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Default [Miko] Hideyasu Reiha

Hideyasu Reiha
The Miko Empress

“Demons have looked upon my homeland as barren desert, the free holding of whoever chose; but in fact each hill and valley in it had a person who was its acknowledged owner and would quickly assert the right of their family or clan to it, against aggression.”

full name, hideyasu reiha
nicknames, the red tiger of the west, the miko empress, the warrior priestess
gender, female
age, twenty-five
height, five-foot seven
country, kaze no kuni
rank, sennin equivalent
division, miko

Physical Description:

Reiha has long been a blessed and shining matron of the country of wind, embodying the ethereal and otherworldly qualities of someone befitting her station. Standing lithe and tall, her figure is one of a modelesque it girl, thinned by her length but still managing to keep the curves in her silhouette. She's busty but not distractingly so, and manages to keep her ass and thighs firm and lifted through exercise.

Her skin is tawny nutmeg, browned and enriched through genetics and little else, marking her as even more of a unique beauty among her maidens and community members alike. Her hair is shoulder length and glows in rich and thick curls, a bundle that manages to be quite unmanageable, natural and well cared for.

Full lips and a forgettable nose are accented by high cheekbones and somewhat cold, solid dark brown eyes, make for an unmistakably beautiful face; though many have remarked that she is at her prettiest when she's smiling and such expressions are unfortunately seldom for the warrior priestess.


While at her shrine, Reiha has always maintained a very conservative and appropriate manner of dress - a pristine white shirt, with billowing sleeves, tucked into brilliant red hakama pants. It is a very traditional style for Miko and Reiha has seen no reason to allow more modern approaches to her maidens and priests attire. She does, however, allow different ornate her hair in several styles of hair jewelry, and distinguishes herself from the lower by adding a very fine kimono jacket over her outfit, usually in a solid color but sometimes floral as well.

Despite such traditionalist views on styling, though, Reiha is something of an admirer of modern fashions and does collect many fashionable pieces of civilian attire when she travels to larger cities. For someone prone to stealing off into the night, disguised and incognito, one must be ready to blend in with the average girl. She doesn't quite manage this, however, as her style choices are often very avante garde and fashionable like she's been styled by a fashion magazine or just left a runway show. Highwaisted denims and lace cropped tops, jersey dresses and military boots, ball gowns and little black dresses, this angel becomes a hedon through and through when she's allowed to explore.


"And thus the prophecy states that a child will be born with the spiritual power to cast out the darkness of this land at the expense of her own ability to see the light."

Reiha was born a vassal to the spiritual reawakening of a long line of shaman and priestesses, with a purpose predestined and predefined. From an early age, she was fed this, taught this and made to honor this fact and so has had an impressive impact on her personality. Never having to struggle with who you are or are supposed to be may seem a peaceful and wonderful benefit in life but it, in fact, has had quite the opposite effect on the woman.

She is self-assured in nearly everything that she does because there has never been any reason to doubt herself. She is intelligent due to proper tutelage, beautiful as confirmed by every man that has laid eyes on her, gifted as ascribed by the former head priest of the Kojiru Tiger Shrine and powerful thanks to the many battles she has fought in the name of goodness and mercy! She has been regarded as nothing short of a princess for all her life and at times can not help but see much of the world as beneath her in stature and importance. A nasty trait to be sure but one that is expected when you are deemed a holy figure since birth. While she often wondered what her life might be like were she born without the current expectations of her fate, but would never voice such thoughts. She has been blessed with purpose and that is something she must honor and revere.

She enjoys, perhaps more so than she should, the idea of battle. While such is expected of the priest or priestess who would lead the Kojiru Tiger Shrine of the Wind Country, she admits, to no one but her closest handmaidens, that she is addicted to the thrill of war and violence and near death bouts! An adrenaline junkie for sure, she plays the part of the dutiful kimono-clad queen but in her heart of hearts she is a warrior through and through. She has been known, according to rumors, to disguise herself in civilian clothing in order to escape her life during the evenings, gambling, drinking, and generally being merry wherever she feels that she can get away with it.

