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merdle 04-01-2018 03:06 AM

Easter Announcement and Preview!
Since it is Easter, I figured this would be a great time to preview some of the new stuff in the tank for the future.

If you just want to get your Easter treat, head down to the fourth post!

Mechanics Preview Time!

After the conclusion of the Calamity Mountain arc is the Gaijin Invasion arc. This arc should bring with it enough new lore to accompany the invasion of a never-before-met foreign power. But on top of that, there will be an attempt to introduce new mechanics to the RP to make the culture and powers of the Gaijin seem different enough from the villages of ninja we already know. So here I’m going to map out some of the Mechanics that are currently being worked on, as well as introduce a new item now so that we can get used to them in the RP before the invasion comes.

merdle 04-01-2018 03:08 AM

First new mechanic: Will-breaking!

Well, it is more a return of an old mechanic. Anyone who has been on engi long enough will remember Super-Points. For those of you who don’t, super points allowed a taijutsu style to go above and beyond the normal +5 taijutsu bonuses for a stage, as long as there was a sufficient drawback. Some examples included super strength in the Stone Berserker style, and the notorious super speed in the style suicidal jumps. These styles went above and beyond the usual, but they also made taijutsu extremely hard to balance.

Will-breaking is a work-in-progress mechanic that works in a similar fashion. But instead of getting Super Points for a fluff downside that was usually mitigated within the style, Will-breaking is a temporary trade of points. For instance, Will-breaking away Stamina for additional Speed. The penalty continues after the Will-break, but the bonus wears off after a time based on the mechanics in the style. Plus, the goal is to avoid the whole +9 to speed/strength situation that super points created before.

The current style using Will-breaking is the Pugilist style, a boxing taijutsu that sacrifices the stamina that makes a boxer tough, to create a burst of speed and try to finish the fight. It has special techniques that can only be used while Will-breaking. Take a peek!

merdle 04-01-2018 03:10 AM

Second new mechanic: Relics and Relic Lists

In an attempt to avoid needing to make giant and full lists for the Gaijin, a new type of list was created to accommodate the differences in how they manipulate chakra. While the world we know has ritualistic spell casting based on arcane symbols learned through tons of practice, what we call Jutsu, the gaijin focus on Relics. These artifacts are powerful items, sometimes weapons, that contain powerful energy inside them that can be unleashed with much less practice. This creates a different culture, where many Gaijin either have no access to chakra, or have weak Relics that give them temporary or limited use. Then there are greater Relics that have unlimited uses, and are treasures themselves.

While sometimes Relics are just a logical reason for why a Gaijin can do techniques similar to a jutsu (more on that at a later time, probably), there are also Relic lists. These simplified lists have only three stages (called ranks to differentiate them) and a maximum of three techniques in each rank. This is to make it easier to create lists that may only be used by NPCs, and a few PCs that get hold of their Relics. In compensation, the Relics also have ‘Cantrips’ (name pending), which are weak abilities in each rank that can be used freely. Often they are barely worth calling a technique, but can be crucial to the overall theme of the list.

Take a look at a Rank from a Relic list based around manipulating soldiers on the battlefield.

merdle 04-01-2018 03:12 AM

Third new mechanic: Guns

This is what you all came for. Guns! I know that there has been a big issue with guns lately, and I tried hard to figure out a way to get guns into the RP without really causing an issue for those who have a problem with them.

Then I realized that was pretty much impossible. So instead I just finished them up, and decided to push them out.

So as of now, guns are available on the RP. We worked hard to make sure they are represented well, so I hope you enjoy them. Look to item info and jutsu info to see what we came up with.

Since it seems weird to have people need to slowly learn how to use a gun, I am giving 1 AP to anyone who claims it in this thread. You don’t have to use it to learn the gun style, since I know not everyone has a character that will want it. But it is a good start.

Claim it by posting your thoughts on the upcoming mechanics. Do it before I change my mind.

Nevermind, that was a silly idea. But you can still claim your 1 AP until the 8th of May.

Bukowski 04-01-2018 05:37 AM

Alright! Thoughts for AP! Y'know Fist needs another jutsu!


I like this a lot and I think it's sort of a sign that our mechanics move like music. First we had stances and super points, then we moved to a more reserved world with the levels and limited stat boosting and now we have stuff like the Seijuu List and the Neo Gates as well as the new Beast Master system mods. I like us having more fluidity and situational adaptability with our stats that are normally concrete outside of creation and jutsu acquirement (and Tai Hax).

Ultimately, this is just making taijutsu more awesome but it's also making it super Shounen and I like how that fits thematically more with the site more so than I like repping us chakra primary folk. Also, I think that it's something that our list makers can have a lot of fun with and I can see myself using.

Relic System!

I'm a little less understanding of this but overall I enjoy the simplification and it seems like a pragmatic way to take pressure off our staff creating a bunch of new stuff and y'know, actually RPing Gaijin stuff. Also in favor of giving NPCs more unique abilities because that helps with end game stuff. I know me and Hitoko are fighting enemies on a sliding scale of "strong enough" and I think this adds more flavor and legitimacy to that. So I'm in favor of seeing more of this and where it goes and also seeing it used in action in arc threads just so I can sorta see the feel of balance we got here.


Yo, is this a modifier? I can theoretically give Fist a gun sword for no reason? You wilding Neo Engi.

Also, this list is from 2007 and has a Meno approval on it.

Merdle this is just your ultimate Engi no Admin fantasy and don't tell us any different.

But also, yeah, clever way of getting me back to wanting to use my blunt smoking Grass Nin by giving him the ability to be strapped.

Thanks for the AP--I'll probably bother Hito, VD or Kana to spend it ;)

Virtual Dream 04-01-2018 08:28 AM

I really like the gaijin having other mechanics, making them weird and foreign and all that. It really makes them s p o o k y. In particular I like the Relic system because it's just one step away from letting me eat a Gum Gum Fruit <3

I'll take my AP and get out of here, I've got to go write my Seriously, Guys, In EVERY Ninja Work of Art There's Been Guns because Guns PRECEDE Shinobi Like...Seriously! It's just a Rock Throwing Tube! This Isn't a Modern Gun! Why do You Think it's Some Instant Kill Super Accurate Wand of Death? It's a Stage 2 Jutsu Launcher At Worst! Taijutsu style, name pending.

Cayuga 04-01-2018 08:46 AM

Will breaking awesome, relics awesome; really think there can be a lot of fun in that. Only thing I’m wondering is how to do the guns. I’m just worried that somehow, someways it will be way too op. I’m thinking like this; what stops a Genin from walking up to a jounin/Kage and just shooting them in the head? I mean like someone that has been brainwashed or wants to defect.

Seikon 04-02-2018 01:00 PM

I am interested to see how guns end up working out. I'm sure it'll be fine--its not 2008 anymore. Now that they are incorporated into the inventory system, it's not all that scary. Like VD mentioned, it's like a jutsu. As written, there are many ninjutsu in village lists that are way more lethal (And similar in function, bullet, etc)

Relics seem legit. The lists take a list spot, then? Like it a shinobi were to have the Relic they would buy the item itself and also use a list? Me gusta.

Claiming dat AP.

Wess 04-02-2018 02:35 PM

I’m just claiming this AP, yo.

Bass 04-02-2018 03:51 PM

All I can say is; Well Done, Boss
You know why

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