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Default Bijuu Arts: Magnet Release Sand Style

* Permission Granted from Merdle to create a list within Rika's
Bijuu Seal.

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release Sand Style

The Shukaku with its unequaled control of the desert sands was revered as a titan in the Wind Country; however, the Shukaku's chakra was introduced in that time to the thwarting magnet release techniques of the Third and Fourth Kazekage. Each version of the magnet release style has been incorporated his own power and ability. With the increased proficiency in the magnet release style, the user is able to imbue the sand used with heavy earth metals through a magnetic field and current to create stronger, more durable sand-based techniques.

Magnet release, commonly understood as a mixture of wind and earth-based elements, is a difficult, but rewarding skill set to possess. Once thought to be a kekkei genkai based down the line of kazekage's, each bearer of the skill set seems to have been a host to the bijuu and thus transferred the secrets of its usage. This seal actively grants the barer the ability to utilize either the illustrious iron sand of the third, or flashy golden dust of the fourth.

[Note] The Properties of Iron Sand - Iron-infused sand techniques create more durable and sturdier defense, while adding bladed and more lethal variety to techniques.

[Note] The Properties of Gold Dust - Due to gold dust naturally being the heavier mineral, all gold dust sand techniques act as a stager higher when in opposition to normal sand techniques.

Stage One

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release - Pull
Requirements: Control 2, Tactics 2
The first of the user's attempts to manipulate the magnetic fields around them. With the gesture of a wave, the user is able to pull metal in any direction.
Force 0 - The user can force one small metal objects to move in any direction for 2 meters per post. Increases drive by 10.
Force 1 - The user can force one large or two small metal objects to move per post.
Force 2 - The user can force two large metal objects to move 4 meters per post. Increases drive by only 5
Force 3 - The user can force three metal objects of any size to move per post.

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release - Weight in Gold
Requirements: 3 Power, 2 Willpower
A trickster technique to be sure, but under the right circumstances it can prove invaluable in a pinch. With a handseal, gold dust is summoned and a sandstorm begins to rage within the range of Rika's sand manipulation ability. Slowly, the gold dust begins to line the pockets, crevices and shoes and general clothing of a target. The weight of the gold dust begins to pull down toward the earth in an attempt to slow the user down.
Fortitude 0 - The sandstorm can continuously line the pockets of one target and make them feel heavier than normal. Increases drive by 10. Storm ends after one post.
Fortitude 1 - The sandstorm can continuously line the pockets of two targets.
Fortitude 2 - The sandstorm increases in intensity and weighs the targets down by one speed level. Increases drive by only 5. Storm ends after two post.
Fortitude 3 - The sandstorm can continuously line the pockets of three targets.

Stage Two

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release – Magnetic Sand
Requirements: 5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves
The bijuu is a trickster, and using the magnet release style, its tricks become fiendish. Through the outreach of chakra, the sand in the general area magnifies and seeks out the metal on a target. The sand compacts itself and clings to every available metal surface.
Finesse 0 – The magnetic sand will focus on the metal on one target in a 10 feet radius. 10 Drive Gain
Finesse 1 – The compacted sand will decrease the speed of any target by one taijutsu level.
Finesse 2 – The magnetic sand will cover two targets and any bladed weapons enough that they become blunt. Activating only increases drive by 5.
Finesse 3 – The compacted sand will decrease the speed of any target by two taijutsu levels. Effects 3 targets.

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release – Magnetic Levitation
Requirements: 6 Control, 6 Power, 4 Intelligence
Through the users ability to manipulate magnetic fields, the user clumps magnetized sand under their feet and user that sand to levitate off the ground. Tricky feat requiring balance, core muscles and concentration, an aerial user is primed to gain an edge in battle.
Finesse 0 – The user can levitate two meters from the ground and float at their full speed, swirling through the air with enough fluidity to dodge and evade, though concentration restricts ninjutsu usage. Increases Drive by 10 per post.
Finesse 1 – The user can lift further now, up to five meters.
Finesse 2 – Increases drive by 5. Can utilize ninjutsu while airborne.
Finesse 3 – The user can lift eight meters into the air.

