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Default [Mist] Hyousetsu Echizen

Originally Posted by Mist Academy – Genin Exam Interview

Tell me about Hyousetsu Echizen. I understand the two of you are quite close.

Getsuei Gen’s eyes canvassed the man before him like a pair flickering flints. Suddenly, the focus of this interview wasn’t all on him and he realised that another shinobi career might also hang in the balance.

"You wanna hear 'bout Echizen, then?" Although his body had found an uncharacteristic stillness, the boy’s tongue flew over the words like a fork of lightning, which might have been a point of interest had it not been a natural quirk. His knack for being quick off the draw and getting straight to the point also applied to the physical realm. "Cool. I get you. He’s my best friend." Shoulders leaping in a small shrug, the academy student accepted that it was time to play ball with the guy giving him the eye. The least he could do was big up his little bro.

Excellent. The abrupt change in attitude from playful nonchalance to utter alertness was duly noted. The tenacity of a shinobi can often be measured against the strength of the bonds he or she makes, especially in the formative academy years. So you see, this also reflects well upon you. Now tell me, how would you describe your friend? And please, be as honest as you can.

[The Twilight Blacksmith]
Hyousetsu Echizen

[Silverfin Carp]
Height–4 feet, 11 inches
Country/VillageMizu no Kuni / Kirigakure no Sato
RankAdvanced Genin
Honorific–Number One Rookie of Class
Division– Engineering Department
Naval ShipThe Gallant Steam

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":
Courage is not the absence of fear,
but the awareness that something else is more important...
I mustn't run away!

Originally Posted by Mist Academy – Genin Exam Interview

Let us begin with the most basic of attributes – the physical.

"Okay, well, he’s kind of a dwarf. I mean, not in any debilitating way, but I’m short, ya know? And he’s gotta look up to me! Even so, I am a bit jealous of the guy. Don’t tell him that, though. He’s like a…like an ice cube. Yeah, ya know, compressed or...or like a coiled spring. Yeah! The kid’s half boxer half acrobat, like a ball of energy wired to pop. I’d say being able to naturally get under your opponent’s defences with a physique like that is more bonus than nonus, but then he is his dad's kid.

“Still, you gotta hand it to him, my little bro’s got mojo. Unlike the rest of those Hyousetsu lady-boys, you can tell Echizen’s gonna be a real man. Sure, he’s got, ya’know, kinda curly black hair with those awesome, like, crystal colour streaks in them, got the whole salt and pepper hair going on…ya’know, he wears it however. Sometimes you get the big poofy afro, sometimes you get the tamed mane topknot manbun thing going on— but he’s got a fighter’s jaw. Forget the baby-face.

"You guys wanna be focusing less on what he’s like now and more on how much dust he's gonna kick up outpacing the rest of us in the future. Just check the scars, man. You look into those eyes once, you see brown, but you look deeper and they’re purple. Man, you catch him walking down the street, you’ll see one Clean Cut Kid. Catch him in training though, check his hands, and it’s like someone waged a war over his knuckles. And he’s eleven, man. Eleven.

Ah. So do you believe he could compartmentalise his life as a shinobi as well as he does his appearance?


Remain a balanced individual, to separate the various aspects of his life but at the same time keep them in order.

"Well enough to do his job? Yeah, I know so. Everything about him is ordered around his life as a shinobi. Like a dresser with compartments, yeah? Hah. Word - wordplay. Dresser...yeah. He's also got something the rest of us seem to lack."

And that is?

"He's a lil' style killa; he even gave me some dope pointers. Don’t know how he knows this stuff, but no matter the trend, my bro seems to stay on point. People are always telling him that! Of course, he leans more towards the colour blue – Mist thing – but I’d say no matter what shade he’s rockin’, those kid-style baggy short pants cuffed above the ankle are kinda cool. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t wear ‘em myself, but then I’m not the one making my own ninja sandals to look like boots or gloves to look like padded mitts. In fact...he wraps his legs like a boxer binds his hands but then wears a short-sleeved button-up with a tie up top.

