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Full Lists


Ninjutsu and genjutsu lists follow a specific pattern to their stat requirements for each jutsu. These numbers can be used to reverse engineer the requirements of older lists that haven't used all their slots or have unmarked open slots.

Every list has its stat requirements weighted on priorities listed A through F. For a ninjutsu list, A, B, and C are the three chakra stats in any order with the other three stats being the mental block. A genjutsu list is just the opposite; mental A, B, C and chakra the rest. Thus, a ninjutsu list might have priorities like this:

A: Control
B: Power
C: Reserves
D: Tactics
E: Intelligence
F: Willpower

Using this list, the stats would be substituted in to the requirement chart to determine the stats for each individual jutsu. For example the first jutsu in stage one would have the requirements of 2 Control and 2 Intelligence (based on the stats I chose above) and the next would be 3 Power and 2 Tactics. Keep in mind that while stages are stacked in magnitude, many lists also increase in power within a stage. Thus, the first jutsu in a stage might be slightly weaker than the last.

Academy Jutsu: Stage 1
First Jutsu: A=2, E=2
Second Jutsu: B=3, D=2
Third Jutsu: A=3, F=2
Fourth Jutsu: D=3, C=3
Open Slot: A=4, B=4
Open Slot: D=4, E=4

Genin Jutsu: Stage 2
First Jutsu: A=5, B=4, C=4
Second Jutsu: D=5, E=4, F=4
Third Jutsu: A=6, B=6, D=4
Fourth Jutsu: D=6, E=5, B=5
Open Slot: A=7, B= 7, D=6
Open Slot: D=7, E=7, B=6

Advanced Genin Jutsu: Stage 3
First Jutsu: A=8, B=8, C=6
Second Jutsu: D=8, E=6, F=8
Third Jutsu: A=9, B=9, D=7
Fourth Jutsu: D=9, E=9, B=7
Open Slot: A=10, B=10, F=8
Open Slot: D=10, E=10, C=8

Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 4
First Jutsu: A=12, B=11, C=10, D=12
Second Jutsu: D=12, E=11, F=10, A=12
Third Jutsu: A=14, B=13, C=11, E=10
Fourth Jutsu: D=14, E=13, F=11, B=10
Open Slot: A=15, B=15, C=13, D=14
Open Slot: D=15, E=15, F=13, A=14

Advanced Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 5
First Jutsu: A=17, B=16, C=16, D=15
Second Jutsu: D=17, E=16, F=16, A=15
Third Jutsu: A=18, B=17, C=17, E=14
Fourth Jutsu: D=18, E=17, F=17, B=14
Open Slot: A=19, B=19, C=18, D=16
Open Slot: D=19, E=19, F=18, A=16

Jounin Jutsu: Stage 6
First Jutsu: A=21, B=20, C=19, D=17, E=15
Second Jutsu: D=21, E=20, F=19, A=17, B=15
Third Jutsu: A=23, B=23, C=22, E=16, F=15
Fourth Jutsu: D=23, E=23, F=22, B=16, C=15
Open Slot: A=26, B=25, C=24, D=19, E=17
Open Slot: D=26, E=25, F=24, A=19, B=17

Advanced Jounin: Stage 7
First Jutsu: A=30, B=27, C=26, D=22, E=20
Second Jutsu: D=30, E=27, F=26, A=22, B=20
Third Jutsu: A=32, B=30, C=28, D= 24, E=22
Fourth Jutsu: D=32, E=30, F=28, A=24, B=22
Open Slot: A=35, B=33, C=31, D=26, F=18
Open Slot: D=35, E=33, F=31, A=26, C=18

Taijutsu also follows a pattern to its requirements, but the exact numbers for each stat are more variable. In addition, a taijutsu only has five stat priorities given by the letters A through E. The vast majority of taijutsu use the three physical stats for A, B, and C with either two mental or two chakra stats for D and E. Any taijutsu not using physical as A, B, C is subject to additional rules as given in the Taijutsu Handbook. Using the chart below, consider a taijutsu with the following priorities:

A. Stamina
B. Strength
C. Speed
D. Intelligence
E. Tactics

With that, as long as the list stats add up to a given value, the taijutsu is fine (but requirements in a single stat should never decrease as stages increase). At stage five, the example could have Stamina 21, Strength 19, Speed 16, and Intelligence 16 as its requirements.

Additionally, the chart lists the stat requirements of special techniques in a Hybrid Taijutsu, the nature of which is also discussed in the Taijutsu Handbook. Non-Hybrid Taijutsu should ignore all requirements in parantheses.

Stage 1*
A, B: 8 points distributed between these two stats*
(Specials: D=2, E-2)

Stage 2*
A, B: 14 points distributed between these two stats*
D: 6 points*
(Specials: D=4, E=4)

Stage 3*
A, B: 20 points distributed between these two stats*
D: 8 points*
(Specials: D=7, E=7, F=6)

Stage 4*
A, B, C: 43 points distributed between these three stats*
D: 14 points*
(Specials: D=10, E=10, F=8)

Stage 5*
A, B, C: 56 points distributed between these three stats*
D: 16 points*
(Specials: D=15, E=15, F=13)

Stage 6*
A, B, C: 75 points distributed between these three stats*
D, E: 36 points distributed between these two stats*
(Specials: D=19, E=19, F=18)

Stage 7*
A, B, C: 99 points distributed between these three stats*
D, E: 44 points distributed between these two stats
(Specials: D=26, E=25, F=24)

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