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Junge 05-10-2014 06:58 PM

[MystMach] Depth Charge

“Oh, oh, that's cold.”
The freezing rush of water around Masato's diving suit immediately pierced the many layers of thick fabric that separated him from the crushing ocean depths. What was the point of wearing such a heavy piece of junk if it wasn't going to provide any protection?!?

A voice in his ear chirped up through the sound of splashing water. “Kurusu, activate your steam pump or you'll both go into cardiac arrest from the cold before the airlock even opens.”

Oh, yeah, geez. Almost forgot.
The gigantic diving suit was 'plugged' into Masato (he wasn't sure about the details as the scientist hadn't explained the procedure at all) and by focusing a bit of his chakra, the water around him and his genin partner at once surged with great warmth. He turned to the genin Hajime and tried to give him a thumbs up. The giant gloves made that difficult, and the enormous cage-like glass and metal helmet that encased his head made it hard to tell if the genin even responded.

“Please, don't goof off. You're wearing some very expensive equipment.”

“Gotcha, lady.”
Masato screamed out by accident. The diving suit seemed to magnify the sound of his own very loud voice, to the annoyance of the crew monitoring him. “Lancer-bro, let's head out!”

“...it'll be five more minutes before the pressure equalizes.”

Masato shifted his might weight around, looking around at the various pipes and gauges in the small submersible airlock. “Anyone know any good stories?”

The chuunin had one. How about getting a job working for scientists, fresh after a job where he'd helped kill several camps of them? Seirei no Shima was a weird, weird place, much more so when it came to who hired shinobi. Allegedly this job was special, though- only Mist nin capable of steam generation could do it. Again, it had something to do with the suit- Masato didn't know or care. For whatever reason, the suits had been designed to allow the shinobi to form hand seals though the massive fabric gloves. There were re-breathers, automatic lights, waterproof radios- all very nice gadgets, but the reason why the shinobi were even down here wasn't clear. Something about research or whatever. They were off the coast of that dumb island, right? There couldn't be anything that dangerous this far out anyway!

And even if there was, the shinobi had other weapons at their disposal. “Ever spear a fish at the bottom of the ocean, bro?”

CommonRider 05-11-2014 01:22 AM

What in the world was he doing here? Hajime stared in wide-eyed wonder as the water slowly rose past his ankles. It was freezing cold; he wasn’t much of a fan to be honest. The water was now past his waist and he still had no answer for how he had wound up in this small tin can under the sea. He blamed Masato to be honest. He looked at the older man and then grinned, oh who was he kidding? This was going to be rad. The water rose over his glass diving helmet, and as a reflex the genin took a deep breath of air.

“You needn’t worry Matsume-kun,” a female voice chided him gently over the radio. “The suit’s tanks have plenty of oxygen for the test, so long as you don’t try to waste it all now. Everything will be fine, try not to worry yourself.”

Oh, that was easy for her to say, she wasn’t the one about to take a lovely stroll on the ocean’s floor!

Still, Hajime was a mist-nin, and he would be damned if he let himself be scared away by water… No matter how much of it there was. Not that Hajime was scared, of course not; he had Masato by his side. He was lucky to have his friend with him, Masato knew Steam Ninjutsu, and it was seriously cold.

“Nah, never speared a fish on the ocean floor before boss, but did I tell you about the time me and this shark got into a bit of a kerfuffle?” Hajime leaned in to whisper conspiratorially despite the radio working just fine, “I won of course.” He gave the older man a grin.

The woman on the radio came back over the radio, “Pressure equalized, releasing safety locks.”

Slowly a valve on the wall began to spin, and the wall swung outward making a gate, a school of fish panicked and swam away.

“Please remember this is only a test, try not to do anything too damaging to the suits.”

The Genin ignored the voice on the radio as he took his first step out of the chamber. The sand swirled around his feet and he stomped down. The boots were heavy, and cumbersome. He looked around.

It was…

It was boring. Pretty sure, but where were the giant Kraken?

“Hey, uh, bro… What do we do now?”