“...I don't even know what planet that came from. I mean, I can see it's kinda smart and all, but I think he might be trying too hard to assert his originality, and maybe - just 'cause I know him so well - over-compensating? Uh...wait...nah, what I mean, uhh...never mind.

"Then-he-wears-a long-sleeved, thin fabric baby-blue haori with a...white button down, a tie around his neck, his hitai-ate over the sash around his waist, a custom-made blue-



Would you mind backtracking to your previous comment? You mentioned a certain over-compensation. To what were you referring?


Honesty, remember?

"So he’s a little shy. He’s pretty soft-spoken. And he probably needs to believe in himself more. But he’s got a lot to live up to, ya know? We all know who his dad was. I know more about his than I do my own and that's a lot of pressure to handle. He says it’s like the weight of the world sometimes and I believe him. It doesn’t help being the youngest in the family, not to mention the only one who can possibly follow in the dude’s footsteps. Ya know he tries his best but…And his elders don’t make it any easier.

"The bro needs- nah, deserves to gives himself more credit. He's the Number One Rookie for good reason, right?

"He pushes himself so hard. And he's a good guy too; dependable, kind. Ya know, I mean...whaddya want me to say? …Fine, he’ll probably be a better man than me. Hah, but only just! And yeah, he’s still kind of emotional and naïve but then not everyone can be like the well-adjusted dude you see before you.

Would you class those two traits of his as liabilities in the field?

"Hell no – strengths. I can tell you that right now too because those are his words and again, I believe him. I mean, he can assess a situation like that, and because he’s got a good head on his shoulders and knows the line between right and wrong like the one between the front and back of his hand, the way he views every single person as an important piece of the whole makes him…exceptional. Yeah, I know, big word. I didn't know I had it in me either!"

Hmm, interesting. Well now, is there anything else you might like to add before we move on? As you are being so cooperative…

"Yeah, 'might as well. Hedgehog's Dilemma – there’s that."

I can't say I'm familiar with the condition.

"You mean you don’t know? Whew, and they call me the student! No worries, boss. Let me break it down for you. Let’s say it’s cold and a group of hedgehogs all want to band together and share their body heat. Well, all those sharp quills are gonna be painful so they’re forced to take a step away from each other. That’s Echizen. Ya know, there’s the intention of having a close, mutual relationship with most people around him but he’s afraid to put himself out there ‘cause he might get hurt."

And so the two of you work well because....?

"I'm an armadillo."
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Physical – Primary
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Jutsu/Techniques (4/6)
[Hyousetsu Bloodline]
Stage IV
II: Hyou no Yaiba (Ice Sword)
II: Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation)

[Kyuusoku Seiryuu Iaijutsu / Sleeping Blue Dragon Iaijutsu]
Stage IV
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II: Senpuu no Yadama (Projectile Whirlwind)
II: Futago Ryuu (Twin Dragon)
II: Senbon Ninpou: Kumo no Bakudan (Spider Bomb)
III: Ame no Yadama (Projectile Rain)
III: Outou no Bakudan (Cherry Bomb)
IV: Akaakato no Yadama (Flaming Projectiles)

[Hyouton | Ice Release]
I: Hyouton: Kioko no Nanda (Ice Element: Tears of Memory)
II: Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Element: Swallow Snow Storm)
III: Hyouton: Yuki Bunshin (Ice Element: Snow Clone)
III: Hyouton: Hitoshirezu Yari (Ice Element: Hidden Spear)
III: Hyouton: Yuki Tate (Ice Element: Snow Buckler)
III: Hyouton: Tsubetai Murasuzume (Freezing Flock)
IV: Hyouton: Ooi no Hakujou Kanchuu (Ice Element: Cruel Winter’s Mantle)
[0] Shinobi Kit
[1] Arm Guards
[2] Body Armor
[5] Seiryu Sakabato
[8] Hail Flower Blade Set: Dawn & Solstice

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used: 8
Remaining Weapon Points: 0


Originally Posted by Mist Academy – Genin Exam Interview

You know who your father is.

Y..yes sir…I do.

