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Name: Tensoku Hige
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 5’7

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Fire Country/Hidden Village of Leaf
Rank: Jounin
Division: ANBU: Ookami (Wolf Division)

Physical Description & Clothing: Hige is definitely not the tallest guy you would see around nor is he the most muscular and powerful. Actually, it is much the opposite. Short and skinny, he certainly isn’t cut out to be a taijutsu user who uses sheer destructive force. In fact, some say his physiognomy doesn’t even allow him to be a taijutsu user simply because his almost anorexic body frame would never realistically resist repeated blows. And although this fact has yet to be confirmed, many would be inclined to agree with it since Hige generally shuns close combat. Still, he always claims that he refuses taijutsu contests only because, according to him, they are ‘too troublesome’ and ‘too messy’.

Messy… It would ironically be the best word to describe his hair. His medium length black locks are always disheveled, once again because he deems that combing them is utterly useless and unnecessary. “Why would I lose time doing that when no one sees them? Besides no one cares, and neither do I.” Instead, he just adjusts his haircut from time to time with his hands, approximately leveling it to make it more presentable. A common habit of his is to allow some of the longer locks to fall over his eyes and conceal them. “It’s to hide them,” he says. “The eyes of someone can tell a lot about him and I don’t want people to know about me. Haha.”

This said, there is nothing special about his chestnut brown pupils at first sight. And yet, taking a good look at them would allow someone to learn quite a few things about him. First, there’s always that lazy, indifferent expression they convey, showing his apparent disinterest in this world surrounding him. At the same time, looking deeper into these eyes would allow someone to see his kind nature, his sincerity and maybe a little melancholy.

On normal occasions, Hige prefers wearing clothes which better suit his relaxed and laid back personality. Although the garments he wears change according to his whims, his general dress code is always practically the same: large, baggy canvas jeans, light boots, unfashionable yet comfortable cotton long sleeved shirt and finally, an oversize sweatshirt with cut off sleeves and deep pockets for him to stuff his hands in. “A characteristic of timid persons is to always hide their hands in their pockets or by pulling their sleeves over the phalanges … Maybe that is my case… Tee hee hee…” Was he really serious when he said that? He’s been actually seen wearing the standard Jounin outfit – flak jacket, sandals and the likes – more often lately.

Personality: It would be very hard to find someone who is more laid back than Hige in Konoha. Actually, the only ones who could even compare to him in that aspect would be members of the Nara Clan themselves. Always relaxed and calm, taking his time to do things at his own pace and rhythm… Such a characteristic might in fact be the reason behind the relative ‘success’ of Hige in life. Yet, one shouldn’t think that he is as lazy as the masters of the Kage Shibari no Jutsu. Though he is lazy and sluggish in his own respect, Hige is definitely not up to the Nara’s level in this domain. In fact, he does his fair share of daily training but always keeps it to the strict minimum, not even tapping out half of his potential.

Quite intelligent and witty, he doesn’t always find solution in a matter of seconds. Most of the time, he prefers to think about strategies while taking all his time, keeping his cool whatever the circumstances. In all honesty, he uses that wit of his more to improvise ironic and funny comments/answers to people around him rather than in battle situations. He definitely possesses a very well defined sense of humour as he loves making fun of the people in his entourage. But on the other hand, his greatest quality as a comic is that he also knows how to make fun of himself and laugh about his own flaws. This, according to him, is the most difficult thing to do and at the same time the most laudable reaction of all.

This whole attitude is said to be his way to hide his timidity and schizoid nature. Uneasy in the presence of strangers, he doesn’t enjoy large mundane crowds. It is only with people he is really acquainted with that he will be the most at ease, revealing his true friendly nature and even sharing some of his experiences. Although he hates hypocrisy, he remains convinced that everyone needs to know how to lie in some situations. Some truths can sometimes cause more pain than lies… This is why, in some cases, he prefers to keep his opinions for himself lest hurting those around him. At the same time, he knows when he needs to be frank and in those circumstances, he will say what is really on his mind without taking into consideration who he is talking to. Superior or not, he is not afraid to make his convictions known.

