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Default [Spartoi] - Ogiwara Etsuya

[Sovereign of the Southern Storms]

[Name] Ogiwara Etsuya
[Title] Alchemist of Stars

[broken image was here]

[Age] 12
[Sex] Male
[Height] 5’4
[Country/Village] Kaze no Kuni//Sunagakure no Sato
[Rank] Genin
[Division] KAZE - Research Student; KATA - Airman
[Clan] n/a
[Nindo; “Way of the Ninja”]
"One day I’ll break free from these chains that bind me to this wretched earth and walk the path of heaven, among the stars for all to see, just you wait."

[Physical/Clothing Description]
Ogiwara is a tall, slender young man with a willowy build. His hair is jet black and falls flat on his head except for his bangs which have a habit of curling to the right. His eyes are a sharp almond shape, though the fierceness of his gaze is often softened by the warm smile on his lips. His eyes are a pale blue, almost icy shade that belie his snow country heritage. Ogiwara’s skin is a pale and fair, and while not directly attributed to his heritage, stands out enough to be considered exotic.

The young Spartoi’s uniform does little to deviate from the norm set by the academy. Rather than the brighter crimson offered, Ogiwara prefers the darker maroon shades when it comes to his reds. The golden pauldrons were done away with once they proved to be too much of a hindrance rather than a benefit for the fuuton user. His headband is always squared away on his forehead though his bangs tend to cover up the symbol on it. The only thing off about the young man is the crimson cloak he wears, it’s obvious when looking at him that the cape is two sizes too big, but still Ogiwara wears it with pride.

Despite coming off at first appearance as a calm and collected child, Ogiwara is nothing of the sort. He’s loud, overly rambunctious, and has a terrible habit of shrieking when he’s panicked by something. The Genin is the very opposite of a “cool” kid, and yet despite that fact, Ogiwara has tons of friends, both with in his class and outside of it. Once described as an annoying itch on the inside of your arm that you just can’t get rid off so you either learn to live with it or cut off your arm. Ogiwara loves to regale his friends with many awesome tales of his mighty deeds. Heaven forbid he actually does something worthwhile, should that come, anyone listening to his story better be prepared to sit down and listen to him talk for hours on end. However, soemtimes without meaning to Ogiwara can come off as a blowhard, but make no mistake, the Alchemist of Star has earned his title, to belittle him is to risk being frozen within a block of ice and to be left out to thaw.

[Combo Archetype] Overclocker
Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Human Battery
Combo Special: Twice per thread, with a two post cooldown, the Overclocker can boost a Ninjutsu to the next scale's benefits. This special does not boost to stage seven effects or the stat scale equivalent.
Description: The Overclocker is a rare breed of mad Shinobi born with too much chakra and too little common sense. They use their massive amounts of chakra to boost their Jutsu far beyond acceptable limits.
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Physical
Stat Merit: +3 Power, +2 Reserves, +1 Control
Stat Flaw: -3 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Tactics, -1 Willpower



Strength: 1 - 3 + 3 (+3 TP) = 4
Speed: 1 - 1 + 3 = 3
Stamina: 1 = 1


Intelligence: 1 + 3 (+1AP) = 5
Tactics: 1 - 1 + 2 (+2AP) = 4
Willpower: 1 - 1 + 3 (+4AP) = 7


Power: 1 + 3 + 3 (+2AP) = 9
Control: 1 + 1 + 3 (+4AP) = 9
Reserves: 1 + 2 + 4 (+2AP) = 9

[Jutsu & Techniques]

Wind Ninjutsu
Stage I
(F1) Fuuton: Kaze Fuuchuufuyuu (Wind Element: Wind Levitation)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Stage II
(F2)Fuuton: Boufuu Kyouzuu no Jutsu (Wind Element: Gale Surge)
Requirements: Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4
(F3) Fuuton: Okuridashi Kaze (Wind Element: Propelling Winds)
Requirements: Willpower 6, Intelligence 5, Power 5
(F4) Kaze Kawarimi (Wind Replacement)
Requirements: Control 7, Power 7, Willpower 6
(TP) Hyoutenka (Below Freezing) Replacing: Henshin Bakuha
Requirements: Control 6, Power 6, Willpower 4
Stage III
(F5) Fuuton: Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Wind Element: Slashing Wind Skill)
Requirements: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6
(F6) Fuuton: Bouseki Tate no Kaze (Wind Element: Spinning Shield of Winds)
Requirements: Control 9, Power 9, Willpower 7

