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Default [Leaf Genin] - Aburame Masashi

Name: Aburame Masashi
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Height: 5'4

Character Type: Ninja

Country/Village: Fire Country
Rank: Advanced Genin
Division: Seishou - Tracking

Physical Description: Masashi is a child of the Aburame; as such he shares many of the same features as those who are also from his clan. He has the standard slim build which when coupled with his pale skin tones gives off a sickly appearance which belies the physical strength of a child who has graduated from the Academy. He has the dark hair of his family which the Genin keeps a bit longer than needed but always kept clean and combed back out of his eyes. Masashi lacks the Hazel colored eyes of his clan and instead hais a pair of crystal clear blue eyes which are wasted being hidden behind his sunglasses. As typical of his clan, Masashi has quite a few holes scattered along his body for the Kikai to use, however only his parents and the medic that he goes to know these locations. The young Aburame, while not ashamed of his body, is none too keen on sharing such personal details with strangers.

Clothing: Like with many of his clansmen Masashi tends to keep himself covered up. He does this by wearing a heavy grey jacket with a popped collar that the child can button together to hide behind when he becomes embarrassed by something. Underneath the grey jacket Masashi wears his favorite shirt a simple black t-shirt that has a smiley face on it; it makes him happy to see the smile. Along with that Masashi keeps his legs covered up with a pair of black pants that end in a pair of black boots rather than sandals. His headband is worn around his right bicep and has a red cloth for the Seishou. Finally we come to the all important part of an Aburame’s attire. The Sunglasses. Masashi’s sunglasses tend to garner a lot of attention from other people due to their stylish appearance; the glasses are a pair of yellow star shape rimmed glasses that were given to him as a baby by his father.

Personality: At first glance Masashi is exactly what people think an Aburame should be. He is a quiet if polite young man who spends much of his time either alone or in the company of other Aburame, this leads many people to think that the quiet child is a bit standoffish. However, this habit is due to the boy’s shy and nervous personality. He is unable to open himself up to strangers in fear that they will mock him because he does not fit their idea of what an Aburame should be. In truth the Aburame likes to talk about things, from the starry night sky to the dinner he had last night. However because he lacks friends the only “people” he can really talk to are the Kikai in his body. While this has strengthened the relationship between host and bug it has not done much to help Masashi communicate with others. When Masashi runs into a problem that he cannot solve he likes to take a step back and try to look at it from another angle, much like how he would use the Kikai. It has lead the young boy to become quite adept at solving problems that are not his own.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": I want to learn to work better with people. Like my Kikai do!

Clan/Bloodline: Aburame

Primary Archetype: Aburame Clan Specialist
Special: Gains access to the Aburame Clan List. If this is taken as a Primary Archetype, the character receives Stage One for free (pending they meet the stat requirements).
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Physical
Stats merits: +2 Tactics, +1 Willpower
Stats flaws: -1 Reserves, -1 Strength, -1 Stamina

Secondary Archetype: Polymath
Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Tactics
Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Stamina, -1 Power



Physical - Tertiary

Strength: 1 -1 -1 +2 = 1
Speed: 1 +2 [+1 TP] = 4
Stamina: 1 -1 -1 +2 = 1

Mental - Secondary

Intelligence: 1 +2 +2 [+1] = 6
Tactics: 1 +2 +1 [+1] = 5
Willpower: 1 +1 +6 = 8

Chakra - Primary

Power: 1 -1 +5 [+5] = 10
Control: 1 [+4] (+3) = 8
Reserves: 1 -1 +5 [+5] = 10


Jutsus and Techniques:
Kikai Manipulation
[AS]Stage I
[F1]Stage II
[F2]Stage III
Requirements: Reserves 10, Power 10, Willpower 8
[F3]Carapace I

Hidden Leaf Genjutsu
Stage I
[F5]Etainoshirenai no Fugou (Mark of the Unfamiliar)
Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2

Stage II
[F6]Dokuji no Kaori (Scent of Peculiar)
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4

Stage III
[F7]Minagiru no Kage (Shadow Swell)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

Global Ninjutsu
Stage I
[TP]Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

Shinobi Kit - 0

Item Points Remaining: 8


Biography: Growing up can be a hard thing to do. I think it is especially hard when you hail from one of the more noble families of Konoha. People tend to have higher expectations that they want you to live up to, I shudder to think of what it must be like to be a Hyuuga. An amazing people to be sure, but perhaps they are a bit too amazing? But, this is not about the Hyuuga, this is about me. My name is Aburame Masashi. I am a Genin of Konohagakure and proud to be so. I know what a lot of people think about my family. They think that we are nothing more than are weird bug people who would not know a decent conversation if it walked up and punched us in the face. Something I never noticed as growing up.