Whether Hige is a trustworthy companion, one wouldn’t really be able to tell but given that he was given the chance to join the ANBU, this probably means that he was deemed reliable enough by the higher instances of the Leaf hierarchy. Some people claim that he would gladly let his friends down if he thought that saving them represented too much of a hassle. He has never refuted that kind of slander, thus fuelling the rumours tainting his reliability. But those few who really know about him are aware that Hige is someone you really can count on. After all, dogs, even stray ones, are known for their faithfulness.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “Some people live with their nindo until the day of their death or until the day they make their dream come true. And when that time comes, they have nothing else left in their lives. Their existence no longer has a meaning. Their lives are empty. Me, a nindo? No thanks. I prefer living from day to day, without making provisions for the future. I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me but I know that when the time comes, I will be ready for it…”
Clan/Bloodline: None

Primary Archetype: Tactician
Secondary Archetype: Genjutsu Specialist


Mental (Primary)
Intelligence: 1 + 1(Tactician) + 1(Genjutsu Specialist)+ 20 + 3 (Thread) = 26
Tactics: 1 + 3(Tactician) + 19 + 3(Thread) = 26
Willpower: 1 + 2(Genjutsu Specialist) + 21 = 24

Physical (Secondary)
Strength: 1 – 2(Tactician) – 2(Genjutsu Specialist) + 3 (AP) + 16 = 16
Speed: 1 + 19 + 2 (AP) = 22 [+25 Kizuken]
Stamina: 1 – 1(Genjutsu Specialist) + 3 (AP) + 15 = 18 [+ 20 Kizuken]

Chakra (Tertiary)
Power: 1 – 1(Tactician) + 16 + 4(Thread) = 20
Control: 1 + 13 + 6(Thread) = 20
Reserves: 1 + 11 + 5(Thread) = 17

Jutsus and Techniques:

ANBU Seal: Hi no Youran (Cradle of Fire)

Global Ninjutsu & ANBU Techniques
Stage 1
-Kawarimi no Jutsu
-Henge no Jutsu
Stage 2
-Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique)
Stage 3
-Suimen Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Water Walking)
Stage 4
-Keshiki (“Paysage”) [replacing Tessayose no Jutsu (Iron Chain Calling Technique)]
-Shunshin no Jutsu
-Kanashibari no Jutsu (Body Freeze Technique) [Open Slot]
Stage 5
-Itsushika Ugoki no Jutsu (Unnoticed Movement) [Replacing Soushuuha (Manipulate Advancing Blades)]
-Shinkei Zoufuku no Jutsu (Nerve Sensitivity Amplification) [Open slot]

Global Genjutsu
Stage 1
-Bunshin no Jutsu
Stage 2
-Meisai no Jutsu (Camouflage Technique)
Stage 3
-Genjutsu Kai

Leaf Genjutsu & ANBU Techniques
Stage 1
-Etainoshirenai no Oto (Sounding the Unfamiliar)
Stage 2
-Choushokuban (Palette) [replacing Dokuji no Gyoushi (Leer of the Peculiar)]
Stage 3
-Hitoku no Jutsu (Concealment Technique) [replacing Kyouboku no Jumon (Spell of the Trees)]
-“Inshoushugi” (“Impressionism”) [Open Slot]
Stage 4
-Onkyou Hitoku no Jutsu (Sound Concealment) [replacing Kagemazeru (Shadowmeld)]
-Chousen no Hibiki (Echo of Defiance)
-Senrigan (Clairvoyance) [Open Slot]
Stage 5
-Heijoushin (Presence of Mind) [replacing Nemuri (Sleep)]
-Chototsu (Recklessness)
-Muchuu (Hypnosis)
Stage 6
-Magen: Haitai Chihyou no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Decaying Earth Technique)

