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Default Leaf Jounin - Kojirou Ryu

Name: Kojirou Ryu
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 5’10

Character Type: Shinobi - Jinchuuriki

Country/Village: Fire Country / Hidden Leaf Village
Rank: Jounin
Division: Hada

Physical Description: The jounin’s hair is blonde with a mix of some dark hair and it is long and messy due to the fact that it probably never met a comb in quite a while, but at least it isn’t long enough to disturb his sleepy light brown eyes. Most people would estimate Ryu to be older than he really is but that is probably because of his dirty beard.

Ryu’s build is much bulkier than the average shinobi (Not like an olympic body builder, but more like a well toned heavyweight boxer) thanks to the excessive use of taijutsu and swinging around comically large swords. Ryu’s skin is very pale and mostly clear. However, his left hand is even paler in comparison to the rest of his arm since he’s been wearing a gauntlet most of his life.

Clothing: Ryu’s clothing is rather bland and devoid of any accessories except for the village’s logo and a pair of black fingerless gloves. His black boots seem to resemble mountain climbing boots. He wears dark green cargo pants and has a plain black belt that has a sheath attached to either side of it for easy access for each hand. The belt’s buckle is covered with a metal piece displaying the village’s logo and it is usually very visible since Ryu prefers to keep his shirt tucked in. He wears white sleeveless shirt that is kind of tight due to his well built muscles. The swordsman keeps another sword at his back. It is kept in place over his black trench coat.

Personality: Ryu was raised to be something special, to be an exceptional shinobi. Shortly after his birth it was decided that he was being prepared for greatness. He ended up being cocky and oozed self confidence, seeing how he dedicated his life to improving his abilities along with special training trying to make sure he ended up as a successful project. It was working and everyone knew it.

That sort of treatment prepared him well in many ways but he has grown to expect special treatment and he liked being complimented. Being as quiet and reserved as he was, he usually wouldn’t mention it but when he did it was in a quiet and cold manner in an almost monotone voice (just like his face was).

Kojirou does his best to portray himself as a tough guy, uncaring and apathetic despite his real feelings. Avoiding attachment to people is usually his first instinct. He often acted cold and occasionally blunt, or even ruthless with his comments and criticism. Sugar-coating words was never his thing, making him an expert in dealing tough love just like he was taught. It was a byproduct of extra responsibility he had as a jinchuuriki, knowing that he was dangerous (even though he had it under control) and attracted danger.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “...”

Demon Weapon Archetype
Demon Weapon Jinchuuriki must register a weapon with the [0] cost modification 'Bijuu Bound'. This weapon cannot change without plot reasons. It is more durable than most weapons of its type.

Any round where a Demon Weapon Jinchuuriki attacks, they gain 5 drive.
Any round where their Bijuu Bound weapon draws blood, they gain 5 drive.
Any round where the Jinchuuriki is away from their bound weapon, they lose 10 drive.

Attacks from a Bijuu Bound also count as Ninjutsu attacks with a stage equal to the highest stage of taijutsu that is being used. When a Demon Weapon Jinchuuriki begins to transform, their weapon will meld into the chakra form of the Bijuu, so it can continue to be used as a weapon.

Primary: Physical or Mental
Stats: +3 Physical, -3 Chakra
Description: Placing a bijuu within a human host is dangerous, but there is a safer alternative. By forging the beast into a weapon, and then binding the host to that, it is possible to remove some of the complications of jinchuuriki life, supposedly. Demon Weapon jinchuuriki pull the power of the bijuu from their weapon, but they also become fanatical and obsessed with the weapon that feeds them power.