Nindo: “In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand it well enough to defeat it, then in that very moment I also love it. I think it’s impossible to really understand something, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. And then, in that very moment when I love them.... I destroy them."

1 - Base
1 - Archetype
1 - Account Point
1 - Thread Point

Divine Scholar
Whenever the miko takes a secondary path technique, they may instead take a universal ninjutsu of the same stage, like a swap technique. She must meet all special requirements, such as necessary archetypes.
Primary: Chakra
Stats: +2 Control, +1 Intelligence, -1 Speed, -2 Strength
A student of ancient, lost techniques and a bastion of information regarding spirits, chakra, and chi, the Divine Scholar is at home among scrolls and tomes. Through her wide knowledge base, she's capable of even stranger feats than most miko, and her thirst for learning drives her to gain yet more mystic power.


Strength: 1 [-2] +26 = 25[+21][Level 10]
Speed: 1 [-1] +40 = 40 [+12] [Level 11]
Stamina: 1 +24= 25 [+3] [Level 6]


Intelligence: 1 [+1] +26= 28
Tactics: 1 +27 = 28
Willpower: 1 +27 = 28


Power: 1 +34 = 35
Control: 1 [+2] +32 = 35
Reserves: 1 +34 = 35

Path of the Shrine Maiden & Global Shinobi Ninjutsu
Primary Path: Pierce
Secondary Path: Deny
Tertiary Path:
Swap: Ninjutsu

Stage One:
Shards of Light | 2 Control, 2 Intelligence
Deny Harm | 3 Control, 2 Tactics
Stage Two:
Darkseeker | 5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves
Stage Three:
Speed of Light | 8 Willpower, 6 Intelligence, 8 Tactics
Stage Four:
Armament of Light | 12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower
Deny Illusion | 14 Control, 13 Power, 11 Reserves, 10 Intelligence
Stage Five:
Sealing Weapon | 17 Control, 16 Power, 16 Reserves, 15 Willpower
Deny Spirit | 18 Control, 17 Power, 17 Reserves, 14 Intelligence
Shadow Clone Technique | Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15 (Replacing: Remote Conversion)
Stage Six:
Hardened Soul | 21 Control, 20 Power, 19 Reserves, 17 Willpower, 15 Intelligence
Rasengan | Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16 (Replacing: Last Push)
Hex Seal Technique: Ban | 23 Control, B=23 Power, C=22 Reserves, 16 Intelligence, 15 Willpower
Stage Seven:
Pierce the Heavens | Requirements: 30 Control, 27 Power, 26 Reserves, 22 Willpower, 20 Intelligence

Precision Fist
Stage Seven
Stage Requirements: Control 35, Power 32, Reserves 32, Strength 22, Speed 22
Stage Bonuses: + 21 Strength

Explosion: By concentrating a large amount of chakra into his/her fist/foot, the user then throws the fist/foot at a target. At the precise moment the fist/foot lands on the target, the user then releases all the pent up chakra energy, which is converted into an explosive force that can kill multiple opponents. Opponent permission required. The attack can hit through defensive jutsu that are Stage 5.

Special Techniques:
sII ://: Transfer
Arsenal of the Brave - Bo Style
Stage Three
Stage Requirements: Speed 10, Stamina 10, Tactics 8
Stage Bonuses: + 12 Speed, +12 Strength, +3 Stamina


- Training Bo Staff (3)
- Ofuda Seals (shinobi training kit) (0)

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used: 3
Remaining Weapon Points: 5


Originally Posted by Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni

The full moon:

I row my boat straight
into the sky

"Ya'know, they once called her the Priestess who smelled of Cherry Blossoms."
—Renchishin Hitoko

Forgive me, ma'am, but could you please narrow down, from this list of monikers, those that refer to you.

These are all referring to me.

... I don't understand. Each of these names is you, ma'am?


The Red Tiger of the West... The Cherry Blossom Priestess... The Miko Empress... Ronin of the...

Yes. I have heard all of these, sir.

Um... noted. Thank you. And thank you for agreeing to this in-person interview. This won't take long, I assure you.

