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Renchishin Hitoko
Respective Lists
Rittaisen Specific
Bunkatsushou – Mahhaken (Splitting Palm – Demonic Fist Break) – Stage 6
Tenma Kagai
A heightened stage of its predecessor, the basic framework is the same. The user sweeps a hand above their head, accumulating a heavier amount of chakra to their palm which swirls up more wind. Swinging their arm downward, they pierce the air, producing a chop which sends out an even larger shockwave of wind that shutters through a ninjutsu technique. The chop can cause a deeper fracture in the opponent’s bone when struck, while leaving a larger imprint of the user’s hand in metal.

-Technique can dispel Stage Five and lower Ninjutsu techniques

Renchishin Hitoko Specific Rittaisen Swaps
Sougenmu – Renseishou: Gen’ei Handou (Twin Phantasms – Drilling Palm: Phantom Boxing) - Stage 6
Gen’ei Zan x Gen’ei Kokuei
A technique harmonizing the concepts to its predecessors, once activated, two dim blue shadows described as afterimages of wind crafted in the form of the user follow close behind every movement they make. Based on the thesis of a triple-strike in one breath, when the user goes in for a physical attack, these after-images echo everything in split second intervals. What this creates is a devastating triple-strike technique used to enhance the destructive nature of chaining combos, whereas the echoed attacks these afterimages cause – combined with the user’s strength – can lead to simultaneous cuts seen in the Renseishou – Zan without the task of dragging things out for three posts.
  • Initial Strike (User) – 2/4ths an inch deep cut
  • First Shadow – 3/4ths an inch deep cut
  • Second Shadow – 1 full inch deep cut
  • Technique has a life of three posts, with a two post cool-down before being activated again.
  • Technique is cancelled if the user decides to use an offensive/defensive ninjutsu attack

Wind Ninjutsu Swaps
Stage 3
Ryuzen – Kamisori no Ryuusei (Dragon Meditation: Ryuusei’s Razor)
By sweeping a hand in an uppercut motion toward the opponent, the user unleashes a small hurricane that travels to a distance of fifteen feet, at a height of four feet from the ground. Moving within the hurricane is a rather small wind dragon, Ryuusei, topped with a multi-colored belly, wings and ruby eyes. When the hurricane comes in contact with the opponent, it grows in size, entrapping them in a spinning vortex of rushing winds for two posts, capable of leaving kunai-sized cuts upon their body.
Traps opponent for two posts
Ninjutsu stage two or higher is needed to break free
Strength Level three is needed to break free

Stage 4
Ryuzen: Kazeshou no Wyvern (Dragon Meditation: Wyvern’s Wind Palm)
Hanpatsu Kaze no Jutsu x Henshin Bakuha
By utilizing the concept of the Retrieval and Deflecting wind, the user takes the technique a step further. Concentrating chakra in a range of ten feet, the user directs their palm toward the ground in order to summon a red skinned wind dragon, Wyvern, that descends from above. Whipping a tail at the target, the dragon generates a force of wind that crashes down upon the opponent from above, having enough impact force to bounce them a few feet off the ground, like a basket ball. The impact of the wind can leave a crate crushed into splinters, while an opponent is moreso half-way disorientated from the sudden force for a post. The opponent is launched ten feet into the air and the dragon disperses after.

Ryuzen: Kaze Shinme no Peist (Dragon Meditation: Peist’s Wind Sprout)
Fuuton: Kaze Ryuu x Fuuton: Tei Hakusha (Wind Element: Air Riding)
Taking notes from the Air Riding technique, this technique creates a sleek dragon, Peist, formed of wind that the user can travel on. The body of the dragon is composed of a royal blue hue, equipped with talon like feet and a ruby eyed glare etched upon its tribal-mask like face. In height and wing span it stands at fifteen feet, allowing the user – and a max of three other people – the ability to ride on its back once it takes flight. Though sleek in design, it’s an easy target, but can maneuver through the breeze without effort, even when the user is occupied on its back.

On command/while in battle, the dragon is capable of spitting out a bullet barrage of condensed wind with the circumference of three feet. On impact with an object, the spheres of wind expand outward, creating condensed spikes that jut out from the point of impact. The thorns of air develop to a six foot span, capable of severing flesh and impaling those caught in its range. This wind dragon’s body can also be utilized as a kamikaze for the same effect. During combat situations the dragon maneuvers at a Level 4 Chunnin's speed, and is only capable of ascending 35 feet into the air (altitude) due to the concentration the user holds while in battle.