Taijutsu Specialist
Stat Merit: +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Stamina
Stat Flaw: -2 to Reserves, -1 to Power

Demon Weapon Archetype: DW
Taijutsu Specialist Archetype: TS

Spending Pool:

Primary (Physical): 60 - 5 + 3 (DW) = 58
Chakra (Secondary): 50 - 5 - 3 (DW) = 42
Mental (Tertiary): 40 - 5 = 35

Jutsu: 18 - 4 + 15 (AP) = 29


Physical Primary

Strength: 1 + 1 (TS) + 23 + 1(TP) + 5 (AP) = 31 (+30 BTR)
Speed: 1 + 1 (TS) + 20 + 6 (AP) + 3(TP) = 31 (+30 Ryuujin)
Stamina: 1 + 1 (TS) + 15 + 4 (AP) = 21 (+12 Ryuujin)

Chakra Secondary

Power: 1 - 1 (TS) + 15 + 4 (AP) + 4 (TP) = 23
Control: 1 + 15 + 4(TP) = 20
Reserves: 1 - 2 (TS) + 12 + 8 (TP) + 2 (AP) = 21

Mental Tertiary

Intelligence: 1 +10 + 4 (AP) + 2(TP) = 17
Tactics: 1 + 10 + 4 (AP) = 15
Willpower: 1 + 15 + 5 (AP) = 21

Jutsu and Techniques

Stage 6
Stage 6 Requirements: 30 Speed, 30 Strength, 15 Stamina, 18 Control, 18 Power
Cumulative Bonuses: 12 Strength, 30 Speed, 12 Stamina
Special Techniques
-Tenka [Ignition]
-Fireworks [Hanabi]
-Shounetsu [Inferno]
-Nenshou [Combustion]

Baisuu Tou Ryuu (Multiple Sword Style)
Stage 6
20 Strength, 16 Speed
Special Techniques
-Tou Gappei (Sword Merge)
-Wadou Ichimonji (The One Road of Harmony)
-Nana-Jyuu-Ni Pondo Hou (72 Pound Cannon)
-Shishi Sonson (Lion’s Song)
-Sandai Kitetsu (3rd Generation Demon Splitter)

Raiton - Lightning Release
Stage One
Raiton: Kiwa no Kyoshi (Lightning Release: Serrated Edge)
Stage Two
Raiton: Nagare Isou no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Current Transfer Skill)

Konohagakure List - Katon Ninjutsu
Stage One
Flaming Swords (Replacing Katon: Ichi)
Stage Two
Katon: Bounetsu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Flame-Resistance Technique)
Internal Combustion (Replacing Katon: Ni)
Stage Three
Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu (Fire Element: Dragon Fire Technique)
Stage Four
Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Powerful Fireball Technique)
72 Pounds of Fiery Fire (Replacing Katon: Shi)
Fire Manipulation (Replacing Open Slot)
Stage 5
Bijuu Arts - Orbs of fire (replacing Katon: Go)
Katon Hidora no Jutsu (Fire Element: Hydra Technique)

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
Yoso no Te (Element Hand)
Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Stage Two
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
Stage Three
Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu (Chakra Hunting Technique)
Stage 4
Shunshin no Jutsu (Instantaneous Body Technique)
Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air)
Stage 5
Takai Yoso no Te (Higher Element Hand)
Rasengan (Spiral Sphere)
Stage 6
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)

Court Of Owls

Stage 1
Kuchiyose no Kyouichi
Control 3, Intelligence 2
Stage 2
Kuchiyose no Kyourama
Control 6, Power 6, Tactics 4
Stage 3
Kuchiyose no Kyoukage
Control 9, Power 9, Tactics 7
Stage 4
Kuchiyose no Kyouten
Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10
Stage 5
Kuchiyose no Futago

Jinchuuriki Techniques - Bijuu Arts
Bijuu Presence
Bijuu Shift

Kyoudai (Heirloom 7/2) - 4
Wakazashi - 2
Katana - 3
Cleaver Sword - 4
Body Armor - 2

Weapon Points Remaining: 3
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 4 (TP) + 6 (BTR) = 10

Biography: Once the hidden village of leaf heard reports of a bijuu roaming the nearby lands, they panicked, after brief moments of denial. It was a difficult situation to deal with and it reminded them of the history books that detailed the trails of destruction left by the tailed beasts. It was never an easy situation to deal with, even if a solution was viable it wasn’t a simple task to perform but they had to act quickly and take the fight to the bijuu before it got too close to the village.

