looked up and you saw him. That fucking bastard. The so-called Yukisen. The man's eyes were cold. You could tell even then that he didn’t give a shit about you or anyone else. Why would he? The sentence was passed. It was a Jounin who carried it out, the bastard couldn’t have even bothered to do it himself. You watched as the man performed the hand seals before touching your chest. Ice began to spread from that point outward. It was so cold that you couldn’t breath. People began to cheer, but you refused to panic. You weren’t going to be their bitch in this moment. You looked around at the people jeering at you and you found a set of eyes crying. Jiro. Why was he here! Why was he crying. You remember locking eyes with him. Nothing had to have been said in that moment. That one moment it was perfect communication between you two. Tears began to fall from your eyes and you so desperately wanted to tell him you were sorry and that you loved him, but you couldn’t. Your lungs had been turned to ice. Jiro was the last thing you saw before everything faded and you stopped living.

“I see,” and she does. She’s looking at your entry in the bingo book more closely. You’re surprised at how well she’s taking it.

“Yep.” You respond. There’s some humor to be found in it. “They woke me up twenty years later to fight against leaf. Not bad for a man pushing forty-five huh?”

“You were there when snow fell?” She’s eager, she wants to know.

“Yep, but truth be told I fucking ran the second I was awake. They must have been really desperate to start breaking out their prisoners. I wonder if they actually thought we’d find some patriotism frozen in time like that.”

You remember being blind when they brought you back, disoriented. Naked oddly enough. Two days later you were dressed in your outfit and the alarm was raised for the village. You promptly book it and stole another Zeppelin. You almost didn’t get out before the village blew. The force of the explosion slapped your boat out of air and if you hadn’t thrown up enough ice to protect yourself, well you wouldn’t be sitting here now would you?. You’ll never forget crawling out of the wreckage half dead and seeing what had once been a mighty village reduced to nothing. You wonder if that Zeppelin is still there or if Leaf took.

“What happened to your brother?”

Your hand goes to your pocket where an address is written. Jiro made it out of Snow. Out of the three of you he had been the one to get away before the village claimed him. He lived as a merchant in Bird Country. You knew his address, as well as the names of his two children. Yue and… Sato. He wasn’t well off, but he seemed genuinely happy. Of course, you hadn’t tried to contact him, why would you? He didn’t need a ghost from his past haunting him anymore.

You’re at his small home. Breaking in is child’s play for you, but what are you even looking for? You’re not exactly sure. You don’t even know this man. Twenty years is a long time, and people change. The home isn’t perfect, there’s a lot of damage. Drawings on the wall, cuts on the door frame to mark the growth of two children. You smile. It’s warm. Warm in a way you hadn’t felt in years, it makes you think of home.

You enter into his room and stop dead. There on the wall are dozens of letters. You touch one and you begin to cry. Letters from you! You had written them every day when you first joined the Academy, and they had lessen with time, but he kept them. You can’t stop the tears rolling down your face.

“Do you miss your home?” The final question snaps you out of your reverie.

“Not one fucking bit,” you answer honestly. She looks surprised. Yukigakure was never your home. Your home had been with your family and Yukigakure had taken it from you when they worked your father to death. They had taken it from you when your mother died. When your sister died. When they took your chance to fly. Fuck them, and fuck every snow nin who sings the praise of that rotted corpse of a village. “I don’t have a home anymore,” you say.

She smiles and reaches forward to put a hand on yours.

“I know what it’s like to lose your home, it hurts even if you don’t want to admit it. Good men, bad men, all men want something to fight for I think. A place to call home. Thank you for your time.” She gets up and leaves, you don’t try to stop her. All that talking and she didn’t even offer you a job? Well shit, but that’s fine.

You stand up and reach into your pocket to take a few bills out when you feel something that wasn’t there before. You take it out and hold it up to the light. It’s a small white card. There’s no name on it, no number, no address. The only thing on it is a symbol.

A small black musical note.

You smile as you put it back in your pocket. Maybe it is time to find a home? You shake your head, maybe not. Who knows where the winds will take you.

You’re free now.

Other Info:

Originally Posted by Bingo Book Entry
Name: Furuse Sato
Shinobi Rank: Jounin
Missing-nin Rank: B Rank
Shinobi Village: Hidden Snow
Last Location: Grass Country
Additional Notes: Wanted for theft, endangering the lives of others [Old Entry]
Access to powerful Hyouton, refugee from Hidden Snow, known thief and mercenary for hire.
Reward: 50000 Ryou None
Thread Ratings:
[07/10/17] Diamond Dogs: +2 Willpower, Hyouton: Yuki Tate (Ice Element: Snow Buckler), +1 Willpower[MotM]
[09/10/17] The House Always Wins: +3 Willpower, +1 Willpower [MotM]

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