Good, then this part of the Exam should be easy. Who is your father?

M-my father…?


Hyousetsu Mitsuomi

The Dragon of the Azure Sky, my father: Hyousetsu Mitsuomi…he…he was a renowned practitioner of the Kyuusoku Seiryuu linage of Iaijutsu…whose skills flourished to the point that he became a vital member of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen of Mist Village…what else do you want me to say about father? All…all the stories I’ve heard sounds like bragging to me...about how powerful he was…the essence of his nickname…and how the swiftness, execution and strategic prowess of his sword was only second to the ‘Demon’ of the Legendary Swordsmen who mastered all seven blades…

And your father would be described as?

They…they say he was humble in his ways, but ruthless in his actions…a man who always smiled – e-even in battle – and both saw and thought about the welfare of Mist Village as a whole. Success…well…success was the ‘be all end all’ for him, even if gaining such accomplishments meant doing something drastic, or even extreme…To realize his purpose…to reach his goals, he’d do anything to complete the task…I mean…wasn’t it said that neither child or woman s-stood in his merciful graces if they blocked the path of his destination…?

Hm, you answered that question as if your father was a distant memory or rumor – why?

We…we both know he’s dead. He’s been dead even before I was born…Seiko Nanjiro...that was the name he went by when the Hyousetsu were in hiding for such a long time...I'd, it's fact that...father's real name and Hyousetsu link only came to light after his death...and s-since he was such an influential staple in the Hyousetsu Clan…I’ve learned about his relevance through bedtime stories, folklores and random facts often thrown my way…sir.

Speaking of the Hyousetsu Clan…


What is your living situation?

W-well, sir…I’m the baby of a large family. W-we live under one r-roof that’s about three stories high…My siblings and I—

Siblings? They aren’t shinobi, correct?

N-no, actually…I’m the only one who’s shown promise to be a shinobi…


Uh…My siblings and I have joint rooms on the first floor…the elders and grandparents occupy rooms on the second floor…but the third? Mother occupies the third…

Your mother?

Y-yes, sir.

...Fudo Yue...

Hyousetsu Yue

She married into the family, is what our data base and interviews have recalled. The daughter of a merchant who soon became a promising blacksmith, whose legacy was cut short after your father passed. It’s ashame, really, she held much promise in swordsmithing. Is that why you do so now? What is her situation?

Mother…? Well, yes, I guess that’s where I got my interest from—or that’s what the elder’s tell me….they say they can see her in me everytime I’m…um…busy tinkering, I guess, I would’t know…I haven’t witnessed her creating anything, ever. L-like father…it all sounds like bedtime stories the elders tell me…

Mother doesn’t really do much…she’s…she’s kind of just there, existing. Whenever she looks at me…there’s always this haze of sorrow detailing her eyes and movements…as if she’s always sad…as if she’s lost something instrumental in her life and can’t cope with that lost…the elders say she’s never been the same since father passed away…and I believe since I was born…and out of my siblings I look most like my father…that she’s often reminded of him and is hurt when I’m around…

B-but the elders, my brothers and sisters visit her and try to keep her company but… she sits on the third floor…alone most of the time, gazing out the window, barely one for extensive conversations…unhealthily surrounded by items that belonged to…father…and just exists.

To our knowledge it was your mother who enrolled you into the Academy of mist.

Wa-wait…really? I was told by the Hyousetsu heads that they were the ones who recommended—

For the sake of time, we cannot dwell too long on these things, little Hyousetsu, it’s time to move onto the second part of this interview.

O..oh. Okay…
Originally Posted by Mist Academy – Genin Exam Interview

The Academy of Mist Village

Little Hyousetsu?


I…I-I hated the Academy…

Break – Act I

Notes from your Chuunin Instructor say that you were bullied during your early years at the Mist Academy, correct? Is this the reason you harbor such distain for those years—?

