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merdle 03-11-2018 04:07 AM

14th Engiversary: A golden moment
It is that time again, the 11th of March.

Early last year was wild, we were ready to make big changes! We took on new mods, we made a few behind the scenes renovations, and we started our first Global Arc. It was an amazing time that just reminds me of exactly why I love Engi. People working together, wildly different characters being able to take on the same situations from their own views. Some unique Bijuu were crafted, a lot of new techs were made, and people really took advantage of our new village alliances to craft the exact stories they wanted to tell, regardless of location. It was great.

Then, like usual, the closer we get to the holidays, we go quiet. Sometimes folks worry, but the cycle isn't unfamiliar. People start to worry about family, they have a lot of visits to do, they go off on vacations, then they start up school. To put it another way, life happens.

But then it happens, like every time. Someone comes into chat, or PMs someone, and goes 'hey thread?'. Then someone posts a new story, then everyone starts to remember the characters they have. Then the GMs have to come out of their dark slumber to rate threads and answer questions.

Then the Mods all look at our previous creative projects and arcs and go 'what the heck was I doing again?' Arcs get flushed down the drain, characters get refreshed, and then we are on the ride again. I can dig it. Until it is no longer feasible, engi will be here. Even if I have to fight a hundred bots to make it happen (yeah sorry about that bot invasion).

Okay, 14th engiversary, this is the Gold anniversary. So what is planned? Making plans seems unwise, but I am not known to be a wise man.

- I am going to try to shake the cobwebs off the first Global arc, and run it in a smaller fashion. Give me a little time.
- The Gaijin invasion arc is still in the works in the background. Beware the eyes of gold!
- We are going to make an effort to wake up some sleeping villages, but expect that to happen in proportion to activity on site.

So it is the 14th engiversary, what is the gift you ask? Well what would engiversary be without a gift of 7 AP?

Also, for a unique gift, anyone who claims it below can get one complete inventory item for half price (rounded up). We will call it an 'Heirloom' for the sake of book keeping. How this works, just claim it in the info for your character, and put a (/2) modifier at the end of the math for the item. You only get this for one character, so if that character goes bye bye, so does this special modifier. (It isn't that big a deal anyway, so don't fret about it)

Claim both of these below, while you tell me what Engi means to you, and your favorite Engi memory.

Hitoko 03-11-2018 05:05 AM

Yes, can we continue the global arc?

I’m extremely ready to play as Echizen again, lol.

Truth be told, I can’t believe that Engi has been around for 14 years, and that I’ve stuck around for mostly all of it (maybe I took a year off sometime down the line, who knows). I think I’ve mentioned this a couple times, somewhere, but when I started reading the Naruto manga it was in the weekly Shounen Jump and I was his age (I remember reading the pilot chapter before the official first chapter dropped, lol). When the manga finished, I found myself the exact same age as Kakashi – that’s a lot of years man.

Engi for me was a place to explore and develop my voice as a writer. With all the tools I was learning about writing while in college, Engi became a safe space for me to experiment and sharpen my craft. I honestly wished I had the luxury of being a bit more active in the chat during all those years, but hey, life happens, ya’know? I’ve been around this place for such a long time, and most of my memories and experiences here is tied to my character Renchishin Hitoko, who literally developed with me.

So, instead of throwing down a memory via the chat room (because it’d be an endless amount of quotes), I’d like to mention The Celestial Fist series of threads I wrote with Buko back in 2014 because that’s when everything in my life and writing just clicked. My style and pacing was so clear for me during those threads, and I must shoutout to the Freedom Information thread I did with WoF because that was truly the backbone to how I wished to carry Renchishin Hitoko forward.

But yeah, often during the Engiversaries I like to keep things short, so, cheers to another year and staying connected. I look forward to how Engi evolves in the near future, and also look forward to activity returning, especially to Sunagakure.

Thank you for the years,

Claiming the 7Ap, and Heirloom is, of course, going to Hitoko. Probably for them special dreadlock jewelry thangs on his hair. Thank you once again.

Kapeesh 03-11-2018 05:30 AM

I'm just posting here to confirm that I still exist and do we round up or down for items with an odd price?

Engi means a lot of things to me. I don't have a specific memory in my decade+ time spent here but looking back at all that time I look back at it all in a positive light (well, more than 95% positive).

Cayuga 03-11-2018 08:37 AM

Been a nice few years, a lot of fun and interesting stories and people I’ve met. Engi to me is a place to learn and grow that I hope continues forward

kyzuko 03-11-2018 08:41 AM

Claiming those things because I might as well. Happy engiversary, y’all.

Bukowski 03-11-2018 10:30 AM

Usually I'm very much about just claiming my AP and moving on but this year feels different to me for a few reasons.

When I first joined this website I was sixteen years old and I was going through some tough times. My parents in general had a very a volatile on/off again relationship that was both physically and emotionally abusive as well as very exhausting. I utilized RPing as a way of escapism and when I came across this website, I really intended to escape both the world I live in and who I was. I was sixteen years old living a sad life and so I created a different persona--a twenty-something year old English teacher that had a bunch of other innocuous things going on that I can't remember.

And so it was for about a year, me RPing pretending to be a ninja IC and RPing pretending to be an adult OOC. I soon made connections with the people here, real legitimate connections and the weight and burden of secrecy proved too much for me. I confessed that I wasn't a teacher, that I wasn't in my twenties and that I didn't even look like what I said I looked like. It was scary and it wasn't pleasant to tell my friends that I had deceived them, some of those friendships faded away but others stood by me.

And as time passed, they learned and loved the real me just as much as they had the pretend me. And that was a lesson in honesty and friendship and the price of dishonesty and deception that Engi taught me.

So, maybe I'm being hyperbolic, but I did more than grow up on this website--I learned who I was and how to be okay with that. I wonder sometimes where I would be today if I hadn't learned that lesson then.

This year, like past years, I haven't been the most active of members and it's mostly because just like when I was sixteen--life has been kicking my ass. The most significant thing that happened to me in 2017 was experiencing the death of my good friend Ian. Ian was twenty-seven years old and died of cancer, three or so weeks after diagnosis. When you die as a young person, the funeral is mostly just a celebration of potential and you get to be immortalized in people's memories as just this bastion of potential achievement and hopes and dreams. At Ian's funeral we discussed a lot about his legacy, about what he wanted to accomplish and about what he didn't get a chance to do.

It made me think of my own lelgacy and my own relationships, this place has played a big role in my life and the friends I have made here have been consistent in spite of any leave of absence I take. Waiting, laughing, and loving.

That's my favorite thing about Engi and I'm grateful for you all in giving it to me.

Also...The Celestial Fist series is the best series of threads of alllllll tiiiiiiiiiiiimes.

Fight me and give me my Engiversary gifts. Happy anniversary, I love you all and wouldn't be who I am today without you.

Virtual Dream 03-11-2018 10:45 AM

Swooping and scooping them anniversary rewards (7AP, Heirloom item) and saying hey hi yes if you're reading this you're probably the cutest

engi, banzai

chiaki 03-11-2018 12:16 PM

Happy Birthday Engi! It's still mindblowing to believe that i've spent nearly 14 years and over half of my life with this site and all of our wonderful members!

I'm also claiming those 7ap and heirloom for Hotaru.

Kana 03-11-2018 01:12 PM

I'm here to claim the 7AP and Heirloom.

And as for Engi it's a lot less about the site and Naruto itself and more so about the people. I've met a lot of great friends here

Seikon 03-11-2018 01:31 PM

I guess I like you guys or something.

I'm glad we're all still here.

Here's to 14 more years of Engi.

Gimme dat (7 AP / Heirloom)

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