Junge 05-11-2014 07:13 PM

Nobody could see him smirking, but listening over the radio one might be able to hear the chuunin's cocksure attitude. “That's simple, bro!” He pounded his thick helmet with a heavy fist, sending a deep echo through the waters. “We go out there and do what we do best: enjoy the sights and wreck some butts!”


'Sights', as it turned out, was nothing more than murky blueness and lots of rocks. 'Butts' also ended up loosely translating into 'rocks'. And boy, did they wreck rocks. Despite the earlier freezing temperatures, Masato was sweating just a few hours later after all the intensive hauling and drilling he and his partner did. Scientist Lady had them running back and forth from the bathysphere deployed along with the two shinobi, and it was their job to move all kinds of equipment across the seabed. Even if the pair was underwater and everything was weightless, hauling around all that junk was tiring! A panting and heaving Masato finally pulled back the three foot wide drill press he'd been slaving over for the past hour and gestured towards Hajime, who was of course still tethered to him. “Woo...woo, okay. Okay. Let's crack this son of a bitch! Drop them explosives on down, bro, so we can get out of here.”

Yes, this was a strange and alien world that Masato had never before experienced and never would again blah blah blah he didn't care. They were deep enough that even though it was noon high above, the sea floor was only bathed in the faintest blue light. On top of that, their sulfurous yellow lights barely pierced more than a few feet, and judging from a little bit of wandering Masato had done there were dozens of sheer drops just a little ways off from where they were setting up the equipment. In fact, this last task was too blast off a whole section of a nearby underwater cliff. It had something to do with mining, or whatever.

Again, the details weren't important. After hours of hard labor (and with nothing more exciting having happened apart from a passing school of shrimp), the chuunin was looking forward to finally getting to blow something up. Of course it was safe. I mean, when was shinobi work ever not?

Masato's handiwork after all that time was a narrow, circular hole digging down about twenty feet. His suit was twice as big as Hajime's- there was no way he could fit down there. Guess that's why they needed a genin. It would be up to his tinier pal to place and prime the fancy explosive, then the two could high-tail it back to the submersible and get the balls out of there.

Maybe something about that plan didn't smell quite right, but the only real thing Masato could smell in that suit was several hours of his own accumulated sweat. This water world no longer interested him and the faster he could get back to the glorious sunlight, the better.

CommonRider 05-13-2014 01:31 AM

See the sights he said

Kick some butts he said

What a load

Why did you lie to me Masato! The boy internally whined. He stopped pushing whatever it was that he was tasked with to take a breath. He was sweating so much there practically might have been no point to the damn helmet, he could just drown in the sweat! He went to wipe the sweat from his head but the stupid helmet got in the way.

“Matsume-kun, this isn’t the time to take a break. We need you to move the sensor closer to the drill!”

He glared at the stupid box. He’d rather fight the shark again. Still a mission was a mission and he was totally getting paid for this. The sensor was a small five by five grey box made out of metal. Rather unassuming to the boy but what’s what the sciency types liked he guessed. He picked it up and moved it forward a few feet.

“No, no Matsume-Kun! You need to move it more to the right!”

He groaned loudly and just leaned against the box and looked up. Hajime could only see the barest hint of light breaking through the surface of the water. It was then an epiphany hit the boy.

“This sucks!”


Hajime stood over the entrance to the tunnel. The damn thing was pitch black, his flashlights couldn’t even be bothered to try and piece the inky blackness.

"So all I gotta do is climb down that deep, dark, scary ass hell hole, prime the explosives and get my butt back up?” Hajime questioned for what must have been the twentieth time.

“It’s only twenty feet, it’s not that deep. You can do it Hajime-kun,” The woman’s voice was tired. Probably from the fact she was arguing with a person who could probably out stubborn a wall.

“Lady, that’s like four of me deep! I don’t even go two of me deep into anything!” He didn’t want to do this. No, scratch that. He super didn’t want to do this! But the money! It was with a frustrated yell the boy began to shimmy his little shota ass down the hole.

He took the bomb off his back and stuck it against the wall of the tunnel. He fumbled with the blasting caps before inserting them. To be honest he had no idea what he was doing. He just kind of fumbled around with the bomb. Why was this his job? It wasn’t like the boy had any experience as a demolitionist. *

His job done he climbed out of the hole, he’d let Masato have the honors of blowing the bomb. All he wanted to do was get out of the diving suit.