Ice Ninjutsu
(F7) Hyouton: Shogai Ni Hanshite Kanbo (Ice Element: Ward Against Cold)
Requirements: 3 Willpower, 3 Control
Stage II
(AP)Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Element: Swallow Snow Storm)
Requirements: 5 Reserves, 4 Power, 4 Control
(AP) Hyouton: Nozoku (Ice Element: Spyglass)
Requirements: 5 Willpower, 4 Intelligence, 4 Tactics
(AP) Hyouton: Reinigiri (Ice Element: Zero Grip)
Requirements: 6 Reserves, 6 Power, 4 Willpower
Stage III
(GMAP) Hyouton: Yuki Bunshin (Ice Element: Snow Clone)
Requirements: 8 Reserves, 8 Power, 6 Control
(GMAP) Hyouton: Hitoshirezu Yari (Ice Element: Hidden Spear)
Requirements: 9 Reserves, 9 Power, 7 Willpower

Shinobi Kit - [0]
Wakizashi - [2]

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used: 2
Remaining Weapon Points: 6

Originally Posted by Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni—Spartoi Interview
So, there I was right? Standing face to face with the snarling beast as it tried to rip my face off, I knew right then that if I made one mistake, if I gave one inch of ground to that beast then it would be over for me! I would be done, my story over. I did what I could do to fend it off as I tried to get my hands free, finally I was able to knock it back long enough to use a powerful wind technique to blow the monster away!

I’m glad to see you getting along so well with your sister’s new cat, Ogiwara.

Honestly, I’m not even sure why she got so mad, the cat landed on it’s feet in the end.

Well, now that we’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let me be the first to congratulate you on your new title, Mr. “Alchemist of the Stars”.

Yeah, thanks I guess.

Oh? What’s wrong Ogiwara? I thought you would be more excited to finally have your own title, one that you didn’t even have to make up Mr. “Marquis of the Western Wind”.

Hey! I liked that title!

I should hope so, you signed most of your papers with it.

(Ogiwara sighs)
It’s not the title, it’s just that…

Just what?

I should have won! I had Yuudai dead to rights! Do you know how hard it was to knock his swords out of his hands? It was rough! There I have him, and then I got cocky and went in for the kill with a punch. It was so lame! Rika wouldn’t stop berating me afterward. How was I supposed to know he had a second part of swords? He’s never even used them before!

Don’t be like that Ogiwara, you should be proud of yourself, I know I am. I was excited to have a chance to see how far all you children have come since you first started. I thought you were very graceful with the way you kept switching between Wind and Ice Ninjutsu. Your growth with Hyouton surprised me, when did you get so good with them? Aww, are you blushing?

N-no, of course not! I-I mean of course you shouldn’t be surprised, I’m pretty great after all.

(Interviewer giggles)
Now there’s the Ogiwara I know. Truly though, you’ve come a long way with Hyouton. You know, you’ve never told me how you began learning it? You’ve only ever said it came from your grandmother?

Oh, sheez, that’s easy. Well, you know my mother is from Snow Country right? Well her mother was an academy drop out. She never progressed far enough to learn any real ninjutsu, just a few chakra exercises, but she took that with her when she ran away from Snow Country with my mom when things started getting real bad over there. When it came for me to begin the academy, my father started teaching me a few little tricks here and there, like the one exercise where we take a handful of sand and make it swirl in our palm? Well, I was really good at doing those, I was always good at figuring out how to make chakra do what I want.

I won’t argue with that, your test scores show it.

Oh geez sensei, you sure know how to flatter a guy, but yeah, my grandmother showed me the few tricks she knew, and I just kind of built my foundation from the ground up. I won’t say it’s been easy, been a few trials and a lot of explosions. I really should apologize to Takai again about the time I almost took his head off when the door blew off its hinges, but I mean, he could stand to lose a few feet right?

Very funny Ogiwara, and by that I mean not funny at all. Now, how much would you say your father nurtured your growth in chakra.

Oh, I easily owe it all to him. When I was younger he was the one who took me aside and and taught me the basics long before I started the academy. He knew I would be the one to go, so he wanted me as prepared as I could be.