-Stage 5

Konohagakure Ninjutsu
Stage 1
-Konoha Tsujikaze no Jutsu (Leaf Cyclone Technique)
Stage 2
-Chiru Konoha no Jutsu (Scattered Leaves Technique)
-Shuuki no Rairin (Advent of Autumn) [Open Slot]
Stage 3
-Konoha Bunshin no Jutsu (Leaf Clone Technique)
Stage 4
-Shielded Cognitive Processes [Open Slot]


Inventory: Kunai (2), Shuriken (2), String (1), Exploding Tags (4), Flash bang (3), Senbon Needles (2), Smoke Bombs (2), Sealing Tags (1), Scrolls (1)
Weapon points remaining: 2


Here you are, looking at what would be to your eyes the biography of yet another mortal, trying to figure out why you are even taking the hassle of going through it. To be honest, I totally understand this feeling. Personally, I would never bother taking some of my “O so precious” time to reflect upon the exploits of a regular teenager… After all, who would be interested in the life story of a twenty-three year old? Then again, when did people in their early twenties start writing autobiographies?

Yes, I actually wrote an entry in that damn journal my overprotective mother gave me for my seventeenth birthday. I would have thought that the older you got, the more useful the presents you got were. Well, this little hardcover copybook isn’t that bad, come to think of it. At least, it keeps the boredom of my daily life at bay. But although I don’t want to admit it, I think this little book seems so important because it actually reminds me of my parents… It’s been a few months since I left the family estate to live on my own. “I’m leaving home because I don’t want to always depend on you. I want to make my own choices, and this will certainly not be possible if I stay here.” Yes, I remember uttering those words. Without knowing it, I had managed to hurt the people who were dearest to me with that arrogance and ‘pride’ of mine. It is only when you lose something that you know how much it mattered to you… Yeah yeah, I can already hear you saying “That is so cliché”. I also said those same words back then and now I realize that there is much truth behind that old saying. Yes, I learnt. I learnt the hard way…

Why don’t I go back, you ask? Well, as I said, I am too proud to admit that I am wrong (In fact, I’m not wrong). What am I proud of? Of my choices, my decisions and my courage to go against everyone. Proud of being independent, proud of being myself. Besides, I am convinced that leaving home to adopt a new life wasn’t all that bad for me. Maybe if I had stayed, I would have caused my family even more pain.

Our clan wasn’t one which could rival with the likes of the Uchiha or Hyuuga, nor was it good enough to contend with even the Yamanaka or Nara. So, you could say we were just a normal, large family. In all honesty, I preferred this definition to that of clan. Anyways, the members of our family never really made a name for themselves in the village. Of course, people knew us because we had always lived here in Leaf but we were probably considered as the regular guys living next door. This didn’t bother me at all, though.

Unlike most of my cousins (I am an only child) who joined the ninja academy at the age of nine, I enrolled when I was eight years old. Right from the start, I felt at ease in this school environment, deriving pleasure from learning. For some reason, I assimilated everything being taught perfectly, soon becoming one of the best, if not the best student. Always top of the class, always getting perfect scores, getting the praises of the Chuunin instructors. That was me.

Because of that I was treated with special attention at home. My parents would do everything for me under the pretense that this would allow me to concentrate on my career as a shinobi. Everything was being served to me on a silver plate. Among my cousins, a few had made it to Jounin rank after an exemplary life, while others were still struggling as Genins or Chuunins. Still, everyone saw me as a genius. It seemed that in the family, no one had ever been that successful at the academy. Every now and then, I would hear my parents or relatives telling me: “Don’t waste that chance of yours… You can bring honor to the name of our clan…”. I don’t know if these words affected me; my tolerance towards indoctrination is quite high, in my opinion. But the thing is that I just kept doing better and better in class. I considered the number one spot to be mine and mine alone. I would allow no one to take it… Yes, I wanted to be the best at all costs and this definitely didn’t earn me many friends. And eventually, I graduated from the academy as number one rookie.