Junge 05-21-2014 08:58 PM

Like rats they scampered back to the glowing safety of the bathysphere, as much as one could scamper in a massive leather suit with twice their mass.

“Oh man, this is going to be great.”
A long cord attached to a big lever was bolted to the sea floor, and Masato was chuckling to himself as he clumsily tried to pull it down. “Plug your ears!”

Whether or not such an action was possible was irrelevant, as he cranked the lever down before anyone could do anything else.

Several seconds of silence passed. Seconds grew into minutes.

Someone sounded pissed.

“Man, this almost never happens to us.”
Masato gave the best shrug he could in the diving suit. He tossed the lever up and down a few times to no avail. “Welp, guess Hajime's gotta go back down and play with it some more. Come on, come on!” At once the chuunin began trudging off into the dark again, grabbing a nearby wrench and tossing it over his shoulder. His genin pal, being attached to the chuunin, would find resistance very difficult.

“You should unplug the detonator, in case-”
Her incessant buzzing faded into the background as Masato ignored the worst of it. How hard could it be to fix a bomb? Hell, they had a spare back on the ship. Just blow them both up!

“Oh, see.”
Masato gestured forward with a thick limb. “There's your problem.”

“What? What is it?”

“There's a bunch of black smoke coming out of the hole we made.”
The radio stayed silent for a moment. Masato cleared his throat and said it again, but louder. “So hey, there's a lot of smoke coming out of that hole.” He grabbed the small yellow light on his shoulder and bent it up into the growing plume of black sulfur. “Wow, that sucker's got strength. Do you see this shit, lancer-bro?”

“That doesn't make any sense, you idiots must have screwed something up.”


“We're nowhere near a fault line, did you morons drill to deep- where is my assistant, he has those maps-”

“Yo, lady-”

“-shouldn't even be close, see? There's not a split for another-”


“-what, what could you possible need?!?”

“The floor is kind of dissolving, what do we do?”


What was once mundane, solid ground cracked and sundered underfoot. An intense unearthly groaning filled the water and shook the shinobi in their suits. That tiny hole Masato had laboriously drilled opened its mouth and grew in just a few seconds, wide enough even to swallow an entire building. A tiny bit of pride swelled inside that sweaty diving suit. Seeing your baby hole swell up into a big one was like watching a kid grow up!

And then try to kill you.

“Oh balls.”

Despite his great strength, Masato's bigger suit did not permit him a very speedy retreat. He disappeared over the lip of the swelling sinkhole. He couldn't have fallen far, though!

After all, he was still connected to Haijime.

CommonRider 07-03-2014 01:53 AM

Hajime hung his head low in shame as Masato dragged his ass across the ocean floor back to the tunnel.

It wasn’t his fault he didn’t know what the hell he was doing! Honestly! What were they expecting? It wasn’t like he had any real experience with high grade underwater demolitions. Sure, leave the explosives to the twelve year old why don’t you? He thought annoyed. He stopped himself from letting out a frustrated growl, it looked like another trip down the Hajime Hole was in store for him; while he didn’t want to do this he couldn’t act like a baby. Time to nut up or shut up, and so Hajime shut up.

Vaguely Hajime could hear Masato ask him something, but he wasn’t paying attention; too busy grumbling to himself under his breath. Still Masato kept talking, not to him but to the lady in the sub. He stood up next to the chuunin and looked down. Then he felt the earth beneath them shake.

“Uh, bro,” he said while poking Masato in the arm. “We should probably get moving.”
Right he was, for no sooner did he say that then the ground began to crumble, falling down into the tunnel. Yeah, Hajime didn’t feel none too comfortable near the hole anymore and began to run back to the tincan. He didn’t make it very far sadly. The cable between him and Masato stretched, and soon he found himself falling to the ground. The next think the poor boy knew, he was being dragged once more to the Hajime Hole, and once more it was Masato’s fault.

