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Narf 01-26-2013 09:59 PM

Top Off
Top Off
Closed to Sinnocent and I

Usually you wouldn't spot Arashi without his khaki vest, but after the party he had attended last night he was having a hard time finding it and his wallet. Perhaps he drank a little too much; perhaps he had one too many mind-altering substances. But when he awoke he was nude in a room full of blacked out teens with calligraphy paint all over his body. The weird part was; he was the only one naked.

After tripping over several unconscious teens he finally made his way to the bathroom where he saw a message written in lipstick on the mirror: this guy is passed out on the toilet, so I peed in the shower.

Then he took a shower. He couldn't stop himself from scowling while scrubbing off lines that pointed to his crotch, several penises on his face and a scrotum marking his chin. He couldn't remember who invited him to the party and in hindsight he shouldn't have went. But he couldn't pass up an opportunity to get wasted, see scantily clad girls and wake up with a hangover.

The only items of clothing he could find were his cargo pants and his boots meaning; no shirt, no socks, and no underwear. Fortunately for him it was a sunny day in Wind Country. Normally he would have just paid someone for a ride, but no wallet meant he had to do things the old fashioned way. He would have to make the trek from the village of Gion all the way back to Sunagakure by himself. An introvert's dream. The only thing he had to his name was his smallest brush and an almost empty bottle of black ink.

"Shit man! Who does shit like that? I was abducted last night I don't remember shit!" he rambled on to himself as he walked through the village topless. He didn't care who overheard his conversation, it was 'none of their fuckin' business' as he would so eloquently put it. He put on his shades and popped a few headache pills. "Last night was mad real."

Sinnocent 01-26-2013 11:12 PM

Gion; her home. The only place where her past was her present. Here, she was not a kunoichi. She was not an envoy for Sunagakure. She was just Buyouka Kirei, daughter of Yousei and Tora, now the only heiress to the Buyouka fortune that was derived from many of the businesses that made up the amalgamation of the company's hand. Her headband was left behind, traded in for a white silk and pearl pin. Ebony tresses, with bright red roots beginning to show, were pulled up in to a top bun updo. Distresses and tanktops left in exchange for a winter themed kimono, fur shrug, and hand muffs. She was as pretty as the princess she was, and no one would guess at the darkness hidden underneath. Even though they were in the desert, it didn't stop the temperature from becoming chilly when surrounded by sandstone walls.

It had been a long night for the young girl. There was a party, as always. This one more somber than most. It was made known that the young man being groomed to take over his father's fortunes was no longer there, in a sense. His body existed, but Haruki himself, was dead. The responsibility falling to Kirei. Her parents introduced her to a number of their affiliates and partners. After all, in three more years, everything would be hers, along with her shinobi career.

It was all too much. She could feel the weight on her shoulders, her chest. She couldn't breathe. She needed to get away, and that is what she had done. Traveling down in to the slums that made up Lower Gion, she was prime pickings for the hawkers and merchants. Kirei had been able to fend most of them off. However this one was incessant on his ramblings. That was when she overheard him. Crystal blue eyes glanced back over her shoulder. If nothing else, the topless young man gave her an out.


You can take the girl out of Sunagakure...

Narf 01-27-2013 12:50 AM

Now I have to get another vest and buy some more ink and replace all of the brushes that I lost. Fuck. I don't have time for this shit. On top of that I have to make this long ass walk back to Suna before I do anything else. And my fucking wallet! I--

Someone interrupted his thoughts. Correction: a girl interrupted his thoughts. He hated being bothered while deep in thought it was one of his many peeves. The only factor that prevented him from giving her the evil eye and avoiding contact with the girl was the fact that she had a 'pussy' between her legs. If Arashi loved anything it was sex. So he didn't brush her off with a rude comment and a sideways stare, instead he smirked behind his shades while staring at the girl's chest.

"Do I look like the type to get kidnapped?" he rose his arms up to flex off his biceps and triceps, tightening his chest and abdomen to draw her eyes towards his body. "Heh, but I'll get kidnapped by a pretty face like yours any day."

If he knew anything about girls he knew these two things. Girls loved bad boys. Girls loved bad boys with tattoos. Though his beginnings were humble he had become somewhat of a ladies man and he knew what attracted the opposite sex. He had been this way for too long; being manipulative had become his nature.

Arashi could admire her glowing eyes, glossy lips, hourglass figure and her soft voice all he wanted to, but to him she could be nothing more than a score in the long-run. However, he would keep her from knowing his true agenda as long as he could. It was very counter-productive when the ass you want to tap knows that you're full of shit.