Haha yeah, I know. You’re probably telling yourself that this is the story of a genius like so many others in the Leaf Village. A classic, in other words. I would probably assume pretty much the same thing if I read up till now. Don’t worry though. I’m not a genius. I’m certainly not. Whether that fact makes me sad or not? Seriously, I don’t care.

Like all eleven year old kids who came out first of a contest, I was all fired up, motivated to do even better as a Genin. I guess you couldn’t find someone else with more desire to succeed than me at that time. I laugh at my own stupidity when I think back of my answer to the traditional question asked by Jounins to rookie Genins. “I will become Hokage, thus bringing pride and glory to my family’s name…” My, my, it really seems I have grown a lot since then. Such dreams are good only for children. And those who actually make it are either true geniuses or really destined to succeed. Yeah, such exceptions occur only once in a century. It’s not that I want to bash the whole system but it’s in my nature to go against things. It is just that I arrived to a conclusion that having a nindo is all dandy and stuff but staying true to it is a different matter. Of course, many of you will argue that to succeed, one must never give up and always be determined. “If the legendary Naruto and Rock Lee did it, we can too…” Stupid logic. These guys almost killed themselves for their dreams. Obsessions I would call these, in fact. Clinging to the same idea, looking in only one direction during their whole life. This is not the kind of path I want to take. And I am sure many others refuse this kind of existence. While living without a goal is bad, setting one’s mind on something to the point of turning it into an obsession is even worse in my opinion. Yes, I once wanted to become Hokage. But I was lucid enough to realize such a goal was far beyond my reach and that there were other things I could do with my life. Other things that could make me equally happy and satisfied.

Me, the top rookie, not good enough to become Hokage while others who came out last managed to rise to that level? I know that sounds ridiculous but it all became clear to me during the years following the euphoria of the academy graduation. I had the chance (some would call it misfortune, but I like to think of it as an eye-opener) to have an overly skilled Hyuuga in my team. To be honest, we were almost on par but his bloodline always gave him an edge over me. And each time, whether it was during spars or during missions, I was only second best no matter how hard I tried. For me who had never been surpassed before, this was a new sensation. But the reaction I had wasn’t the one most people would have. On one side, many would have worked harder to claim the top spot once again. On the other, some people would have been appalled to learn that there existed people who were much better than them and immediately crumble. Yet, I merely carried on with my life as usual, training at my own slow rhythm while accepting the harsh reality of this world, that some people were born superior to others and that nothing could be done about that. Was I a coward who refused the challenge and who gave up too easily? Probably. Was I just a fatalist who resigned in front of adversity? Probably. Well, I like to think I was just a realist who knew his limits, that’s all.

If I regret anything, you ask? If I ever wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t given up that fast? Yes, of course. I would be lying if I said no. But such regrets only arise only when I hear the murmurs and gossips around me, from my own family members. “Look at what he is now… And they said he was destined for great things. He just made a good start and everyone thought he was a genius. It was just an illusion after all.” Just to shut them up, I would have liked to do it again. But that is the only case I feel like going back in the past. I am more than happy with my life as it is now, simply because it is the path I have chosen for myself. Not one which has been imposed on me by someone else. Oh, you want to know what happened to me afterwards? I wouldn’t be interested if I were you…

As I said, I continued progressing at my own pace. At the Chuunin exams, I met even more Genins who were better than me. But somehow, I managed to pass the exam while doing the strict minimum. As opposed to my Hyuuga teammate who literally shone over the final round, I made my way quietly but surely, securing my promotion without especially catching the attention of the judges. This wasn’t good enough for the people in my entourage though. In their opinion, I should have passed the exam while going unbeaten in the last final round. They said they were quite disappointed by the fact that I gave up unconditionally, without even trying, when I was drawn against my own Hyuuga teammate. But hell, who cared about their opinion? I was the one who had been in the arena. I was the one who knew the most about my own capabilities… I was the only one who was aware that I stood no chance of winning against him. So, the choice of resigning belonged to me, and me only.