Kids are the cruelest creatures…e-even at my young age I’ve come to realize this…I-I was the smallest child of my class – physically…and also the most reclusive…a-and I' to be a…y-you could say that I was an easy target. The most difficult part about the Academy was the bullying…it’s stressful. They knew who I was. They knew what Clan I was from. They knew who father was…and I guess that’s where the resentment and isolation initiated…

…I spent a lot of time alone…

Even at home I’m alone. Mother doesn’t speak to me. My siblings are older, and though we’re all civil with each other…I can always see that distant realm of bitterness reflecting in their eyes.

Why is that?

They aren’t shinobi, so I can only imagine how hard their lives must’ve been – seeing how they couldn’t even attempt to try to fill father’s shoes…and I guess, in a way, I sort of am…living vicariously through the whims of others’ hope.

Well as a prodigy—

Excuse me…? I believe I’m…far off from being a prodigy. I trained – extensively. As I said, I had a lot of time to myself…so often trained, listened to music, cooked, and because of the elders of my household I picked up the violin…though I’m…not very talented.

With the amount of time dedicated to training, what made the bullies such a factor in your Academic life?

I just...I just didn’t want to fight. I didn’t want to hurt anyone…!

Though they hurt you?

I…I never had the desire to hurt anyone; especially if we are from the same village…I know what I’m getting myself into with this career, but…


Allegory to the Cave…I never saw the faults in my ways until Aniki appeared…

Getsuei Gen?

Um…yes…s-sir, Aniki. .the first time I met him is when he beat up the kids who’d been bullying me for the longest time…I remember after he chased them off, what he said to me truly opened my eyes. I began to realize that I couldn’t always be so idle in the world…w-which is something I’m still working on…um, sir, b-but his actions were the gateway to our friendship…and I’m grateful for that. I remember that he cut me off when I was going to thank him for chasing away the bullies too…

What did he say?

—He told me to, “Quit being such a coward.”
Originally Posted by Mist Academy – Genin Exam Interview

We understand that you and the Getsuei boy are close, which is the reason we asked you to tell us about him earlier. We’ve also discovered that there is another person with relevant significance in your life, correct?


We’ve heard his name a couple times during the span of the interview. So, Echizen, tell us about that man.


Tell us about…

Break – Act II

Houtei Gunko


I…I remember the first time Aniki and I met Gunko-senpai…he and I had been hanging out for a good deal of time before we met’em…I mean…we were known for our frequent Parkour trips around Mist Village and…I guess one day it got so out of hand that we ended up accumulating a lot of property damage…a-and one of the damaged places was our Academy Teacher’s sister’s flower shop…so, as punishment and a way to teach us a lesson…our instructor assigned us with cleaning duties on one of the ships on the docks…

Go on.

Well…sir…There was this unassuming, quiet, up-tight straight edge guy standing on the deck while Aniki and I cleaned…and…being the ‘wild-child’ that he is, Aniki coaxed me into a tricking competition on the deck…I don’t remember who’d been winning the competition but…we were surprised when that quiet man joined in on what we’d been doing – of course beating us at our own game – but to see him cut loose and break out of shell was…


I never try to judge a book by its cover…but little did I know that that man – Gunko-senpai – would become such a pivotal ingredient in our lives…


Well…as mere academy students we weren’t permitted to go on any missions with’em…so…everything we developed was based on hanging out with him. Y-you could say that Gunko-senpai…Gunko-senpai helped patch the void in our lives…we’re a family of three brothers who’d been missing something…and found it with the bond we created…sir…h-he taught us a lot more on top of what the Mist Academy was teaching…and slowly, but surely…began joining Aniki and I on our Parkour trips around the city…

Gunko-senpai…our eldest brother…the source of advice and insight…. He’s our inspiration…I remember seeing him training…alone…He was so dedicated and passionate…just like I am when within such solitude…there was a goal he always had in mind, a destination that he’d be climbing to attain all his life…this…contagious drive to become a legend and surpass the success of his deceased elder brother…

I feel like that’s why I cherish Senpai so much…because we’re all striving for a greater goal…a plateau bigger than us…and…we’re caught with the pressure of someone else’s success weighing us down…but…


…We still decide to strive against the odds…
Originally Posted by Mist Academy – Genin Exam Interview

…When Gunko-senpai died…

I…I didn’t expect to cry as hard as I did…

When did he—?