"You're from here?" ... she must come from a nice family to be in a kimono, especially in this part of the village.

"I've never seen anything like you around here before." as far as he was concerned his long walk back to Suna could turn into a quickie in Gion. That was more than enough of a reason to chit-chat for Arashi.

Sinnocent 01-27-2013 01:09 AM

Curious eyes watched his flexing, though her head tilted in bewilderment.

But hadn't he just said...?

Regardless of his previous words, he was now showing off all his muscles. Some of the things that made him a man. Kirei had grown overly used to this as many boys had fought her attention. A few years ago, she might have blushed, even giggled. Now his peacocking was just something to observe, and appreciate it for what it was, showing off in the attempt to attract a mate. However, Kirei was not ready for anything even remotely close to a relationship. The boy she had harbored a crush on, came back from the dead, and now was acting as if he wanted nothing to do with her. Her heart was shut off.

"From here is one way to put it. My parents still live here."

The man who was still trying to sell her things continued on in the background. Kirei brushed him away with a simple wave of his hand.

"Though my home is in Sunagakure, sort of."

Could she call it a home? By very definition, yes. The house she resided in was in Sunagakure. Therefore, her home was in Sunagakure. However it lacked the emotional attachment that she once had to it. It was little more than a shelter with her belongings in it. A hollow shell, a farce. It had once been bustling with activity. Her brother, her sensei, her teammates, him. Now everything was silent there. She could have easily gotten lost in her thoughts when she looked back to the topless boy in front of her.

"You said you were abducted... did they take your belongings as well?"

It was a rather obvious question, but one that would ease her in to a different topic. Perhaps finding those who had stolen his things; a quest to retrieve them, or even just giving in to the merchant who had been hounding her and buying him a shirt. It had to be uncomfortable. The slight chill in the air, and yet the sun still beating down on your back.

"I might be able to help, if you wanted it that is."

Narf 01-27-2013 01:38 AM

He expected her to respond in a more enthused manner. He was over half a foot taller than her, well built compared to a lot of boys his age, and he was Arashi. Stunning blue locks with deep blue eyes behind his fashionable shades. He was used to being the topic of discussion and now it seemed as if her mind was somewhere other than on him. He didn't like that one bit. If anything hurt an egocentric boy it was feeling as if he wasn't anything special.

Behind the thick lens of his shades he studied her body. Watching how the folds of her kimono curved around her figure when she walked and staring at her backside so he could imagine how she might look if she were naked. His imagination began to run wild and he could almost picture her entirely nude as she walked alongside him. Having been staring for so long he felt as if he could draw her perfectly.

"Yeah... I mean no. Just my vest." he took longer to respond to her question than he should have due to being so engrossed in his fantasies. They both had their minds elsewhere... sort of. Could she blame him?

He didn't want to tell her all about the crazy party he went to and all of the shit that went down prior to them meeting, as it might scare someone who looked as she did. Arashi would rather play the part for now and see how it worked instead of lay everything out on the table and face rejection. Though everyone had to deal with rejection at some point in life, that didn't mean that he liked it. He hated being turned away; he hated being looked down upon.

"I have plenty more vests at home. You don't have to be so nice. If you really wanted to help you would give me your name and your number so we could keep in touch. Name's Arashi. I'm on my way to Suna now, I live there too. I was just here visiting a friend of mine and I was starting to regret making that trip all the way here. Until you showed up."

Bitch, I'm the shit. He smiled, this time a grin showing his beautiful whites.

Sinnocent 01-27-2013 02:12 AM

At some point, even the most harden hearts have to beat to live. This showed through in the blood that rushed to her cheeks. She quickly averted her eyes.

His mannerisms reminded her so much of the other two. He had all of Shinnosuke's tenacity, a body reminiscent of the Ryuusei of the past who she became so enamored with. For a guy, hearing that any part of them, reminded someone of someone else, was an automatic atrocious thing. It did, however, let him slip through some cracks in the walls she had begun to build.

"My name is Kirei."
She made a distinct choice not to tell him her last name. It had scared too many people off, and brought others in to her life for all the wrong reasons. She would just let this play out, see where it took her. "It's nice to meet you Arashi-kun."

She made no mention of her number. Another strategic move on her part. So far, he had still just come off as just another guy, and she was sure that she was coming off as just another pretty face to him. Still, there might be something more, eventually. There was no way to find out unless the possibilities were explored.

