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I remember passing on about 3 Ap to Sushy and 1 Ap to Silf in the past as well, but, these were random Ap bestowed onto me, so, I didn't feel the need to equate those into this. Also, about 5 Ap was given to me by Taro, of which I strictly used on Toorima Crono, so, that isn't equated into this either. -nods-

Okay, so, let's do this from the top.

+7 Original AP
+6 Ap from Shinku
-10 AP used on Renchishin Hitoko
+3 AP Gained through 3.0 to 3.1 switch
+1 EoE
+2 GMAP (Kapeesh)
-2 GMAP used on Renchishin Hitoko
+2 AP (Resound)
-1 AP Given to Mid
-1 AP used on Hitoshi "Raiden" Meiji
+2 Sushy
-6 AP used on Akeboshi Miyagi
+1 Donated from Res (Sand Arc Notices)
-3 on The Cool
-1 on ANBU
+3 EoE Gift
+2 Sushy
+3 for Engi no Jutsu's 6 Year Anniversary
+3 Engi no Jutsu's 8 Year Anniversary
+1 Kana
+64 by way of Sushyisama (Play on plaaaayaaa)
+2 Kana
-11 gifted to Sin's Renchishin Shirayuri
-11 via Nara Tsumetai
+2 Engi no Jutsu's 9 Year Anniversary
-1 via Renchishin Hitoko Lightnin' Jootsu
+5AP 10 Year Engiversary
-23AP Renchishin Hitoko
+6 Trial Mod Stuff
+8 Trial Mod Stuff
-16 via Hyousetsu Echizen
+2AP for Hyousetsu Echizen from BasedKiba
-7 via Nara Tsumetai
+50 via Res's Fond Farewell
-32 via Renchishin Hitoko
+10 AP via Engi AP Donation Drive 2015
+AP Limit Breaker, -37 AP via Renchishin Hitoko
-12 AP via Renchishin Hitoko
-7 AP via Renchishin Hitoko
+7 AP via Engi no 13th Birfday dawg
-16 AP via Renchishin Hitoko
+4 Staff Payment
-1 for Renchishin Hitoko, of course
+4 Staff Payment
-4 via Hyousetsu Echizen
+8 Staff Payment
-6 via Hyousetsu Echizen
+4 Staff
+7Ap 14th Engiversary: A Golden Moment
-15 via Renchishin Hitoko
+4 Staff
+1 AP Engi-Mas 2018
+2 Staff
- - -
17 AP left

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