Like all Aburame children I went through the bonding ritual at a young age. Sometimes when I lay awake at night, trying to drift off to sleep, I imagine it. Just a baby, alone in the dark crying out as hundreds of insects burrow their way into your body making it their home as well. I remember once when I was in the Academy someone asked me if I ever regretted having the Kikai. I never thought about it. To be honest I cannot imagine a life without the Kikai… It would be really lonely I think. Heck, whenever they have to go back to the hive for maintenance despite it only being a little bit of time, I cannot help but feel empty. Well, I mean, I kind of am, but I was thinking in a more figurative sense.

Like many Aburame there was an expectation for me to join the Academy, one that I filled gladly. Can I be blamed? Night after night as I laid in bed my mother would fill my head with thoughts of teammates, friendships, of bonds unbreakable by the mightiest forces around. She made being a ninja seem like an almost magical thing. So of course I joined the Academy. Of course my mother made sure to warn me that there was a chance that it would not be a kind time for me. She told me that children could be cruel sometimes, about how they mocked her for being a weird bug girl. Many in the clan had gone through this, only to prove themselves during their Genin years. So, I thought I would show them that not all Aburame have to be quiet. It backfired on me.

I… was not what they were expecting. I guess they grew up on stories as well, only I did not match those stories. Instead of tall, dark and quiet I was short, excited, and talkative. Instead of making fun of me for being a weird bug kid they made fun of me because I was a “bad” Aburame. Day after day I tried to put up with it, through the Kikai I even heard the teachers mocking me. It hurt so much, a year into the Academy I could not take it anymore. One day it got to be too much that I ran home and cried to my father about it.

My father was a merchant from inside of Konoha. Even now he continues to tell me about how he met my mother. How he became smitten with the quiet, pale beauty. Apparently they met during a mission, my father and several other merchants had need of a guard to escort them to another village for business. While others were turned off by mother due to her heritage it had the opposite effect on my father who fell deeper and deeper in love with her. More chance meetings between the two and soon they were together and later married. It was because of this that I came to him. He saw Aburame differently.

I told him about how the other children said I was wrong. About how I was a “bad” Aburame. He just let me cry until I tired myself out, then I remember him taking my sunglasses off and then wiping my tears away. He looked me in the face and told me that I was not bad. He said just because I was an Aburame did not mean I was emotionless, or that I could not show my emotions. He told me to take my mother for example. That just because she did not tell me all the time she loved me, did not mean she did not feel that way. He told me to look for it. That you did not need to say something to express it.

He told me to look at my family and I would see it everywhere. He was right. Once I stopped to look at my family I could see that there was nothing odd about them, or me. I had let the children color my perception of what was normal, what was right. My father then kissed me on the head and put my sunglasses back on my face. He knew what I needed to hear, but I still ended up closing myself off from others, even now I have trouble opening up to people, but it will get better. I know it will.

When the war with Yukigakure came, I could not help but notice how lonely it became around the compound. Many of my cousins were gone, fighting at the front lines; my mother was gone as well. I remember having trouble sleeping, thinking about my family out there being hurt. I found that many of the Academy students felt the same. Some missed their parents; some were scared about what was going to happen next. I worried about the Kikai. We can go a while without Kikai maintenance but from the stories we hear from our elders it is never very pleasant. There are stories of some Aburame whose Kikai ate them inside out. Horrible way to go. Luckily for my clan the war ended in a month.

But, things did not end there for us. The Anbu were cast out, and with them an Aburame. The first few weeks there were whispers abound about this. A traitorous Aburame? Could such a thing happen? The clan never spoke about it in public, but sometimes late at night the adults would talk. We children were never allowed to listen in, even trying to use Kikai to listen in did not work. Barrier Ninjutsu possibly? Soon the whispers died out, but I still thought about that Aburame. I wondered what his Kikai were going through, I was mad at him for putting them through such a thing. In time those thoughts eventually faded and I continued on with life. My graduation was coming up soon after all.

I graduated from the Academy without having ever made any lasting friendships. While there were a few people that I had been friendly with, mainly other clan children, they were not very strong bonds not like my mother had described. Still, I believed that I had time, after all soon I would be placed on a squad. However it did not happen that way, for the better part of a year I worked as a substitute for when a member of another team was unable to join or make it. The rest of my time was spent working on bonding with my Kikai, after all an Aburame should always work to deepen the bond between us and the Kikai, or so my mother has told me

I was at home when Konoha was attacked, but it did not take long for the Aburame to mobilize and begin repelling the invaders. It was a horrible night, so many deaths so much destruction. I spent many days afterward working within the village using my Kikai to find the dead and give some peace to the families. I do not know what is going with the world now and days, but I do know it is scary. I will not shy away, I am a Genin of Konohagakrue, a child of the Aburame.

Writing Example: N/A

Other Info:

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