The dragon can withstand two strikes from Stage three or lower ninjutsu techniques before being dispersed
One sprout can be shot at a time (costs an additional jutsu usage each time)

Stage 5
Ryuzen: Boufuu no Behemoth (Dragon Meditation: Behemoth’s Gale)
Boufuu Kyouzuu no Jutsu
A large volume of wind is drawn toward the user as they execute a series of handseals, which centralizes and condenses the wind into the palms of their hands. When the user thrusts both hands forward with open palms, an enormous amount of air pressure shoots forth toward a target, creating a massive concussive explosion in both range and force. The released wind takes the form of a burly dragon, Behemoth, equipped with four broad horns, stubby – yet thick – legs, ruby eyes and large tusks. Its ominous size, spanning to an average twenty-five feet in height and length, is utilized to bull dowse anything caught in its running path. Being composed of condensed gales of wind, the surge holds a heightened effect of its predecessor: a barrage of rapid, non-stop punches.
Can be maintained for two posts, the strength of the barrage equivalent to one and a half explosive tags translated to blunt force

Ryuzen: Iaijutsu no Myrmidon – Zanmato
(Dragon Meditation: Myrmidon’s Quick Draw Technique – The Sword that Beheads Demons)

By channeling chakra into their hand, which acts like a vortex collecting wind into their palm, when the user sweeps their hand they create a blast of air in a crescent shape. Lit above the user is an ominous silhouette of a humanoid dragon-knight – Myrmidon –dressed in scaled armor and mask, which eyes glow deep crimson. When the user sweeps their hand the dragon sweeps his double-handed weapon, manifesting a slashing blast of wind that travels to a twelve foot range that covers a width of seven feet. Due to the velocity of air launched from the user, the violent gust of wind cuts with the potency of a volley of cleaver sword deep wounds.

Stage 6
Ryuzen: Soyokaze no Kaiser – Rekkouha
(Dragon Meditation: Kaiser’s Breath – Splitting Light Command)

While executing a series of handseals, a wind condensed dragon – Kaiser – with a golden hue and ruby eyes appears behind the user, accompanied by eleven spears that rotate around its form. The dragon is launched into the air with the spears, and when the user directs a palm toward the ground, the wind dragon roars. The spears circling him rocket towards the opponent at a diagonal angle, dispersing into a shower of mini drill spinning spears capable of piercing right through flesh if their target is within the area effect, which is honed in a fifteen foot radius.

Ryuzen: Soryuu – Tatsumaki no Astral to Aura
(Dragon Meditation: Twin Dragon – Astral and Aura’s Hurricane)
Kamisori no Ryuusei
With this technique, the user is surrounded by a navy blue vortex expanding skyward in a pillar of wind. Circling the pillar are countless mini wind dragons with two larger ones – Astral and Aura – swimming in the upward stream of wind. Anyone caught within this technique suffers from countless amounts of gashes deep enough to incapacitate a normal shinobi – or at least slow them down due to the amount of wounds inflicted on their person. The vortex aspect of this Ninjutsu makes it difficult to avoid, especially for those opponents who tend to prefer close combat situations.
Vortex extends at a range of five feet, further drawing objects in at a five foot radius
Single post cool down
Stage Five and higher ninjutsu can disperse this technique

The House of Legends

Oka Shichizuten Ryuu’nou
Royal Seven-Headed Celestial Dragon Guardians

"Dragons were once known as messengers from Heaven."
Renchishin Hitoko

Urashima Taro was a fisherman who once rescued a turtle from becoming stew. To display his gratitude, the turtle took him to visit Ryugu-jo, the palace of Owatatsumi “Ryujin” Sanjin: the Dragon Emperor. Outside the palace Taro came in contact with the castle’s guards, the Oka Shichizuten Ryuu’nou – seven celestial dragons that protected Ryujin’s palace and pulled divine chariots.

Stage 1/ Legend: Tairyoryu’s Heavenly Sunlight
[Intelligence 4, Tactics 4]
The jasmine-scaled baby dragon Taiyoryu, clad in rose petal haori and straw hat with stubby arms and chubby underbelly, appears from the Kuchiyose lines above the summoner. With his claw like fingers spread before his eyes, he mirrors a reflection of the sun, emitting a blinding white light from his being meant to null the sight of anyone peering in his direction for a single post. The light itself is heavenly in its glow.
Stage 2: A flash bang sound accompanies the light, known to null hearing as well.
Stage 3: The effect lasts for two posts, technique no longer affects the summoner

Stage 2/ Legend: Seiryu of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven
[Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6]
Seiryu, an elder azure-scaled dragon with long whiskers and a mage-like hat, emerges from the Kuchiyose lines and lays out near the summoner’s feet. Holding a massive pipe between claws and positioned within his fangs, the pipe emits an ominous energy like smoke with each puff taken. A field of azure cloud-like spheres appears like distant stars surrounding both summoner and enemy alike. Although glorious in presentation, the spheres explode with enough concussive force to both leave bruises and knock the wind out of those who dare touch them.
Stage 3: Clouds explode with a concussive force able to leave kunai-sized wounds
Stage 4: Clouds can be directed to hone onto an opponent, pelleting them in a myriad of explosions