Besides, the most important was achieved, no? I had ensured my accession to Chuunin rank. Wasn’t that what mattered the most? Apparently, it wasn’t the opinion of my parents and my relatives. They expected the very best of me, nothing else. Hell, did they ever think that there could be people in this world who were better than me, that the world didn’t revolve around me? Didn’t they realize that grades obtained at the academy didn’t matter now? Couldn’t they just share my satisfaction? Yes, I was happy with that promotion. Few people managed to make it to that rank through the exam. Besides, there was the comforting thought that I passed this test without even operating at full regime, using only a fragment of my potential. That thought alone was enough to make me feel good. I had skill for sure, but not the kind of skill people wanted me to have.

I always knew I was good with my hands, especially with kunais, but at the same time, I was always conscious that I could never be the best. So, I decided to stick with people who could be. Hence my decision to accept the unlikely invitation extended to me and joined the Leaf’s elite squad, the ANBU. Ironically, despite my rather laid back attitude and lack of assiduity in training, I still managed to make it past the aptitude tests. Sometimes, I even wonder if I am not accompanied by some kind of luck… But one thing is certain: I’m definitely not a genius; I probably never was. I am just a good ninja with above average skills. The thing which made it seem I was so gifted back then was that, unlike today, I was really trying and working hard. And now that I reflect back on my life, I seriously believe I was trying too hard.

Now that I am a Jounin, part of the ANBU, sometimes I think that I have done everything I could in my life. But then again, I told myself the same thing when I became Chuunin. I thought it was what I wanted to be… In fact, this is my definition of a nindo. The way of the ninja isn’t a just single path laden with obstacles. To me, a nindo is built progressively, slowly without rushing… This was the way I did it. I didn’t obsessively pursue a single goal. I constructed my future step by step, making it a solid one, a successful one.

To the idealists out there, it is certainly not the best way to live. Still, no one will ever change my way of thinking. I am the only one who is entitled to control my life. I am just an anonymous ANBU behind my Wolf mask. I am what I am and I like what I am…

I’m just Hige…


Heh, who thought I’d actually write something else in this stupid journal. Yeah, the last time I did was two years ago… So many things happened during those two years; I guess that explains why I was too busy to care about writing more memoirs. That, or there was nothing worthwhile of being mentioned. Either way, it doesn’t really matter now, does it? Looks like I remembered this little gift from my mother. So, let’s see…

Yep, I finally made up my mind. It wasn’t too hard a decision though, I must admit. Well, I know – coming from someone like me, it probably isn’t surprising. I’m not one to get attached to anything, eh? But I should have been, if you think about it. For once, I felt like I found a place I could call home – a group I felt at ease with. ANBU was great while it lasted. and yet I decided to leave. Funny, I know. But you really need to know all the details before judging me. Little by little our group fell apart. For what reason? I seriously couldn’t tell; I still can’t now. Thing is, one by one, each member of our former squad went his own way: Juro, Tsume, Saji, Senji, Ukimi… Even the weird Yukimura… In the end, there wasn’t much point for me to stay either. Oh I know you’re thinking that I’m a sentimental guy by now. Well, maybe I am. Maybe not. It might just have been the perfect excuse I was waiting for to leave ANBU. Either way, I did resign from my position. I forgot what I told them exactly, probably because I wasn’t asked too many questions concerning the reasons. It wasn’t like I was going to go missing after all. I’d still be a Konoha Jounin despite all this.

Why did I decide to write this now? I have no idea, to be honest. I just felt like doing it all of a sudden. Could it be that I actually miss those days and writing about it makes me feel better?

Nah, that’s not my type… Well, that’s what I keep telling myself.