He looked back over his shoulder only to see no traces of the Chuunin. Frantically he dug his fingers into the sand trying to stop him, it helped a little but he continued to find himself closer and closer to the mouth of the tunnel, and the ground continued falling in. Panic set in, but Hajime was a shinobi of mist, so of course he handled it calmly and with dignity.

“I want my mommy!” he wailed as he grabbed for anything that could stop him. His hands found a rock and he held on for dear life as the ground around them stopped rumbling.

“Masato, you okay back there?” He called out worriedly.

Junge 07-07-2014 08:25 PM

A flurry of activity buzzed over the radio, muffling the falling chuunin's response. What got through wasn't promising.

“...so hot!”

The immense plumes of smoke continued to pump out of the massive hole even as the growing canyon finally ceased its progress. Eventually some slack on the connecting tether appeared, as though Masato had just dropped off completely.

“...sweating like a dog, damn! Bro, I'm on the side of my hole.”
The tether was yanked a bit as though he was testing his teammates grip. “Quick thinking! I'd be boiled alive if you weren't so damned clingy! But- whoa, ouch, I'm burning up!”

Indeed, the entire ocean seemed to have heated up by ten or twenty degrees. All the local wildlife likewise seemed to have fled the area, leaving the shinobi alone with the yellow glow from the few still standing lights installed around the area. Masato began to speak again but was cut off by a low, haunting rumble.

Several seconds of silence followed, with the only chatter being that of the scientist arguing with some unknown party on the other side of the radio.

Then the water split with the most inhuman, monstrous scream any living creature could ever be witness too. As the watery shriek sliced through the sea, the heated water began to push outwards from the hole stronger than any wind storm on the surface. More and more pitch black soot vomited out from the chasm and swallowed even the electric lights, but the massive wave of force originating from the abyss made it clear something titanic was rising out of the depths.

“Bro! Bro, holy crap!”
Masato's voice sounded part excited, part terrified. “I can't see a thing! Can't even move- but do you feel this?! Bro!” The tether went taut again as the swirling currents began to pull back into the hole. “Bro! What do you see?”

The eddies and twisting torrents of ocean water cleared up for just a fraction of a second, letting the pale yellow light fall onto the pillar of coral and crust that had slid out from under the earth. Murky darkness hid its true form, but one thing could not be mistaken- the immense shape and shine of a blood-red eyeball nearly thirty feet in diameter, with one obscenely large pupil focused right on the submersible.

CommonRider 07-26-2014 03:13 AM

“I’m the clingy one am I?” Hajime grunted as he dug his suited fingers into the sand in an attempt to pull himself away from the hole. “Who was the who tried to drag me down to my death just now? Also, excuse me, but that’s my hole. I named it the Hajime Hole.” His mouth ran wild without his control, his control was slipping and this was all he could do to keep going. Why the hell was it so hot? Masato really needed to turn down the heat, he could feel his hair wet with his sweat. He tried to wipe the sweat away but the stupid helmet got in the way.

“This would go a lot faster if you helped you fatass!’

It was quiet under the water, dark and spooky as hell. Intermittently Hajime’s radio would crackle to life and he would hear the scientists yelling something. Half the things they yelled out made no sense to the boy, not that he was actively trying to pay attention, he was busy dealing with the heavy load that was Masato. Then came the screech. Later Hajime would swear that the screech scratched his brain and made him stop thinking. He was sure that his ears were bleeding.

He slapped his hands against his head only to find him slapping the helmet. With Hajime’s hands off the ground he found himself sliding backward back to the hole as Masato’s weight dragged him down. He slid against the sand as he tried to shake his head clear. He managed just in time to stop himself from going over the edge.

It was then he saw the shape burst out of the Hajime Hole. Whatever it was it had a huge fucking eye. Hajime found himself staring into it despite the eye not looking at him. It stared at the tin can, and then in a cloud of sand and other sediments the thing was gone. The ocean was calm once more, aside from the heat.

“Masato, I really think we should get back to the sub,” Hajime said calmly.


Hajime stared as the water filtered out of the small chamber. He quickly undid his bulky helmet and took a deep breath of the air in the sub. It wasn’t fresh air, but damn if it didn’t feel good.