Stage 3/ Legend: Kuzuryushin’s Celestial Chariot
[Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Reserves 8]
A one-eyed vermilion scaled serpent like dragon – Kuzuryushin – is summoned. He coils his lanky body about the user’s arm and mounts himself at the wrist, clad in a majestic mane and eye patch. Mimicking a bow, the dragon can cough up four powerful spiraling white-feathered arrows of wind from its core, which sleek design can be shot out in rapid succession. The arrows make little to no noise as it cuts through the air, holding the capability of rendering through limbs and leaving a spiraling mess of blood in its wake, often, before the opposition realizes the dragon is there. Wounds are equal to a kunai.
Stage 4: Seven arrows can be fired, and can become transparent upon release. Wounds are equal to a spear.
Stage 5: Nine arrows can be fired; can make a single sharp turn in trajectory to ricochet in midair for an angled assault. Wounds are equal to a katana.

Stage 4/ Legend: Purifying Shinryu
[Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14]
Shinryu, a dragon blessed in scales of black jewel and dressed in the equipment of a blacksmith, emerges from the Kuchiyose lines wielding a massive hammer between its fangs. Upon swinging the mallet upon whatever the summoner directs him to, the mystical properties of his weapon deconstructs anything it touches – turning objects into simple fragments of sand due to razor thin winds corroding its foundation. This technique is often used to provide subconscious knowledge of the general make up of what the hammer touches to the summoner. Shinryu refuses to use his technique on living beings.
Stage 5: With a second tap of the hammer, items can be restored (it cannot heal wounds)

Stage 5/ Legend: Goko’s Imperial Breeze
[Intelligence 19, Tactics 19, Willpower 18, Power 16]
When Goko, the Dragon King of the East Sea, is summoned, his presence isn’t immediately seen. This jade and baby blue scaled dragon adorned in royal pieces of body armor positions himself upon the summoner’s back, his massive wings secured about the user like a cloak. With the sweep of the summoner’s hand, Goko’s wings open, creating a golden shockwave that explodes forth from the bearer in all directions. The repulsive breeze reaches outward at a range of ten feet, with an augmented concussive force capable of knocking both humans and projectiles out of the air, while leaving armor puncturing senbon needle sized wounds on flesh due to the velocity of wind. There's a single post cool down between use of this technique.

Stage 6 / Legend: Kusanagi of the Dragon Emperor
[Intelligence 26, Tactics 25, Willpower 24, Power 19, Control 17]
Behind the user arrives an armor clad, battled scarred dragon embellished in scales of deep purple and glowing crimson calligraphy about its body. Fastened to a large metallic slab with ancient text written upon it, this dragon – known as Zennyo Ryuo, The Destroyer of Worlds – is constrained by a network of chains that lock him to the memorial. Impeded in its chest is a royal sealing sword – The Kusanagi – fashioned in many jewels, as well as a cracked Shogun helmet masking a portion of his face that muzzles his mouth shut. His ability lies within warping the air around a singular opponent, creating a vortex that bursts inward, so said object collapses into itself until crushed. Air is drawn and compressed toward the object at a high rate, giving adversaries’ only a moment (one post) to move out of the area of effect before succumbing to its horror (upon the second post). Area of influence is a ten foot radius.

Stage 7 / Legend: Daughter of the Dragon Emperor
[Intelligence 35, Tactics 33, Willpower 31, Power 26, Reserves 18]
The summoning of Toyotama-hime, the Daughter of the Dragon Emperor, is a rare occurrence, even for the guard of Celestial Dragons she works alongside. Once the Kuchiyose lines disappear, the warrior princess manifests behind the target in a sudden display of radiant light forming a majestic halo around her. Garbed in celestial robes hued in ever-changing shades of purples, light blues and pinks, her grandiose wings gently wrap the opponent in a supreme hug; filled with warmth, serenity and an indiscriminate love. Upon the second post, the entirety of air occupying the space around her becomes void, creating an eerie vacuum of silence as her murderous intent washes over the field. What was once safe haven becomes a recipe for disaster as a column of blinding light howls from the bowels of her throat, evoking an enormous flare of wind that threatens to strip the opponent’s being within it’s canopy until nothing remains but a gust of air. At the start of the third post, the Princess vanishes in a serene breeze, leaving nothing but a fifty-foot diameter crater of destruction in her wake.

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