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Default Nara Tsumetai [Leaf Chuunin]

Musical Score: Bonobo - Stay the Same (feat. Andreya Triana)

With the clouds as my pillow…

...I’ll decipher the future…"

Nara Tsumetai
Phantom Tortoise of the North

Real Name Nara Shikashou
Age: Sixteen
Sex: Male
Height: 170 cm / 5'7"
Country/Village: Hi no Kuni - Konohagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: Hada
Clan/Bloodline: Nara Clan

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":
"He who knows, and knows that he knows, yet conveys he knows not that he knows: is asleep - leave him alone."

Physical/Clothing Description:

"Told ya he was a Daredevil."
-Nara Moritsune

He’s always dressed to impress, even in his pajamas.

The most distinct quality of a man lies in the clothing he wears, or that’s what Tsumetai thinks. He likes to keep his exterior look well put together, bolstering the mantra of keeping it classy despite the hour of the day. With this in mind, he is often found sporting a plethora of self custom designed leisure suits, button ups with the sleeves rolled up, loosely worn sashes/obi belts, vests and cardigans. His feet are always clad in some make-shift design of inbred sandal boots that adds completeness to his person. Tsumetai tops any set up of clothing worn with a large, opened haori jacket with thin, adjustable long cords connected at its collar, which holds various secret pockets lining the inside of the fabric.

The color scheme defining his attire are different shades of purple and blacks, with various accessories locked onto his wrists, he tries to allow every article of clothing to give off a stealthy, espionage look of a warrior in the shadows. Rarely is he seen wearing clothing that doesn’t cover up most of his skin, for there are scars acquired from countless experiences in training and battle muralling his figure like a portrait of tattoos. Speaking of tattoos, Tsumetai has acquired two distinct ones: two tribal styled inscriptions that run down either side of his arms, chest and legs, which were placed on him by his mother who contracted him with the Minor Summoning Houses. His physicality exudes the aura of one well-versed in the ways of hard work, or moreso inclined to the demands that Taijutsu orders. The sleek build of aerodynamic and toned muscles lay beneath light honey kissed skin, which distribution is evident through his core being proportionate with both his arms and legs. But the most defining quality that captures an onlooker’s gaze is his eyes

Though bags underline them, giving Tsumetai a weathered look abet always curled into two mischievous cat-like slits, they hold a cool confidence that radiate a mixture of blue and green hue that emanate from the whirlpools of his fierce vision. His unhindered gaze is always analyzing while simultaneously evaluating the events transpiring before them, though they hold a tranquil, observant quality to them associated with a person constantly daydreaming. With a strong chin and brows knitted with determination, his handsome and gruff look – punctuated by the unkempt grayish chocolate brown hair tied into an afro-puff ponytail (his hair is naturally nappy/curly) – accentuates his decisive bravado through the aspects of the little stubby at his jaw line.

Regardless, Nara Tsumetai carries himself with the suave looks of a lady’s man: who could blame him?

An observer, a thinking man brave enough to dictate the acute thoughts his peers ignore.
Epic (ep-ic)
Definition: Nara Tsumetai
  • Adjective - Noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero (Nara Tsumetai), in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style
  • Adjective - Heroic, majestic; impressively great
  • Noun - Something worthy to form the subject of an epic: The handsomeness of Tsumetai is epic.

The [re]definition of epic, the calm surface that envelopes the rapids with a gentle caress, at an exterior level, Tsumetai’s persona is manifested through a jovial confidence laced by an overtone of eccentric dynamic actions. He comes off as an odd fellow, easily recognizable through his demeanor that is an acquired taste of lazy and nonchalance, his overly friendly and very kind attitude is magnified by his noteworthy smile. He’s prone to teasing and melodramatic descriptions that stretch a situation beyond the limits of truth, often exaggerating playful characteristics of himself in order to make people feel unthreatened by his presence through the smooth undertone of slickness his passionate aura commands. He’s always surrounded by a light-hearted atmosphere and keeps an amicable temperance, with a gift of placatory eloquence and veiled misdirection that suggests a deep wisdom belied by his youthful, unassuming visage.