—After the Seagul War…The Hyousetsu may have taken a backseat to the inner-civil conflict of Mist…but…the news was information no one could escape…it’s reality, I guess…Aniki and I never once went on a mission with Gunko-senpai…and I was always sad when he’d leave to do his job…but in a way…i-in a way it made us train even harder. I was scared when Senpai left to join the ranks on the field…and was so happy when he returned after the conflict…

But I guess the sisters’ of fate have a way with cutting their threads...It’s all a blur of spiraling memories to me…One minute Senpai left for war, came back and things were normal again. Next thing you know…

…he departs like usual on another mission with a smile and returns in a…


…Body Bag…

I remember at the funeral…I cried like a baby amongst a sea of a handful of dry eyed shinobi…but I couldn’t stop crying…I felt bad because Aniki didn’t cry…he never shed a single tear for Gunko-senpai although I know how much his death hurt him…he stood with dignity…and was strong…stronger than I was…and…I commend him for that, being that anchor for his little brother…

We were all present at Gunko’s funeral and knew, and even witnessed, how much he meant to you and Gen. I must note that after his passing, there’s a noteworthy change in your actions.

…Yes…um…s-sir…it fueled us to better ourselves…When Gunko-senpai was around…he’d always be training and taking up mission after mission, back to back, acquiring little hours of rest because of the goal he’d been reaching for…and to think that he died under the impression that he failed to become a legend was…is….


Earlier I said I was living vicariously through the whims of others’ hope... There’s this…overpowering, unspoken regret Aniki and I have in not seeing him achieve his goals in life so…after Senpai’s death, we swore an oath and took it upon ourselves to hold the dreams he hadn’t fulfilled on our shoulders… We intend to live right by the memories we have of him…and…become legends ourselves…

An interesting goal in life, you two have a long journey ahead of yourselves, Little Hyousetsu.

I…I know…but we’re determined. Gunko-senpai’s death was the first, out of the two times that I’ve cried over someone’s death…

Speaking of which, Echizen.


The protocol for all Academy Students of Mist Village is to undertake extensive examinations in order to see if they are fit to become Genin. One of the main trials of these exams –


—Is that potential Genin are pit against each other, testing their strengths to a board who evaluate their qualities. There’s been a statistic of as many as three to ten participants in these bouts being severely wounded.


The participating Genin do not kill each other, though the chance of it happening is high. It’s honestly hasn’t happened in the longest time, until—

...I didn’t mean to—

Now. Of your class of peers, you were the only student who killed their opponent, Little Hyousetsu. Congratulations—

I didn’t mean to kill him!


You were all there…! You…you all saw what happened

Yes, in the Genin Bout between you and Tanshin Iori, you won against overwhelming odds, the Tanshin repertoire of techniques combined with his skill of wire techniques were a flower waiting to bloom.

…he was defeated…we beat each other into river streams of blood…and when he collapsed, I…I wanted to help him up…but…b-but…

He pressured you to finish it – and you didn’t. It was a moment of hesitation that he took as a sign of weakness. And when you refused…

Iori…lashed out and…

You reacted at a dime’s notice; you have an astute aptitude for quick counter reaction for your age and rank – potential. We saw that as a display of your willingness and readiness to execute in order to fulfill a mission, Little Hyousetsu.


Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the interview, Little Hyousetsu, you can breathe now. Before you go...

… ???
Originally Posted by Genin Exam Interview

We have one last question for you.

… S-sir…?

You’ve mentioned twice that you’re living vicariously through the whims of others’ hope, so my finale question is this: why are you persistent in your ways? Why do you strive so passionately?