Thank you. I'm happy to oblige. Please, feel free to continue your questioning.

Certainly, ma'am..

Please. My name is Hideyasu Reiha. You don't have to be so formal. Though I am the head of the Kojiru Tiger Shrine, I expect no special treatment. You must pray at our shrines?

Yes, yes, ma'am, uhh, Hideyasu-sama.

Reiha. And please, your questions.

Yes, Reiha-sama. Uh, where were you born, for the record?

I was born in a shantytown in the desert. Near the western border of Kaze no Kuni. To a poor man and woman. They are kind people. We are... friends. They still come to our main branch shrine and I bless them, personally, when I am able.

So... you have an estranged relationship?

They gave birth to me. But I was not raised by them, nor do we see one another as parents or child. I am a reincarnation. I was born to them, but on the day of my birth, through investigative and spiritual tracking, many of the former leaders of the shrine were present to witness and validate my spiritual presence.

So you were given to the Shrine to raise?

As was my birthright and destiny. My life is not my own. I am a Blessed Regalia, a Vessel for the spiritual energy of the founder of the Kojiru Tiger Shrine. Every generation, a birth of particularly strong spiritual presence is regarded as the reincarnation of him and is taken in to become the new leader. I am the 11th reincarnation of Kojiru Naganamiyo.

Was that... difficult? Growing up as a ward?

... I was not a ward. I was a golden child, lord elect one of the most prestigious shrines in all of the Wind Country. Thousands would come each year to our shrine and pray to me for my blessings and our shrine's protection. I have a following of 100 Shrine Maidens and Priests.

But... was it difficult? Growing into this responsibility, I mean. It does sound like a lot to bare, for a child, pulled away from her family. Were there others? The Kojiru Tiger Shrine is known to take in children with exceptional abilities, is it not?

Growing into any responsibility is challenging, sir. But there were others. I, however, was not...raised with them. They were not my equals. I was to lead them. You cannot lead those to whom you show your ignorance.

Is that what they taught you?

This is what is true.

Of course, Reiha-sama. Only... it sounds quite lonely, doesn't it?


We shinobi work together. We learn together. We grow together. Jounin and genin. Leadership is made stronger by the bonds formed through mutual and cooperative growth.

I know how shinobi live, through your deeds, good... and unspeakably vile.

I don't ---

I remember all too well. Eleven years ago. I was fourteen years old, but already I had come into my position and power, and therefore forced, along with many others, like Hakuryu Miki, the praised Reibai... commanded by your Kazekage to create that godforsaken seal, the Six Barrels of the Wicked Soul cursed seal. And thus, imprisoning the vile Nibi into a poor soul.

I apologize, ma'am, uh, Reiha-sama, but I haven't the authority to discuss anything regarding the bijuu nor the jinchuuriki.

Yes, I'd imagine you wouldn't. A hushed business, sealing monsters into little girls.

Priestess Reiha-sama. If you would rather refuse the Kazekage's request that you come to the village, then...

He will find no better Miko Priestess in this entire country... Please, forgive me. I do not mean to insult you or the shinobi of this village. I know that it is in true peril that you all find your nobler selves... and oh, you can be... so noble.

Thank you, Reiha-sama. That is high praise coming from you. I didn't know you thought so highly of ---

Hitoko... Ren...chishin Hitoko. Do you know this man?

... Oh. Lord Hitoko. Of course, he is one of our legendary sennin shinobi. You're acquainted?

I met him... when I was a girl. And he was just a boy. He is a sennin now? Hmm. That sounds about right. Such a hard head. I knew he would be someone to be reckoned with.

Will you be organizing any meetings, rallies, prayers and/or organized protests? If so, any and all permits and paperwork must be pre-approved and ran through the Secretary of the Kazekage's office. Your housing and expenses are stated as following --

It's only been a short while since the bombing of the shinobi academy. All those children... Have the spirits of this village uplifted at all since that day? I'll never forget those few days after I arrived. Some were saved, but...many weren't.

... .... daugh--- what? what are you doing?...