It’s official, now. I’m back in service. Heh, so much for the “retirement from the organisation is permanent” policy. Then again, it might not even have been policy all along; it just became the norm, the accepted idea if you will. I mean, usually when you quit ANBU, it’s because you’re dead or know you can’t do it anymore… That wasn’t really the case for me, but in the end I did quit. And even if deep inside I knew it might have been a bad decision, again I was too proud to admit it. So hey, I wasn’t about to go knocking on the door of the captain and beg him to let me back in. I don’t think he’d have been okay with that either, for what it’s worth.

Regardless, it turned out that they came to ask me to join again. It wasn’t really begging though; they just asked. And I don’t think it was too difficult to convince me, in fact. Sure I got my pride, my ego – but I’m not stupid to the point of letting a chance like that go by. It was what I was waiting for, right? Still, I kept asking myself a few questions. Why would the Konoha administration actually ask me to come out of retirement? Know what’s funnier? I wasn’t the only one to receive the same treatment (yeah, it would have been cool; I might have felt special. Not the case though). Those old dogs Shibazaki Genma and Ashida Juro were forced out of holiday as well.

Well, come to think of it, it’s not that hard to understand. There’s been trouble brewing in the country lately, especially with the Hokage not being around. Hah, “trouble”. I suppose I should regard the prospect of actual war as more than mere “trouble”. Maybe that’s why they needed us… to go fight in this stupid cold place called Yukigakure.

I don’t know when my next assignment is, but I’d rather it not be too soon… Somehow it feels like I’ll never write in this book again. I just hope it’ll be for lack of wanting – and not because I won’t be around anymore to do it…

Other info:

-Hige’s favorite weapon is the kunai, whether it is for close combat or for throwing. Very skilled with his hands and fingers, he is unbeaten at darts until today. Some people even say that his training only consists of accuracy exercises. Not surprising coming from someone who never sweats during his ‘hard’ working out sessions.
-Hige always carries a flask of saké, which he keeps near his waist. The flask can easily contain up to a litre of alcohol when filled.
-It's said that the young man can play many instruments - he's mostly been seen/heard using a harmonica, though.

Writing example:

Yeah right, I love kids…

The sun rays filtered in his room through the spaces of the wooden shutters of his apartment’s windows. Onto his face… He rolled over his belly, clutching his pillow like a child clinging to the skirt of his mother on his first day at the academy. On closer inspection, one could notice the smile on his face as he drooled on what seemed to be a dream, a pleasant dream. Being part of the torture and interrogation squad of the ANBU did carry several advantages after all. Unlike his teammates from the Cat, Falcon, Owl and Frog divisions, his job was quite insignificant, especially since he hadn’t had the chance to ‘play’ with a subject recently. And yet, he wouldn’t be oversleeping this morning…

Bam bam bam…

“Hige-san! Hige-san! Open up, it’s us…” The shrill voice of a young boy disturbed the calm morning, interrupting the birds’ chirp which had been lulling the slumber of the Konoha Jounin. The banging on the wooden door made the walls tremble and the repeated knocking echoed in the ears of the lazy Hige. He tried plugging his ears with his fingers, covering them with his palms or even burying his head under his pillow. To no avail… The kids just wouldn’t go. He grabbed the soft cushion by one of the four corners and flung it towards the door. Not that it made any distinguishing noise nor did Hige expect scaring away the kids with that. Little fucks… I’ve not even had breakfast… But to be honest, it was already too late for breakfast… At 11.00, some people were even getting ready to have lunch… Hige didn’t care though. Wrapping a towel around his waist and allowing cold water run over his head, drenching his long dark hair, he still ignored the bangs on the door. The kids had waited for some time already, some more minutes wouldn’t hurt. Without hurrying, he poured himself a cup of coffee and sitting on the edge of his bed, he sipped it while he enjoyed hearing the increasingly impatient pleads of the children outside.

“Uncle Hige! Uncle Hige! We know you’re here! We know it! You should ju…”

The door suddenly opened, almost making the hyperactive boy stumble over the doorstep into the room. Holding his cup of coffee in one hand and the resting the other against the door, the Leaf ANBU ‘looked down’ on the kids with a disinterested look on his face. He obviously hadn’t completely woken up yet. He wasn’t by any means the tallest person out there but compared to these midgets, he really looked like a giant, which was quite funny to think of.