You know, a lot of people expected you to take after your father. Sugimaru-kun’s skill with sand ninjutsu were well known, his comrades even gave him the title “Sugimaru of the Endless Desert”.

(Ogiwara makes a sound of agreement)
My sister was the one who took after my father, I take after my mother.

I don’t know about that, I see a lot of your father in you as well, especially once you get to talking and no one can get you to be quiet.


Ogiwara, I know what I’m about to ask you, but how have you been dealing with his loss?

Ogiwara, I it isn’t easy to lose someone close to you, but you have to be strong.

(Ogiwara sighs)
It’s not that Nevin-sensei. I won't lie, I miss him. I miss him a lot, but my father was always straight with me about the dangers in our lives, and it got even more dangerous with the Sand Priests running around. He knew that there was a chance they would interfere with his last mission, at least he was able to allow his comrades to escape.

Then what is it Ogiwara?

It’s… It’s just when dad was around, I could talk to him about anything; life, girls, school work, and he would understand. He lived through it all, but now that he’s gone I don’t have that at home anymore. My mother still has trouble looking me in the eyes sometimes without crying sometimes, and I can’t talk to my sister about it.

Was that why you started reading with Eiko more often.

I guess, I mean she's my pal. I can talk to her about ninjutsu theory. I don’t have to worry about her not understanding me.

And you think your sister wouldn’t be able to understand you?

Sensei… do you ever think you’ve lost touch with the non-shinobi in your life?

I see, you think you’ve changed too much, and that your sister wouldn’t be able to understand, no don’t look away Ogiwara, not from me. You’ve gone through a lot of stuff since you joined the academy, all you children have, but taken it from someone who has watched you grow; you haven’t changed that much. You’re still you, no matter what. This has been on your mind for a while now hasn’t it?

Ever since the bombing yeah. My sister and I both lost dad, but she’s never seen half her classmates die. I didn’t know how to explain it, I didn’t even understand it. She gave me condolences, but she’s never had so many people just disappear from her life so suddenly.

(Interviewer takes a deep breath)
It was horrible, we lost a lot of good people, but it could have been a lot worse. You were quick on your feet when the poison first hit. Using Wind Levitation to keep the poison away, smart.

I don’t think it would have worked if I had been right next to the where the bombs went off, but it helped. Usually I just use it to keep cool and keep sand off my clothes, who knew it would be so useful. You know, Kissha and I’ve had a few talks about poisons before, but I never actually thought I’d see what it looked…

I’ll let you in on a secret Ogiwara, it doesn’t get easier. You learn how to deal with it sure, but losing people never gets easier, and it shouldn’t. But I think we’ve had enough of this heavy atmosphere. A sad Ogiwara isn’t the Ogiwara I want to see. I’ve noticed you’ve taken to training with Arechihana Rika, I’m surprised. I understand hanging your friendship with Ishikawa Eiko you both enjoy reading, but I would have figured Rika would be a bit too rough for you to handle.

Awww, Rika’s great. She acts all tough and spiky, like a cactus actually, but once you get past that she’s pretty friendly. A friendly cactus. Who likes to punch you a lot. And make you cry with her mean words. But yeah, friendly cactus. She’s started showing me some Taijutsu. Said I rely on Ninjutsu too much, and you know what? I agree. Who needs Ninjutsu when you’re rocking these guns!

(Interviewer sighs in exasperation)
You don’t have to flex for me Ogiwara. Anyway, I do believe that it’s about time we cut this interview short. I have just one last thing to say before you go. I can’t wait to see where you go from here, Mr. “Alchemist of Stars”.

[Other Information]

+Goes by his last name

[Mission Log]
Lesson 00: Morning Announcements
+AP Limit Breaker
+Account Points//: [18] +1 Intelligence, +2 Tactics, +4 Willpower, +2 Power, +4 Control, +2 Reserves, +Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuk, +Hyouton: Nozoku, +Hyouton: Reinigiri
+GMAP//: [2] +Hyouton: Yuki Bunshin, +Hyouton: Hitoshirezu Yari
Self Study 01: Darude
+1 Strength
Lesson 01: Diaphoresis +1 Strength, +Hyoutenka - Below Freezing, +1 Strength[MotM]

AP - Swaps - Weapons/Items

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