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Default [Mist Genin] - Matsume Hajime

Name: Matsume "Lancer" Hajime
Age: 12
Sex: Male
Height: 5'3

Character Type: Ninja

Country/Village: Mist Country
Rank: Genin
Division: ---

Physical Description: At the age of twelve Hajime has not had much time to grow into his looks. However, it is not hard to see that one day he will grow to be a handsome young man; provided that he survives his work long enough. Fresh from the Academy the young man is still rather baby faced, something that is sure to change has he grows more into his Shinobi lifestyle. Bright blue eyes look out from underneath a mop of brown hair. His hair never seems to want to sit straight or flat despite the best efforts of his mother. It has long since been discarded as a lost cause. Due to the young boy’s preference of lose clothing one might make the mistake of thinking him to be skinny and frail. A common enough mistake, but a mistake none the less. While he will never have the muscles of some of his physical oriented comrades Hajime's training with a spear has given him a lithe yet sturdy body.

Clothing: Hajime’s outfit is the same whether he is on the job so to speak, or just out on the streets. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt which is always tucked into a pair of equally black shinobi pants. The pants are held up by a belt which uses the plate from his headband as a buckle. Resting at his hip is his gourd full of water. Further on down the legs he wears a basic pair of black boots. Now despite how it looks, the young boy does have a bit of color to his wardrobe. On top of the black long-sleeved shirt Hajime wears his favorite coat. It’s just a simple coat, turquoise and water resistant. The only thing that sets it apart from other jackets would be the sealing tag that has been sewn into the back of the jacket where he keeps his spear sealed. The final thing the young boy wears would be a bright yellow scarf, just for those more chilly days.

Personality: A rather “Devil may care” type of person, Hajime has never really seemed to care about what sort of consequences his actions will bring. Rather than thinking ahead the boy seems preoccupied with living in the now, he finds it easier for him to deal with the things that are happening currently rather than the stuff that could happen. After all it’s no use worrying until it becomes a problem right? It’s obvious to those who know him that the boy suffers from a lack of foresight, a flaw that will no doubt come back to bite him in the ass one day. Rather jovial and friendly Hajime is eager to start making friendships now that he’s done with the Academy.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": You're all going to be my friends, just you wait and see!

Clan/Bloodline: ---

Primary Archetype: Daredevil
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can defy the laws of damage once during each thread.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Chakra
Stat Merit: +2 to Stamina, +1 to Willpower
Stat Flaw: -2 to Tactics, -1 to Intelligence
Description: A physically determined character, these fighter's have quite a good amount of stamina, and can take quite the beating from someone else. They are pretty much always frontliners and have more energy than most fighter's. Not quite as large in the defensive area as a human tank would be, but very useful otherwise.

Secondary Archetype: ---



Physical - Primary

Strength: 1 +2 = 3
Speed: 1 +6+[4] = 11 +10 (YnB) = 21
Stamina: 1 +2 +2+[4] = 9 +8 (YnB) = 17

Mental - Secondary

Intelligence: 1 -1 +2 = 2
Tactics: 1 -2 +3 = 2
Willpower: 1 +1 +3+[3] = 8

Chakra - Tertiary

Power: 1 +2 +[2] =5
Control: 1 +2 +[1] = 4
Reserves: 1 +2 +[1] = 4


Jutsus and Techniques:
Yomi no Buyou
[F1] Stage I
[T1] Stage II
Stage Requirements: Speed 8, Stamina 6, Willpower 6
Stage Bonus: +10 Speed, +8 Stamina

Global Ninjutsu
[F2]Kawarimi no Jutsu [Power 2, Tactics 2]
[F3]Henge no Jutsu [Control 3, Intelligence 2]
[F4]Kakuremino no Jutsu [Power 3, Willpower 2]

Mist Ninjutsu
[F6]Mizu Kagami no Jutsu [Control 3, Intelligence 2]
[F7]Uo Tsuba [Power 3, Willpower 2]