Why do I strive…? Because…it’s not only for the sake of Father…or Gunko-senpai or Aniki…but because the Hyousetsu has this…this tangible aura of fear in what they do nowadays. It’s like our past is a ghost always looming over our shoulders…it’s like no matter what we do, or how hard we strive, or how far we get…we’ll…well…w-we’ll still be fearful of a day of genocide…

History has a way of repeating itself, is what the elders say…Our motif is – never forgive; never forget…I…I-I don’t want my Clan to live in such fear anymore, so I’m striving to abolish such a state a mind…I mean…Although I feel that nothing should ever be forgotten. Forgiveness…

Forgiveness is for anybody.
Hyousetsu Echizen’s Handwritten Journal ("Forgive the sloppiness!")
It’s been over a month since Aniki and I were promoted to Genin status, and out of everyone in my class…somehow…I’ve been recognized as the number one rookie…it’s an honor, but like most titles there is a whole lot of pressure that comes with it. I can’t really complain –though I often do— but I must keep pressing forward. Aniki and I haven’t been inducted to a Genin squad just yet, so have been doing odd jobs around the village in order to keep up appearances.

But…the village, with its current events with Araiso Shuzamaru and…Maya-dono… it’s stifling…My biggest qualms come from the induction of the latest Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist…their presence here is daunting, not to mention the disrespect I feel harpooning the hearts of the other generations of swordsmen…


Gunko-senpai once wrote a haiku:

Legends are stories;
They are stories that ended.
I am no legend

Through the trial and tribulations this has become my fuel to prove those words wrong…I must keep treading through the granite arms of opposition to achieve my - Aniki and mine - our goal in life...

I mustn’t run away!

. . .
  • Other Information
    I: Alias— The Twilight Blacksmith, Silverfin Carp, Gadget Brat of the Gallant Steam
    II: Artisan—A term used to describe a person skilled in craftsmanship, Echizen is often found building or creating various items or tools, whether they are practical or the later. As a tinker(er), he delves into a rather eccentric creative process while satisfying his curiosity.
    III: The Twilight Blacksmith—A more focused skill set that branched from his Artisan lifestyle; Echizen is well versed in Blacksmith/Swordsmithing. The weapons or items he crafts are known for their remarkable beauty and quality, whereas his signature forging technique arrives in his inclusion of a rare martensite crystal material embedded in the framework. This creates a darker hue in each item – known as a pearlite matrix – that gives off the resemblance of stars in a dark sky.
    IV: Other perks include—seasoned Violinist and Piano player (though claims to be untalented), avid Parkour junkie, exceptional cook, and is also a collector of swords
    V: After the events of his Genin Exams that resulted in the death of Tanshin Iori, Echizen immediately wept alone (unknown to the masses)
    VI: Introduction/Physical/Clothing/Personality Descriptions written by Calibur
    VII: Design One original artwork commissioned by Tuuli Lukka
    VIII: Design Two original artwork by Tomi
  • Writer’s Note:
    *Various Influences include:
    [-] Simon of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
    [-] Shinji Ikari of Neon Genesis Evangelion
    [-] Crona of Soul Eater
    [-] Hyuuga Hinata of Naruto
    [-] Alphonse Elric of Full Metal Alchemist
    [-] Quatre Raberba Winner of Gundam Wing
    [-] Izuku Midoriya of My Hero Academia
    [-] Armin Arlert of Attack on Titan

Writing Sample:
Thread | Diplomacy
W-wait, that’s…” His quiet plea fell on def ears, for the two higher ranked shinobi all ready disappeared into the boat, leaving the little Hyousetsu boy with hand outstretched, “…t-that’s it?

But then the bright buzz of dialogue, the aroma of breath and sea breeze, and silent mannerisms whizzed right by him. Natural brown eyes glistened purple in the sunlight as they moved from Hanada, to Kiki, and then to Aya-chan in an attempt to keep up with what was happening. The crystal strands of Echizen’s hair bobbed as he stepped back – or more over retreated a step back – once the missing-tooth Leaf Genin’s eyes cut at him. His anxiety flared for a brief second, the boy’s eyes wandering about the scenery in an attempt to make no eye contact with anyone.

But that’s when he was called weird:

W-weird? I’m not…

…Tr-treat you to food? But we were just told—

…B-but in Kirigakure, good manners is—

We are polite…and he’s…he’s not leaking—

—W-wait! D-do you even know where you’re going?

