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Begrudgingly accepting 1 AP from Kana from this post.
(This AP was given to Sleepy unconditionally, but if he doesn't make a Snow nin I'll be very sad!)

2 (GM)AP from Grans from this post , which was immediately spent on Kurusu Masato.

A GMAP and an AP from Kana, which will be spent at some other point in time. (EDIT: I'll go ahead and say that it has been spent, both on Sawamatsu no Motonubu)

2 AP from merdle for helping out with an NPC in this thread.
These were given to Wess.

3 AP from Kaen for rating threads, or something.

2 AP from Kiba for the same thing. Come on people, it's my job!

1 AP was received and then spent in this thread, on Josuke.

2 AP from Kana for doing Rain things.

1 AP from Buko for this thread.
Spent immediately on Gonnohyoe.

1 AP given to Kohaku.

1 AP from merdle from this.

5 Engiversary APs given out to random folks in the thread.

7 AP from Res in this thread

1 given to Wess here

6 were given out, 3 each to Wess and Cayuga for this thread.

A possible 2 remain to be given out for Maeda stuff, and I'm just subtracting them from the total for now just to make sure I don't go over budget.

1 AP to Cayuga for this.

4 AP given (2 each) to Sleepy and Wess for this thread.

13 AP from donations.

2 AP from the global stretch goal.

6 Engiversary AP given out in the same thread.

5 AP given to Sleepy.

5 AP given to Cayuga.

10 AP given to Wess.

6 AP from clan stuff given to Wess

Current total: 0

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