A daydreamer who spends his time watching clouds or counting stars, in social setting this Nara can be quite talkative. With a reputation of indulging in lecherous acts, he’s a womanizing pervert who cracks innuendo riddled jokes while utilizing both his good looks and charm as a catalyst to woo various women while cavorting about Konohagakure during his downtime. His redeeming qualities stem from a rather refined past, which has molded his psyche into the person he is now. Resilient, stubborn, independent with an outlook to never settle for anything less while shooting past the stars, Tsumetai always attempts to have an optimistic view on the world - no matter how shitty it maybe.

But beside his blasé characteristics, he often maintains an odd air of astuteness that makes one believe that he is much more complicated a person than he lets on – which is true. Though his bubbly, carefree traits have a place in his personality, much of his feigned clumsiness and outward persona can be considered an intentional façade crafted to cause those unfamiliar with him to underestimate his remarkable intelligence and ability.

Like the lore of his heritage dictates, Nara Tsumetai is one of the smoothest tacticians ever.

He’s a cunning expert manipulator of words, who is prone to think several steps ahead of those around him, which gives him the remarkable talent of accurately deciphering a person through the littlest aspects of their appearance and personality. This is garnered from his constant observations and analyzation placed with an unbias logical scope derived from the validity of reason: both Inductive and Deductive. A thoroughly provocative boy of insight who is critical over the world around him, his mother was described as a woman who lived life as if she were all ready dead, a quality that translated to her son. Based on philosophies illustrated from Bushido and Hagakure – noting oneself as being dead and the idea of death as an awakening from a dream – Tsumetai often feels as if he were awake while sleeping and dreaming while awake, which indicates that he isn’t fully aware of being alive. This adds a layer to his adventurous side, where his often reckless risk-taking demeanor is just him reassuring himself that he’s still alive, which reflects the ideal of since he’s all ready died once, what’s the worst that can happen to him?

The strength of Nara Tsumetai doesn’t simply stem from his seemingly inherited intellect, but his readiness and will to act upon it at any time – especially while at the forefront of battle. A humorous-mellow-perverted-light-hearted-wild-child searching for paradise, Nara Tsumetai cannot truly be described through contemporary means. To fully understand how he worked, one would simply have to interact with the Trickster Nara first hand.

He’d welcome the company with a gracious smile anyway.
Cavalier x Nara Clan Archetype
(Cavalier Special – When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can pierce through a ninjutsu defense one stage above the ninjutsu attack used by the Cavalier once a thread)
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
*Stat Merit: +2 Speed, +1 Power, +2 Intelligence, +1 Power
*Stat Flaw: -2 Intelligence, -1 Reserves, -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Speed

Physical – Primary - 30
-Strength: 1 – 1[N] + 10 + (3AP) = 13 [+12 Kadou-ken] = 25
-Speed: 1 + 2[C] – 1[N] + 10 + (+2AP) + (3 Thread Points)= 17 [+15 Kadou-ken] = 32
-Stamina: 1 - 1[N] + 10 (+3AP) = 13

Chakra – Secondary - 27
-Power: 1 + 1[C] + 1[N] + 9 = 12
-Control: 1 + 9 + (3AP) = 13
-Reserves: 1 – 1[C] + 9 + (1AP) = 10

Mental – Tertiary - 24
-Intelligence: 1 – 2[C] + 2[N] + 10 + (1AP) = 12
-Tactics: 1 + 7 + (1AP) = 9
-Willpower: 1 + 7 + (1AP) = 9

[Global Ninjutsu List]
I: Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)

[Kadou-ken (Vortex Fist)]
Stage III
Accumulated Stat Bonuses:
+15 Speed, +12 Strength
\\Special Techniques//

[Seido Kobushi (Precision Fist)]
Stage III
Accumulated Stat Bonuses:
+9 Strength
\\Special Techniques//

[Nara Clan Ninjutsu]
I: Kage Mane (Shadow Bind)
I: Kage Genko (Shadow Fist)
II: Kage Yuuksai (Shadow Fusion)
II: Kage Tansetsu (Shadow Forge)
III:Kage Ori (Shadow Weave)
III: Kage Kichou (Shadow Screen)
IV: Kage Kubi Shibari (Shadow Neck Bind)

[Minor House Summoning Ninjutsu]
I: Earth: Close Combat
II: Earth: Far-Reaching Power
III: Wings: Aerial Bombardment
III: Swarms: Natural Armor
[0] Shinobi Kit

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used: 0
Remaining Weapon Points: 8


“Things remembered when one is asleep...
Things forgotten when one is awake...
Where the deepest layers of memories
become the outmost layers of one's dreams...

