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Default Ichisuke Koushou - KSHD

Ichisuke "Kou" Koushou

Name: Ichisuke Koushou
Alias: Kou, Kousuke.
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7

Country: Grass
Rank: Genin
Division: Kaisado (KSHD), Field Nurse

Physical Appearance: He's really something out of a superhero comicbook, with bright blue eyes, a strong jaw, and summer sun dappled blonde locks. Though he's classically attractive, something about his nose and lips make him look average. His brows are thick and full, with his left almost aways cocked up a bit more, as though questioning the world and all it contains. His body is lithe and athletic, due to training, and his shoulders are wide. He has large feet and hands, but has been informed they will stop growing. His hands are scarred, with thick lines marking various abrasions, burns, and lacerations. No one but medical staff has seen his hands, as he thinks them far too ugly to broadcast.

Clothing: The first thing people notice is the designer names. He wears Ninjaido by Fumishi Omoe, Koture, Purada, Guichi. If it's fancy and expensive, he wears it. Usually, though, he can be seen sporting one of several hand-tailored blue tunics with an attached hood. Underneath the tunic is a Purada tee, and under that is a Purada undershirt. He has money to spend on clothes, so he does. Plain white slacks are often the case, though he opts for a strong black or brown options if on a mission. And if one looks at him for long enough, they'll notice the red gloves, hand-crafted by technicians to allow chakra to flow through. It's as though the gloves are a second skin. Most think it's fashion, but it's a guard for Kou.

Personality: He's one of the most responsible, earnest, honest, hardworking, loyal, intelligent young men in Grass... when people are watching. Forced to grow up far too fast and surrounded by opulence since infancy, Kousuke is practically an adult, running the family vineyard and brewery. He has nearly no friends his age and prefers to discuss his issues with the domesticated family leopard, a gift from noted zoologist and animal specialist Otosui Mizumaru. In short, Kou is a model citizen by day and crippled with doubt and prone to manic streaks of excessive spending by night.

Nindo: Regroup, Regrow, Rehab, Replace, Renew.
Clan: N/A

Archetype: Field Surgeon
Merits: +3 Intelligence, +2 Reserves, +1 Speed
Flaws: -1 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Power, -3 Willpower
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Physical
Power: 1 - (1) + [5] + {1} = 6
Control: 1 + [5] + {1} = 7
Reserves : 1 + (2) + [0] = 3

Willpower: 1 - (3) + [4] = 2
Intelligence: 1 + (3) + [1] = 5
Tactics: 1 + [3] = 4

Strength: 1 - (1) + [1] = 1
Speed: 1 + (0) + [4] + {1}= 6 + <3>
Stamina: 1 + [1] = 2

Skills and Abilities
Doudou Jouzou
[1] Ayatsuri Gomoku (Con 2, Pow 2)
[1] Seizui Kushi (Int 3, Pow 3)

[1] Stage One: Three Speed (Con 4, Pow 4)

[1] Igaku Kunren (Con 2, Wil 2)
[1] Teikouryoku (Int 3, Res 3)
[1] Byouki no Fujikome (Int 3, Res 3)
[2] Zesshi Nensan (Con 6, Pow 6, Int 4)

[2] Kunai
[4] Brewmaster's Projectile Belt
[6] Exploding Tags
[6] Soldier Pills
[1] Scrolls
[1] Bandages
Total: 20
Available: 0

The I.V. and your hospital bed... this was no accident. This was a therapeutic chain of events.

His mother is dead, at least, that's what the official press release says. The family paid good money to make that story stick, and if Kou has anything to say, it's that a dead mother is dead. There is no Lazarus. Concrete. Dead.

His father would never live with the shame of a wife who decided to trade pearls for swine. A wife of good standing and better breeding didn't abandon family to live on some obscure farm with a man with tanned arms and beefy biceps. So she was said to have an accident. Better believed dead than shame the family.

Funny that Kou loves hospitals, seeing as how his father has been in one for a while. The publicist called it a cleansing retreat. The tabloids called it rehab. Kou called it that Tuesday.

With a mom that ran off when he was seven, and a father who spent most his time drinking ("sampling!") the batches of liquor and wine, Kou had to grow up, and fast. Learning from the Vice-President Reiko, Kou became invested in the company, showing potential from the time he first entered the Academy. While he's not old enough to drink the premium liquor his family produces, he knows all about the product. Intense product knowledge, a lack of childhood, and a no-nonsense attitude made Kou the CEO-to-be he is today.

And for the past four years, being the unofficial CEO of the most expensive cognac brand in the known modern world meant he had plenty of money, enough to buy the designer clothes he thinks would shield most from the fact that fancy things won't make a happy family. So Kou has money, but spends it wisely, investing large amounts in the Kusa hospital and library. Education is the most important at Ichisuke Distillery and Brewery, Inc.

But when dad first checked into rehab nearly three years ago, Kou found himself in the hospital daily, visiting. The scent of disinfected flesh and ammonia swirled around him, enticing him with the promise of purpose in life. Brewing cognac was nice, but it left him feeling... blank. These doctors looked like they had true purpose.

And when Kou was unfortunate enough to be injured by scalding liquids on the job, he found himself right back in the arms of doctors as they worked to keep his nerve endings alive. Seared red like cooked lobster, his hands were horrific. If the doctors had gotten to him sooner, his hands might have recovered, but Kou was too proud, and hid his injuries.

In reality, he was screaming, but his father was fresh out of rehab and lying drunk on the floor.

Honestly, he was expected at eleven to graduate with honors from the Academy and be a helpful genin with a team and medical jutsu seemed to be the only thing he was remotely good at. Even the Kinokozaku-Fu he was studying only proved moderately helpful for the boy who lacked offensive capabilities. But he never expected to see battle. Even when the political atmosphere melted, with the crown changing heads more often than doctors saw patients, Kou found bandages were consistent, so he focused on two things: healing and cognac.

He worked to keep his father's company running smoothly, and used the remaining free time to work at the KSHD hospital. He still has yet to understand the political spectrum Grass is broiling in, or find any purpose in his work, or even find a consistent Grass genin team yet, but he remains hopeful.

If the Kage would only do something about the unrest...

Other Information:
Koushou speaks quickly, with practiced, affected vowels befitting a high-class family. It sounds mildly foreign, but unplaceable.

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