Stage Three

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release – Gold Rush
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Gold dust is the heaviest of metals that the magnet release, at least the version that the Nibi enables, can command. Its mixture into sand can be quite an unyielding defense, and as they always say the best offense is a good defense. The user uses their chakra to pull precious metal into the sand beneath their feet, and with sliding of a foot across the sand, a rush of heavy, sparkling sand rushes up and out very quickly in said direction
Force 0 – The gold dust will block Stage 2 ninjutsu and taijutsu for Genin, and pushes outward 5x5 ft. Blocks one technique. Increases drive by 15
Force 1 – The gold dust is now 10x10 ft. wave of golden, heavy sand. Blocks two techniques.
Force 2 – The wave of gold dust now blocks Stage 3 ninjutsu and taijutsu, and blocks one stage higher for sand techniques as gold is heavier than sand. The wave could submerge a large house and crush anything under its weight. Blocks up to three technique. Increases drive by 10 only.
Force 3 – The wave of gold dust will submerge a small collection of homes and anything smaller. Only Stage 6 Sand techniques may break through this rush of gold dusted terror.

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release – Nerves of Steel
Requirement: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Using the illustrious iron sand ability, Rika has taken a page from the classic sand release handbook in an effort to fortify and revamp the sand armor technique. Pulling the much more sturdy iron minerals into her jutsu, she has essentially created a stronger version of the defensive jutsu. Unlike the invisible melding of normal sand, the jutsu creates a thin but visible metallic silver second skin, turning the girl into what can only likened to a metal android.
Fortitude 0 – The metal shell will block Stage 2 ninjutsu and taijutsu and protect against a base strength of 16. Increases drive by 20. Lasts two posts
Fortitude 1 – Increases Strength by two levels. Decreases speed by one.
Fortitude 2 – Blocks stage 3 ninjutsu and taijutsu and protects against a base strength of 25. Increases drive by 10 only.
Fortitude 3 – Does not affect speed.

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release – Imperial Blade
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
When attacking with a metal blade, during the user's slash, a magnetic field draws iron sand along an invisible extension on the blade so that the slash may begin with the normal length of the blade, but ends as a enlarged sand sword, often catching it's target off guard. The additional sand immediately disperses after the user's strike.
Force 0 – The blade can be extended two feet. Increases drive by 15
Force 1 – The blade can extend five feet.
Force 2 – The blade can extend seven feet. Increase drive by 10
Force 3 – The blade can extend ten feet.

Stage Four

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release – CaoCao Carcass
Requirements: 12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Intelligence
Using a blend of iron sand for skeletal structure and gold dust for sturdy hide, Rika constructs a partial, somewhat zombie-esque and translucent immitation of Cao Cao the Nibi around her body. Standing in the center of his chest, his rib cage semi circling her, two over sized arms with claws stretched outward and the bushy, narrow snout of a lynx hanging overhead, she is fully surrounded by the top portion of the spectral chakra beast. The technique forms as the first of a series of ultimate defense skills that the jinchuuriki has created.
Fortitude 0 – The carcass of Cao Cao acts as a defense against Stage 3 ninjutsu and taijutsu, able to grapple, swat and devour whatever comes at her. Increases drive by 20 for every technique it halts or post of usage.
Fortitude 1 – The carcass can perform any of the bijuu techs available to it at the jinchuuriki's current drive level as a separate offensive action. Consumes a jutsu usage/gains user drive for any techniques.
Fortitude 2 – The carcass acts as a defense against Stage 4 ninjutsu and taijutsu. Increases drive by 10 with every technique it halts or post of usage.
Fortitude 3 – Can rebound a ninjutsu technique or counter a taijutsu attack that is aimed at it.

Bijuu Art: Magnet Release – Heavenly Golden Ornaments
Requirements: 14 Control, 13 Power, 11 Reserves, 10 Tactics
A technique inspired by the ornate images of Mother Sky, Rika compacts gold dust into six solid, hand-sized orbs that float behind her in circle, held in place by their own magnetic field. Through a pulse of chakra, Rika is able to send these orbs flying out at blinding speeds.
Fortitude 0 – These orbs launch themselves with the strength of a Stage 3 technique. Increases drive by 20
Fortitude 1 – The orbs can shoot with a speed and strength two taijutsu levels above the user's highest respective levels.
Fortitude 2 – The orbs now activate their own magnet fields, acting as magnets, ripping metals from buildings in a 10 meter radius. Increases drive by only 10.
Fortitude 3 – These orbs now shoot at three taijutsu levels above the user's highest respective levels.

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