Which are reality?
Which are illusions?
One cannot tell until one awakes...

Or perhaps they are,
at the same time,
both Truth and Fiction...”

"Have you ever witnessed...
...a battle ready Nara?"

At age thirteen, Sanada Sanshiro-kun was promoted to Chuunin-hood after punchin' the livin' shit outta big bro Shikaro - which I still laugh about till this day. He was promoted as well, abet bitter at the fact dat he was second to The Fist. A year later, once I hit thirteen, I was promoted after doin' what Shikaro - or even little Hitomi - couldn't: I won the Chuunin Exams. I even scared some of my adversaries for life due to the tenacity of my drive. But credit is due to the one who taught me everythang I know. She was the foundation of my family – the motivation for the family. The only reason I am who I am today. The piled up pebbles built to create a castle, or the thread woven to complete a sweater. Mother – ahh, I mean moms…uh. No –

Nara Moritsune

—She was my father, my mentor and a hellva shinobi, but she always had that soft spot that moms’ always got. Ya’know dat old Nara myth bout the woman bein' the pants of the family? Well, if the pants represented the strength Nara woman got in the Clan, then she’d be the designer. Her composure was unfathomable, every little detail of her exuded the confidence of the meaning behind the word ‘Kunoichi’ – Nine Talents imbedded in One Person. Many in the clan regarded’er as an unorthodox Nara, I mean, what type of Nara religiously studies Taijutsu as their primary focus? It’s rare. They called her The Black Tortoise, the raw embodiment of strength due to her prowess. Who could blame her? She had to be strong. Not only for herself, but for the people she lived for…

Konohagakure, friends…


It’s a vital part of her life – family. Especially cuz I was the only component ‘part of it. As an only child, ya tend to notice the things that other kids got, but you don’t. For example: my pops. He served as a distant vague memory hangin’ on the furthest shelf of the furthest cabinet within the library of my thoughts, ya’know? Only thang connectin’ us is this multi-secret-pocket-compartment-toutin’ Hakama my mother gave me the night I graduated from the Konohagakure Ninja Academy. She never intuitively mentions pops, but often stumbles onto the subject in the strangest ways. Thing is, these short instances bout’em ain’t vivid enough for me to collect n’ formulate into a concrete puzzle: rather, they are like…hm. Torn snap shots of an image glued together in an obscured paper-mache jigsaw puzzle. One thing that always stuck was the fact that she’d always mention how I reminded her of’em, through my poise, like the hues of my gaze was always dreamin’, lookin’ at the world like everythang was an illusion. That’s how she lived too, like she’d died a long time ago, but found an air of life when addressin’ me.


But Moms never indulged in the fantasy of holdin’ a lastin’ conversation bout’em, cuz most of her focus – from what she told me anyway – was on the only son she bared for’em.

Me, Nara Shikashou

Growin’ up under mother’s tutelage was gruesome to say the least. The Clan members often asked how I even survived, knowing how she carried herself ‘round Konoha. My younger days were spent loungin’ bout the house in a man-made lazy boy on the rooftop of our home – yes, I embrace the Nara’s stereotypical laziness without shame. But that lazy boy on top of the house, it was so high up because I loved to watch the clouds roll by, or stars pepper the night sky. But mother? Hah, being the quirky, initiative woman she was, always found a way to throw me into some type of physical activity.

As part of the Nara Clan—!

—She’d always begin with a swelled chest, grinning madly as her sleek, slender index finger swooped around my brow like a majestic wand:

You’ll become a shinobi. As a Shinobi, you’ll excel into great heights. Even if I gotta be the one throwin’ you in the sky, or beatin’ your lazy ass until you moved: I’ll be the fuel that burns your laziness into cinders.

…Scary, right?