Shhhh. I'm so sorry for you. Just close your eyes and take a long breath. This will only help. I know you've been praying for strength. Your spirit calls out for peace. I am only here to bring that peace.

Thank you for coming in, ma'am.

... Please, just sit --


I know that there is much pain here, for many of you. What the Sand Priests did was unspeakable, that is undeniable. But for real healing to begin, there must be a change within the village. There must be purification. I am only here to help. And...

... yes?

Don't misunderstand me. I do admire the strength of shinobi, the ferocity, the fervor. I assisted and supported in raids, and provided shelter and protection. But, that is not the same as what you all are capable. I want to... learn. I want to grow. How you say shinobi grow...

You are skilled in the use of chakra, ma'am? Miko are not normally the warrior types, I'm assuming. Sorry, Reiha-sama.

No, not quite. But I am learned, and I do know something of the ways of ninjutsu. And you are correct in that Miko are traditional peaceful and pacifists, but there is a warrior class among us. Miko are often called to towns that have been threatened by supernatural and demonic forces. Specifically, the Kojiru Tiger Shrine specializes in this class of Miko.

So, you do have battle experience?

Yes, haha. I have battle experience. Though, indeed, different from the type that you might be familiar with. The primary task of a Miko is to protect those in her charge. For the last ten years, I have led the 100 priests and priestesses into battle against spiritual invasions, bijuuko packs attacking towns, and villains of all types. Miko, in the villages and cities outside of Sunagakure, are called on about as often as shinobi.

That is something. Ah, that makes sense, actually. I found this in your file, though it is a very limited one. It's a report on the happenings of the Enkaku Incident. Could you elaborate?

Of course, you'd like to know about the Dedashi incident. Five years ago and you're still trying to find reasons to deny your village was at fault.

Of course not, Reiha-sama. The was a very tragic incident in the history of our shinobi. That village was in need and we truly believed that the reinforcements we sent were sufficient.

That village was desperate for assistance, and they were ignored by the shinobi of this country. As wrought will hedanism and wrongdoings as it was, they were still worthy of being saved. They'd sent requests that a rokubi, a robuki for heaven's sake, was attacking their village, slaughtering livestock, disappearing children and whole families. The shinobi your offices sent weren't up to the task. They might as well have been sacrifices. Their deaths are on your hands. I held that Hex Seal for a full day, all the while praying on top of the necessary chants, praying for a miracle... I protected that town with all my power. I was prepared to give my life so that they could escape. What were you willing to give to them? When your shinobi came, the reinforcements, I was nearly dead, the beast's chakra was almost inside...

I'm aware of the kind of expert team that must have required, the sheer spiritual --

There was no team. I was the only one there. You're beginning to see now. I am different from other Miko... Not my abilities, in particular, though I am one of the stronger Miko you will ever find in this country, I believe I have something within me, a spark, a fervor, perhaps that same thing that you all have within you.

That's why I'm here. I want to know more. How you do the things you do... what it must take to live this lifestyle. We are more alike than we are different, I'd like to think. But... I don't know for sure. This is an entirely different world than that of a priestess. I do worry that I won't be able to... escape my destiny.

I'm sorry?

No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean escape. I only meant... I... our destinies are all that is constant and true. We all have our roles in this life. Still...


[Interview Discontinued]
[Other Information]
The Kojiru Tiger Shrine ://: The Kojiro Tiger Shrine, standing for generations and generations, is a staple destination of the Wind Country, developed along the northern Fringe. It home to the host of tradition, spiritual knowledge, the spiritually aware whom all dedicate themselves to carrying for the souls of their country. The 100 Priestesses and Priests of the Kojiru Tiger Shrine are lead by the declared reincarnation of the founder of the shrine, Kojiru Naganamiyo-sama. The shrine is well known and visited even by other Miko shrines and their priestesses. The shrine has a reputation of devout piety, snooty aires of superiority among Miko, and members that boast superior spiritual prowess.

[Writer’s Note]

[Mission Log]

Memiors of a Priestess
Intro: Bed Peace ://: Jhene Aiko
Outro: Die Trying ://: Michl

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