“And I should just do what?” he asked as he took another sip at the black caffeine, trying to impress the children. It didn’t appear to work though since the boy simply looked back at him straight in the eyes and laughed. Man, these little assholes don’t even respect their elders these days… Leaving the door open, he turned his back on the group of four kids and headed over to his kitchenette. He wouldn’t allow his bacon and eggs to burn just because of brats… As he approached the sink, he made a face and he emptied his coffee in the basin. Heh, I even suck at making coffee… When his meal was ready, he just sat at his table, watching with his usual impassive expression as the children explored his messy room, excavating ‘treasures’ which Hige himself thought he had lost. Maybe it was why he didn’t say anything when they did this… Once in a while they would find some bank note or maybe an unused ramen voucher under his bed or behind his cupboard. But surprisingly, his attention was drawn to the kids as they all gathered to examine their latest find: his black wolf ANBU mask. Shit, that’s one of the few things I always keep in a tidy way and they still have to touch it. Getting up from the stool, he cursed aloud and made gestures with his hand as if he was shooing away animals.

“Leave that alone, it’s not a toy…” he complained.

His little nephew was even more excited as he heard that. “See? See? I told’ya all Uncle Hige was ANBU. He might not look cool on the outside but he’s not that lame after all. Right, Hige-san?” The Leaf Jounin scowled at that comment. His little nephew really annoyed him at times… That little fucker… Me? Not cool? He’s really asking for it… Did he look at him before saying stupid things? He walks around with a bandanna, which looks more like a diaper than anything else, on his head. Lil’prick… Forcing a smile, Hige nodded. “Yeah, yeah… Riiiight…” He then stretched his limbs and let out a big yawn.

“But, you know… This is a fake mask,” he lied. “I’m not from the ANBU. Did you ever think someone like me could integrate such an elite unit? It’s just a little mask I bought at the recent festival. You’re overestimating your ‘old’ uncle, Kiko. I’m not cool enough to be an ANBU, right?”

The young boy examined Hige from head to toe while holding his chin, and narrowing his eyes as if he was really assessing some kind of merchandise. “Yaah, you’re right, Hige-san. I guess I didn’t hear it right when father was talking about you being ANBU to mother and the others. You’re definitely not cool enough to be a fearsome Ookami… In fact, you’d fit more in a sloth or turtle division…”

Once again, Hige frowned but restrained himself. After all, he too had been asking for it when he had denied the fact. It was the price to pay to remain ‘anonymous’ for some more time; if the kids knew he was indeed in the Konoha Elite squad, questions would be fusing from everywhere… something he certainly dreaded. But still, that kid always managed to unnerve him… Damn brat…

Asshole, I’ll give you a spanking one of these days… Hmm, anyways, do I really look so uncool?


Character Notes / Thread Log:
- 14 AP: 8 Stats; 6 Jutsu [Character creation]
- Free Anniversary Jutsu
- 2 GM AP (ANBU Launch) [12/08/2007]
- Interlude: Salted Wounds: N/A
- Rumors: N/A
- 2 GM AP (Snow War Arc): 1 Power; Konoha Bunshin
- Nowhere Left to Run: N/A
- What Lays Ahead?: N/A
- The Calm before the Storm: 1 Control; Magen: Haitai Chihyou no Jutsu
- The Doctor Will See You Now: 5 Reserves, 2 Control; Advent of Autumn
- The Truth Shall Set You Free: N/A
- A Long Night in Exile: +1 Power, +1 Control; Muchuu (Hypnosis)
- Merchandise: N/A
- Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner: +3 Intelligence
- Meat: +2 Power, +1 Control
- Full Stop: +1 Tactics, +1 Control; Inshoushugi (Impressionism)
- Bug Crisis: +2 Tactics; Shielded Cognitive Processes

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