Heavy breaths left Echizen after the foreign shinobi girl cut right by he and Hanada, to where he offered his classmate one of the most helpless gazes ever. Without so much of a second guess, the little Mist boy followed behind Kiki. His fingers strolled against the metal of one of the gauntlets latched to his belt, tapping against the material like a musician fretting notes on a string. This was a copping-mechanism for his nerves, where he’d often tap a melody against the nearest object to keep himself occupied (and not burst). Although Kiki wove through the crowd with no ounce of regard, Echizen could tell she didn’t care to wait for them. It reminded him of his headstrong classmate Fuki.

The Hyousetsu’s observant and nimble feet made it easy for him to trail behind the Leaf Genin. When he popped out of the throng of folks at the edge of the docks – after having accidently bumped into a few, paid for her apple and another item – and stood before her with a horrified look in his eyes.

W-what are you doing?” He pleaded, almost whined, “H-here, we don’t steal….t-they don’t steal in Konoha, right?

This was a genuine question, but he would let it slide, his Aniki was prone to the same antics. Regardless, he offered her a lemon acquired from before:

Lemons h-help better,” He breathed a curteous air, “For the sea-sickness.

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Pilot | Beginner's Luck
Intro: Tsubakiya Shijuso – Ibara no Michi (Acoustic)
Outro: Do As Infinity – Fukai Mori

—Okay: 3, 2, 1, Let’s Jam—

Season 1 | The Gallant Steam
Opening—Do As Infinity / Shinjutsu no Uta
Ending—Arai Akino / Hiru no Tsuki
  • Session #00 | Go For Broke
    Awards (AP/Staff): +3 Strength, +2 Intelligence, +3 Willpower, +3 Power, +3 Control, +3 Reserves, +3 Speed, +3 Tactics, +3 Stamina
    Stage III | Kyuusoku Seiryuu Iaijutsu
    Advanced Genin Award — [+12 Stat Points]: +3 Speed, +3 Stamina, +2 Power, +2 Control, +2 Reserves

    Session #01 | See You, Raise One; Ducks and Deuces
    Featuring: Sazanami Tako
    Awards: +1 Control, +1 Intelligence, +Forgot Stage II of Chou Jin Genkotsu

    Session #02 | See You, Raise One; Gallant Flush
    Featuring: Sazanami Tako
    Awards: ---

    Session #03 | Dirge of the War Wolf
    Featuring: Saitsuki Yori
    Awards: +1 Strength, +1 Speed, +(MotM) Hyouton: Kioko no Nanda / Ice Element: Tears of Memory, -Forgot Stage I of Chou Jin Genkotsu
    (The Deal): +1 Strength, +1(MotM) Speed

    Session #00 | Go For Broke, Pt 2: Mish-Mash Blues
    AP Limit Breaker:+6 Strength, +2 Speed, +1 Stamina, +5 Intelligence, +6 Tactics, +6 Willpower, +4 Power, +4 Control, +6 Reserves
    +2 Stage IV Hyousetsu List, +1 Stage IV Kyuusoku Seiryuu Iaijutsu,+Futago Ryuu, Ame no Yadama, +1 Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Element: Swallow Snow Storm), +1 Hyouton: Tsubetai Murasuzume (Ice Element: Freezing Flock) +1 Hyouton: Yuki Bunshin (Ice Element: Snow Clone), +1 Hyouton: Hitoshirezu Yari (Ice Element: Hidden Spear), +Hyouton: Ooi no Hakujou Kanchuu (Ice Element: Cruel Winter’s Mantle), +Senbon Ninpou: Kumo no Bakudan, Outou no Bakudan, +Kirioroshi – Seiryuu Batsu – Shiten Tsuki

    Session #04 | The Good, The Bad, and The Golden
    Featuring: Gushiken Ren, Hashimoto Daisuke & Aizawa Shipori
    Awards: +1 Intelligence, +1 Power, +Akaakato no Yadama (Flaming Projectiles),
    MOTY Awards: Hyouton: Yuki Tate (Ice Element: Snow Buckler)

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