The Hokage at the time gathered some of his most trusted advisors and it was quickly agreed upon that the best possible solution was to repeat the same solution that was performed 100 years prior to that incident. They were going to seal the bijuu into a baby. It was a solution that was a well-documented even in the history of the hidden leaf and the results were quite evident. Therefore, it was decided that they would repeat the experiment and so they went through a quick process to nominate the perfect candidate. After all times was of the essence.

The search criteria was for a toddler of shinobi parents to increase the chances of physical well-being and for the jinchuuriki to prosper as a shinobi. It was also preferred that the nominee didn’t belong to any of the major clans or big families to avoid showing favoritism towards any of them and causing a rift, and possible political issues. Ryu was the perfect candidate and with his parents’ blessing, the plan was immediately in motion.

A team of some of the most qualified shinobi, among others left the village to face the bijuu. The team consisted of a few jounin, a sennin, a retiree and both of Ryu’s parents. The encounter ended up being a small scale war with the dragon. As the battle went on the retired shinobi seized an opportunity and sealed the seven tailed beast into a gauntlet, sacrificing his life in the process. The group then bound that gauntlet to Ryu and he successfully became a jinchuuriki.

The Kojirou family went on to have a normal life while the hidden leaf kept tabs on Ryu’s development, but from a distance. It was still too early for them to interfere with the child’s life up until he became old enough to enter the academy. At that point he was automatically enrolled, as was previously agreed upon but as soon as he became a student he was just like any other. At that point in life the kid understood that he was supposed to be a shinobi and that people had high hopes for him. He also understood that he had something special inside of him; something powerful that he needed to learn to control.

The kid was physically developing extremely well, but he was having some issues with the theoretical parts. As it turned out, the bijuu was a bothersome thing to be sealed inside a person. Ryu was having trouble sleeping due to recurring nightmares and that led to severely reduced concentration. It took him a while to adapt to the fact that he needed to sleep and wake up at set schedules and he had to soldier through nights of little sleep. After some getting used to and a few extra tutoring sessions, he managed to catch up to his classmates.

After graduation, the jinchuuriki was placed in a genin team that was hand-picked by the village elders. They wanted to make sure that Ryu was around a sensei that could handle him, teach him well and protect him from any harm. That led his sensei to showing a bit of favoritism towards the Kojirou which sparked some jealousy from the other two genin on the team. It wasn’t a big deal, but it showed on occasion. Even though in reality a jinchuuriki did need the extra attention to control the beast within and to make up for the drawbacks of living with a bijuu.

Despite the minor issue the team thrived; they learned well and flourished under their sensei. Ryu was starting to show some immense development and he was making people proud. In terms of strength and combat prowess, the swordsman was on par with chuunin. He sparred with them occasionally and was even stronger than some of them. He was fully expected to be promoted on that year’s chuunin exam. What happened instead was a true wake up call for the kid. He made it all the way to the tournament and was doing quite well in it until he did a full transformation into the bijuu form, effectively losing control of his actions. The transformation gave him the expected power boost to completely overwhelm his opponent after an exhausting fight. Once the foe was down, the jinchuuriki turned to the crowd to continue its onslaught but thanks to interventions by the staff around the area he was quickly knocked out. It was the jinchuuriki’s first full transformation out of supervised training so it was a big deal for him.

The swordsman was well trained in self control by that point but the sheer exhaustion of the fight got him unwillingly to a breaking point even though it looked like he was on the winning side. That did not sit well with the judges and it was the major factor on why he they decided against a promotion that year, but it was a good thing. He grew with that experience.

The jinchuuriki continued to train and harshly so. It was important for everyone involved for Ryu to become the ideal soldier; a strong warrior and a fine commander. Even though he clearly lacked the charisma to make great motivational speeches, he was getting good at leading missions.