But it is what it is. Predestined to become a Konoha Shinobi, I was enrolled into the Academy and endured a lot. Check-me-out-real-quick, I’m talkin’ school assignments and private lessons from Moms, who was steady teachin’ me Kadou-ken, Seido Kobushi alongside Nara Clan secrets. She even went as far as signing Minor House summoning contracts for me. That’s another thing that gave Moms her edge, her inherent ability to punch you in the face while being noted as a Summoner. I spent most of the years sleepin’ in class because of exhaustion, but I’d overexert myself, scoring high in class and balancing both ethers of home and school. My experience? Nothing really noteworthy, just protocol. Well, scratch that. Though I grew up with a colorful assortment of folks in my class, there’s a kid who became my closest comrade—

Akimichi Inshi

Our friendship was reminiscent of Akimichi and Nara folklore of brotherhood. I member meetin’ this kid even before I came to the academy, little bro Inshi. My Moms and his moms were partners in crime, an epic duo, so whenever I was actually permitted to be a kid, he and I would always hang out. So when I saw him at the Academy, we stuck together, like always. I said it before, as an only child ya tend to notice the things that other kids got, but you don’t. Inshi filled the brotherly void in my world, that component in life that I could lean on. I mean, Moms was there for me, but children like to connect to children their age, ya’know? Cultivates their future n’such. As if walkin’ in the footsteps of our mothers, we became a known duo in the Konohagakure Academy, right under them TKO ladies n’ NSF – did they ever find anyone to fill in the N?


Remember how I said my experience in the Academy was nothing worth notin’? I lied. Just as Nara Shikaro loomed in the shadow of Sanada Sanshiro, I loomed in the shadow of Shikaro, since he was older n’ all. The difference between our situation is that I didn’t really care much about it. I had to focus. I found comfort in seeing someone like Sanshiro excel through the academy, it was weird, you could peg’em as one of my first male inspirations as a kid. I always tended to hang around the elder crowd, observing and learning, even had my heart broken by Inuzuka Orika more than once (Inshi deduced that this would happen, on many occasions, several times. Touche) and executed panty raids at Ama’s place – ya’know, the usual. But even through what Moms called ‘distractions’, I graduated at the top of my class, which was a testament to the amount of work I put in. The experience was fun…

…but check-me-out-real-quick:

I graduated at age eleven, right? Right. Youngin’. Gave me two years n’ some change to be a Genin with Akimichi Inshi in my Genin team, ya’dig? Dig. At the age of thirteen, Sanada Sanshiro-kun was promoted to Chuunin-hood after punchin’ the livin’ shit outta big bro Shikaro – which I still crack up about till this day. He was promoted as well, abet salty dat he was second to The Fist. A year later, once I hit thirteen, two years after I became a Genin, I entered the Exams.

Remember when I said I won the Chuunin Exams? I lied. I should’ve won though. Like Shikaro, I was axed during the final round, but not because I Kage Mane and almost Kage Kubi Shibari’ed my opponent. I two-move checkmated’em and quit….aight, that’s a lie. It was an intense battle, like fighting the evil intellectual counterpart of myself or somethin’. I had to summon a flying squirrel that showered the field in kunai and utilized the shadow of the descending arsenal to weave’em into the Kage Mane. Truth is I did quit after catchin’em in it. It made me feel cool, but in reality I had no more chakra or stamina to continue on…hahaha…

I blatantly wasn’t promoted because of my antics, and got the shit kicked outta me by my Moms because of it.

This further brought down the reign of fire lead by her. Through the following years, besides kickin’ it with my teammates, she further took me under her wing. I nonchalantly stayed a Genin under my Moms’ tutelage, where days were spent rigorously obtaining mission after mission tasked to emphasize my ‘leadership’ skills and general abilities as a shinobi. On the eve of my fourteenth birthday, a year behind The Fist turning into a Chuunin, I was promoted after days upon days of grunt-work. And, months after my promotion, Leaf Village went to war with Snow. That’s when a whole lot changed…

...Have You Ever Witnessed a Battle Ready Nara...?

“…Don’t depend too much on anyone in this life.
Even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness…”

…Moms died during the war. The Hokage went missing. The ANBU left then returned. That weird hybrid shit went down – where I punched a lot of shit. The new reconstruction of divisions. Didn’t expect me to pay attention to what’s goin’ down in the village, didya? Konohagakure is bein’ rebuilt, re-conceptualized and structured for a better future. I did my part, despite bein’ eclipsed in worry n’ uncertainty. I. Did. My. Part… but on the upside of things dat devil-child Hitomi finally got promoted to Chuunin after working her ass off! Ya’know, always some type of technicality with us Nara that happens n’ hinders our progression, I think hers was paperwork or somethin’? She’s thirteen now, just like everyone else when they got bumped up a rank. Guess I just missed the thirteen mark or somethin’. Ya’know, in some countries thirteen is a bad number? I’m more of a seven ate nine type of guy anyway – wait, what?