“Masato-bro what the hell happened?”

The punchline is Masato is fat

Junge 08-02-2014 01:20 PM

Enough water seemed to pour out of Masato's helmet to give the impression that it'd sprung a leak. His entire face was unnaturally flush and red and so much sweat poured off his face one could be forgiven for assuming he'd been crying.

“Who cares! Job complete, let's get this bucket of bolts back to the surface.” Masato gave the sides of the airlock a weak slap in between his panting breaths. “I really don't want to be down here once the sun goes down.” The comment lingered with an ominous significance for two seconds. “Because then I'll miss dinner. Boy, I'm hungry. Really in the mood for crab for some reason.”

The bathysphere amazingly hadn't been damaged in the giant en-hole-ening that had just taken place. Some fancy science talk was taking place about how the undersea 'mountain' they'd been 'mining' was 'hollow' and likely to 'explode' at a 'moment's' 'notice', details which didn't concern the chuunin so much as Hajime's own story about a giant fish eye.

“You're seeing things”
said the highly professional scientist lady at the claim something enormous had crawled out of the depths. “Which is impressive given how bad you were at putting the hole in the right spot. Maybe you should have spent more time working and less time admiring the local wildlife.”

There was just no pleasing some people!

“Alright buddy, let's go raise this thing and go home.”
Masato gave his partner a grin and a thumbs up. Then the lights shut off.

“It just went dark. What did you guys do?!”

In the dark, the claustrophobic airlock suddenly became unnavigable. The chuunin groped around blindly for some surface to hold onto as the water stopped draining at around his ankles. Half of his diving suit hung around his waist and made a noisy racket as the flailed around. “Hey, this one isn't our fault. Right, bro? Right.”

Eventually Masato found the electric light on his suit and flicked it back on, bathing the airlock in a sickly yellow glow. “Ah. Guess everything worked out alright!”

“There's a small bilge shaft above you. Something is blocking the airflow and we can't pump the water out. Send the kid up there to unclog it so we can haul your sorry asses up and fire you. Next time we'll hire some actually competent people who don't break everything they touch.”

The yellow light seemed to give Masato's grin a more sinister edge. “Two holes in one day. Aren't you lucky, bro?”

CommonRider 08-08-2014 02:30 PM

Hajime's face held a slight glare as he stared at his friend, then he dropped the glare and shook his head.

“There's no winning today is there? Damn it. Well, it's just like my uncle used to say, 'if there's a hole then it's a man's job to thrust into it!' Only in this case it's another damn tunnel.” Hajime trailed off as he looked at the shaft. He wouldn't be able to get in with the bulky diving suit on, damn. At least he still had the diving suit on but those things were just uncomfortable. The diving suit came off quicker than it had been put on, and it felt to Hajime as if a huge weight had been taken off his shoulders; which it had.

“Hey Masato, mind giving me a boost?”


The bilge shaft was dark and oddly long. Luckily for Hajime he had a glowstick, and with a sharp crack a bright green began to fill the small shaft.

'The hell?' Hajime found himself wondering as he stared at the object blocking the airflow. A clam? He poked the shell to make sure it wasn't just him seeing things. Nope, there was a clam in the bilge shaft. Hajime didn't know the first thing about these fancy pancy submersible tin cans; but the fact that there was a calm there just didn't sit right with the boy.

What was he going to do with the damn thing? As he reached out to take it; Hajime felt the earth shake in a really bad way. It rattled him to his hones and he bashed his head against the brass pipe that he was in.

“Aw damn,” he got out as he rubbed a hand against a growing bruise on his forehead. “What the hell was that?” He asked his radio. No response, just dead silence. What? He was on the right channel, right? He tried another one, once again just silence. He tried Masato, and still nothing. Shit, he better get back down to his bro. Something bad was happening. Oh wait, the clam.

Hajime reached out for the clam only for the mollusc to spin on its side and then spit out a golf ball sized pearl at his head.

“Damn it,” he yelped in pain.

The mollusc spun around two more times, and Hajime had the distinct impression it was laughing at him. Then it vanished in a poof of smoke. The genin stared at where the Clam had been.


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