Spear [3] +Extending [2] +Recall [2] +Repair [1] = 8
Shinobi Kit = [0]

Item Points Remaining: 0


Biography: Matsume Hajime was not a young boy that came from a line of particularly well known Ninja. In fact, he didn’t come from a line of Ninja at all. No, his blood was the blood of fishermen. Spear fishermen to be more precise. For as long as the Matsume family could remember they lived on the smaller island of Kenjitou where they spent their lives fishing. Sure it was a simple life, but a life that they lived with content nonetheless. Hajime was different though. For as long as he could remember the young boy with bright blue eyes wanted to be something more than just a fisherman.

But what was it that the young boy wanted? Hajime had no idea, he was just a child, and it was not as if his family was poor. They made a decent living, so what could was it that the young boy wanted? The answer would not come to him for a few more years; in the meantime Hajime would busy himself with helping his family with the spear fishing. The experience he gained from helping his family would later help to serve for the basis of his spear fighting. After all, stick to what you know right?

It wasn’t until the boy turned seven that he realized what it was that he wanted. He wanted to be a fucking Ninja. After all everyone knew the legend of the Seven Swordsmen and the Leviathan. That’s what he wanted to be, only without the swords because how would he stand out? Everyone else used swords! So he stuck to his spear and begged his parents to send him to the Academy. It had taken a bit of sweet talking for his parents to agree to it, but until that point the boy had shown no drive in anything. What where they supposed to do? Keep him chained up at home? They couldn’t do that, no really. They couldn’t do it. The first time they told him ‘no’ they found Hajime trying to sneak out to run off and join the Academy. Stupid hardheaded boy.

And so they sent the boy off to chase his dream. Hajime was excited, this was it. At the end of the boat ride laid his future, he only needs to grasp it with both hands. The boy threw himself into his studies. Education had not been a priority when he lived on Kenjitou. He knew how to read but he was far behind his other peers that it was a little bit sad. Still, the boy wanted to be a Ninja, and if he had to read a few books to get there? Then so be it. Hajime threw himself into the books with a fervor that surprised even him. Even if he would never be the smartest, but at least he wasn’t the dumbest.

Time passed as it often does and soon enough, it may have taken a few years of hard studying, but Hajime had caught up to his peers in terms of academia but not without a few sacrifices. Thanks to those three years the young boy had managed to gain the vibe of being a lone wolf. While it may have given him the vibe of being a loner the boy himself wasn’t unapproachable. Friendly as could be, but he just didn’t have time for academy friendships. After the Academy he would promise himself, he’d go on a friend making spree, but for now he needed to make sure he was good enough to pass the final exam. After all getting to the Academy was only the first step it these years of study wouldn’t mean anything if he didn’t make it to Genin.

Then came the seagull conflict, and even a recluse like Hajime was able to feel the change in the atmosphere. The Teachers became a bit more grimfaced, there was less laughter and horsing around. Things were beginning to become very heavy in the village of mist. It showed on the faces of children whose parents had been sent off to fight, and even more so when they never came home. Times like these the boy was glad to have that loner vibe. After all what could he say to them? His parents weren’t Ninja; they were safe back at home. So the boy hid behind his books and his silence.

And then… It was over. The new Mizukage saw to that. She showed the ferocious might of the Hidden Mist Village, but in doing so brought more changes. The old test was coming back only without the fight to the death thankfully. So friends fought friends all for the chance to don the metal plate with the Kirigakure symbol etched onto it. Then the day came for the fight. Hajime faced down a student from his own class but he did not let that stop him. Spear in hand he charged his former peer who in return surged forth a sword in his hand. Soon it became a dance of blades and blood, but alas only one could win that day and it seemed that fate would decree Hajime the winner. For at the end of the battle the boy from Kenjitou stood tall.

Writing Example: N/A

Other Info:

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