In the next year Ryu managed to go through the chuunin exam and pass with flying colors, as some would say. All the special efforts were starting to pay off and the teenager was getting closer to achieving his potential. Expectations for his performances were so high and he set the standards even higher for himself. As a teenager he was starting to understand the responsibility that was handed to him. He understood the dangers the lied within him and even that people might be after what was inside of him. Realizing those facts caused the chuunin to mature faster than his peers. Shinobi kids naturally were forced to mature early, but Ryu had an extra load of responsibility that his colleagues did not need to deal with.

Throughout his teenaged years the chuunin continued to do well in his job and was doing everything within his power to grow even stronger and generally a more capable shinobi. The swordsman felt like his moment to shine was close and when the war with the hidden snow happened, he felt like that was definitely it; the best opportunity to put nearly two decades of training and mentorship into use, but he was deemed not ready yet. Ryu had to watch from the sidelines like a kid. He really didn’t care about the politics behind the war. It was just that he was eager to fight a war, to do what he did best. Even better opportunities will come around, they told him and they soon did.

The jinchuuriki was clearly being prepared for greatness and just about every aspect of his life helped steer him in that direction. He was clearly gunning for recognition and there wasn't a doubt in his mind that he not only had the potential to do so, but he already had the ability. It was only a matter of making good use of the opportunities that he was given. In Ryu's later years as a chuunin his work was always top notch - exemplary even as a soldier and as a teacher to those less experienced. The leash the hidden leaf had on the man was starting to loosen even further since in order for them to truly measure his mettle, they had to let go and so he found his moment to shine when the village was invaded by the strange creatures. Ryu led a group of chuunin in guerilla warfare against the creatures. It was a task that truly tested every attribute that he needed to have mastered at that stage. The chuunin's combat ability was tested as he fought the invaders and leadership was proven as he coordinated his teammate. Most of all his self control was tried again and again since he needed to keep the bijuu under control in order to avoid collateral damage within the village. It was the perfect test.

Everything Ryu endured up until that point was starting to pay off. His efforts had obviously not gone to waste and he received the recognition that he expected to receive. Soon after the event, he was nominated for a jounin position; a place among the elite of the hidden leaf. After all he was molded to even outclass them, but that was going to take time. Soon afterwards there was a retirement ceremony in which a jounin resigned into a peaceful life and Kojirou took the mantle to replace him.

Other Info:


[Donation AP Breaker]
2 TP on weapon points
34 AP on stats
19 AP on Jutsu
An Awkward Gait; +2 Speed, Chakra Hunting Technique, Bijuu Shift, +1 Bijuu XP
Vindictive Hamza +3 Power, +1 Bijuu XP
Diamond Dogs +2 Control, Stage 6 Ryuujin Fu, 1 Bijuu XP, Stage 1 Owl Summon[Motm]
[Leaf] Firing Range +4 Reserves, 1 Bijuu XP
Members Only +1 Power, +1 Reserves, Stage 2 Owl Summon, 1 Bijuu XP
[Calamity] Meeting the High Oracles - Participation GMAP: Kuchiyose no Kyoukage, Kuchiyose no Kyouten
[Calamity] Climb Thread GMAP - Bijuu Art - Orb of Fire
[Valley] Calamity Begins - +1 Control, +1 Intelligence, Katon Hidora no Jutsu
Sure Thing! We’ll Receuit a Blacksmith: +1 Control +1 Reserves, +Henge no Jutsu
Into the Black Forest: +1 Intelligence, +1 Speed, +Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, GMAP: +Shunshin no Jutsu, +Rasengan, +Bijuu XP
Bijuu in a Bottle: +1 Strength, Raiton: Kiwa no Kyoshi, 2 Bijuu XP (level up: +1 Finesse)
The Sage of Hoots: +2 Reserves, +Raiton: Nagare Isou no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Current Transfer Skill), +1 Bijuu XP

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