…My mom’s death…?

Yeah…she died during the war in Snow. Actually, Inshi was there when she was killed. Actually, I owe Inshi my life, he’s the one who carried both our bodies in that snow, despite the trail of blood that lingered with each of his footsteps impression’ed in all that white. We’d been ambushed by a crew of Snow shinobi. We were outnumbered, but through our efforts dwindled their numbers. Thing is, I was young and not as experienced as I thought I was. One shinobi who masked his chakra manifested from the snow, literally, and attacked swift from my blind spot when…

…Moritsune died protectin’ me, like a human shield, protectin’ me in that wasteland of frozen abandoned ambition. But the ninjutsu was so grandiose I was still pierced and scorched by its frostbite-like design, which is why I got this gash in my chest. I still remember the bittersweet cold of the air. That jasmine scent mom always had, as well as the blood. I can never forget the blood, or the tears. She was cryin’ while enveloped ‘round me. Her eyes, those blue eyes, that’s the first time I’ve seen her look at me like that. She lit up like she’d finally been woken up from a dream, as if realizing she’d been alive this whole time. She smiled and whispered her last words on dyin’ breath, tellin’ me, “Don’t depend too much on anyone in this life. Even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness.

Wakin’ up in a hospital is a motherfucker. Wakin’ up knowing you should’ve died but survived is bad. Wakin’ up to your closest friend tellin’ you that your mom’s dead is even worse. And knowing that your closest friend carried both your bodies through the snow tundra, alone, to safety crumbles your heart even more. I didn’t cry. Ask Inshi, he’ll tell you. I didn’t shed a single tear for her. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t indulge in the reality that she was gone and get depressed over it. She wouldn’t have wanted me to. She’d want me to strive on. Go ‘head n’ ask Inshi. I didn’t cry for mom.


Because she was strong. Yup. Strong. She had to be strong. Not only for herself, but for the people she lived for. Therefore, I wanted to be strong, through my tears, I had to be strong for her memory and the people I lived for, ya'know?




…Yeah…for family.

Other Info:

- He’s rarely referred to as Shikashou. To be honest, only a select few people outside of the Nara Clan know his real name. Tsumetai is the moniker his mother always referred to him as, which stuck with him ever since he was a child. Unknown to him, though, is the fact that it’s a moniker his father wore.

Phantom Tortoise
– A nickname he’s carried ever since his birth. Nara Moritsune was known as the Black Tortoise, therefore her son – a current shadow to her legacy – picked up the Phantom Tortoise title. That and she just liked turtles.

Tsumetai’s Eyes:
-The eyes of a daydreamer, people often associate his gaze with an eerie, hazy type feeling when looking into them. It's as if he were stuck in an endless daydreaming cycle, akin to a person staring into the distance like a dreamer. Always.

Medical Report
-There's a medical document stashed beneath the official records of Nara Tsumetai with content discussing the views, opinions and insight on Tsumetai and the way he carries himself (a cheerful, detached dreamer). The report includes passages regarding his hospitalization after the incident in Snow village. Though he miraculously survived - being left with an inhuman gash in his chest - the article speculates on signs of mental trauma traced to powerful genjutsu. Though Tsumetai has proven to still be a capable shinobi, it brings light to the way he speaks about seeing things 'as a dream', or the notion of him having 'died once before"
  • Writer’s Note:
    *Various Influences include:
    [-]Takayanagi Masataka of Tenjou Tenge
    [-]Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop
    [-]Sherlock Holmes of…Sherlock Holmes
    [-]Nara Shikamaru of Naruto
    [-]Raven/Claus F. Lester/Zelos Wilder of Tales of Vesperia/Phantasia/Symphonia
    [-]Xelloss of Slayers NEXT/TRY
    [-]Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin
    [-]Yasha of Asura's Wrath
    [-]Miroku of Inu-Yasha
    [-]Roy Mustang/Ling Yao of Full Metal Alchemist
    [-]Jin Saotome of Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness/Marvel Vs. Capcom series
    [-]Urahara Kisuke of Bleach

Book One | Shadow of the North
Opening—Bonobo - Emkay
Ending—Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong
+2 AP Speed, +2 AP Control, +1 AP Tactics, +1 AP Willpower, +1 AP Reserves, +1 AP Intellgience, +3 AP Minor House Summoning Ninjutsu

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