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Registration Template

When registering a Taijutsu style, fill out the following form appropriately and place it into the Jutsu Registration section. For the base skeleton of the stat requirements needed and such, see this post in the "Creating Custom Jutsu and Seals" thread of the Handbook.

[U][B]Taijutsu template [/B][/U]

[B]Style Name: [/B]

[B]Style Description: [/B](describe what makes this style unique, what its focus is, how it works etc.)
Style History: [/B](optional)

[B]Style Basis: [/B](Choose Taijutsu, Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Also, add if this is a Weapon style or not. Finally, add if this is a Hybrid styleor not)

[B] Training Methods: [/B](Describe how training for this style is done) (this is optional)


[B] Stage One: [/B]
[B] Stat Requirements: [/B]
[B] Stage Bonuses: [/B]

(Describe the different aspects of your style here, such as flexibility and acrobatics)

[B] Regular Techniques: [/B](Any basic techniques go here, examples would be Konoha Senpuu)

[B] Name: [/B]
[B] Description: [/B]

[B] Special Techniques: [/B](Any techniques that allow the user to do things beyond what they'd typically be capable of with just the stage alone).

[B] Name:
Description: [/B]

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