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I used those two AP (not on Suzaku, omg) and I went to zero.

But then I got 1 GMAP from Res for some thread posting. And then I just got two more for some NPCing, leaving me with a total of 3 (GM)AP.

[11-7-2008] I'm pretty sure he didn't get it just now, but I was just alerted of 2 GMAP for being in the Chuunin Exams. So I'm claiming.

[11-12-2008] Since I registered Hisana before October 28th (whenever Meno said that Chuunin created weren't entitled to GMAP) I claim the single GMAP from the event to use in the future.

[11-21-2008] Updated total AP. Used Rain/Sand GMAP.

[1-03-2009] I received 2 GMAP for Akino and then used them immediately.
1 GMAP (Mist - Hisana)
[2-18-2009] Used Hisana's GMAP, leaving my AP bank empty. Yay. :[

[3-10-2009] Merdle gave me 1 Grass GMAP.

[3-13-2009] 3 AP because MY USERNAME IS BLUE!

[3-18-2009] Using 3 AP all on “Itaku Chizuru”, leaving me with a single Grass GMAP.

[4-6-2009] 1 Grass GMAP remaining, and a single AP for Bijuu/Jinchuu April Fools.

[5-30-2009] Grass GMAP and Bijuu/Jinchuu AP both spent on Ariwara Kari.

[3-11-10] 3 AP from Engiversary.

[3-28-2010] 2 Sound GMAP and an AP gained for making a Kitaeru/spent on him as well.

[4-12-2010] 1 Cloud GMAP gained because Cloud needs you. Put it on Hisagi's Stamina.

[4-13-2010] 1 Stone GMAP from Jami. [link]

[5-30-2010] 1 AP towards creation of Kakkyou Reika. 2 AP Total Remaining

[6-27-2010] Riz gave me an AP in a thread rating. Brings me back up to 3.

[6-8-2012] Gave Kana 1 AP for his bday, brings me back down to 2.

[4-14-2013] Claiming 2 AP from Engiversary [link]. 4 total.

[3-27-2014] Spend 4 AP on Arashi of the Sand. Claimed 5 AP at the Tenth Engiversary. 6 AP total remaining.

[8-10-2019] Spent another 4 AP on Arashi, totaling 8. 2 AP remaining, 1 Reg and 1 Stone

[8-14-2019] Claiming 8 AP from Engiversary. Back to 10 AP.

Regular Points: 9
GameMaster Points: 1 (Stone)
Total: 2

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