"You say you're heading back to Suna now? It's a pretty long ways back by yourself. If I'm not imposing too much, would you like some company? I mean, I came here by myself as well and the trek is pretty boring. If I could phrase it another way, maybe... well, you could escort me back? It'll give me someone to talk to and pass the time quicker."

She offered him a smile. Her first genuine one in a long time. It felt... nice.

Narf 01-27-2013 11:24 PM

He noticed the blush on her face... that's more like it.

Arashi wasn't exactly sure what he had done to capture her attention on their stroll through the neighborhoods but he was glad it was working. Out of all of the girls he had the pleasure of exploring she seemed to be in the top three on mannerisms alone. He had been around his share of ass and he had grown tired of the slutty tramp role. Though it was easy enough for him to never turn down, it was too predictable for him to enjoy. Someone like her... Kirei, she said her name was. No matter though.

Putting an arm around her would be a little too much for someone he hardly knew, right? He didn't know the difference anymore between what was accepted and what was frowned upon. Saying that he was shocked that she offered to join him on his trip would be an overstatement, but when he woke up today he did not foresee meeting a cute girl to join him in his hungover quest back home. His luck had been something straight out of the movies. Something this good had to be scripted, because life just wasn't that perfect; not for him.

He would maintain a straight face and ensure that she didn't look past his shades while his eyes stayed focused on the path ahead of him. They still had a little ways to go before they reached the villages limits and began their walk to Suna, which meant that he had a little time to see how far his mouth could take him before they were all alone. He liked his odds.

"Yeah, yeah, of course you can. No problem."

Now I don't have to talk to myself. But I might end up talking to myself anyway. You love talking to yourself. Yeah, I do... but only cause I can't judge myself. It makes things easier. I don't have to lie to myself. Even though I do anyway. Ugh! SHUT UP!

"I don't know if I said this before but you're really pretty." Of course he had said it before and he didn't care if he had to say it twenty more times. "Are you a model?"

Pressing her for her number wasn't in his list of options. If she didn't want to give it to him he wouldn't beg her for it, yet. That just meant that she wasn't as comfortable with him yet to release that type of information. He would have to open her up before he got the pleasure of opening her up. Charisma would have to take the place of his raging libido. Arashi didn't have to do much thinking in this area. His experience was high enough to preemptively plan on how he would crack this cookie. Sooner or later she would be his.

Sinnocent 01-28-2013 12:25 AM

There it was, the soft blushing of her cheeks again. However, this time it was less from the compliment and more of embarrassment. In a way, it was an insult in and of itself. She had taken so many measures to distance herself from the girl she used to be. Bright auburn hair and the standard girly colors and clothes making her stand out even more in the crowd. She spent more time focusing on her looks than training, and because of that, let everyone around her down. She wanted to be covered in scars; she wanted musculature. In her mind, pretty had become a synonym for weak, but there was no way to explain that to someone without going in to a bunch of emotional and psychological baggage.

Still, the question lingered in the air.

What should she tell him? She'd been in several newspaper articles, especially in Gion thanks to her father's business dealings. Though she had never really been the main focus. There were a couple of instances where her mother had used her face to promote the restaurant. There was also that one creepy pervert photographer who wanted to 'add to his portfolio in the teenage age bracket'. Haruki had broken more than his camera when he found out about it.

Trying to make the awkward silence less awkward, she finally spurted forth an answer.

"I'm training to become a kunoichi."

There was a certain lackluster to the timbre of her voice. She had gone from confident and well spoken one minute, to soft spoken and her words rather shaky. Kirei couldn't help but to avert her eyes as they began to walk. Could she really even be called that? Did knowing a few parlor tricks make someone a shinobi? Surely, a change of subject was needed.

"What about you?" She paused and looked back up at him. "I mean... you said you were from Sunagakure too, right? What do you do?"

If she had actually stopped to think about it for a moment, she would have probably recognized him from their time at the academy. He would be less likely to remember her. She looked like a completely different person; she acted like a completely different person. She was a completely different person.

Narf 01-29-2013 10:39 PM

He would have recognized her if his hobbies hadn't included trading tattoos for ryou, taking part in recreational drugs and hitting on as many random girls as he possibly could within a day's time. The teen barely had enough time to practice his craft much less be interested in social media. Fortunately for them both, he had yet to meet the day's quota of hitting on random girls. Whether she knew it or not she had already done more than enough to help out.

In fact, he felt as though he didn't have to bring out his heavy material for her. It was in the way she hid her face when he complimented her and avoided his personal questions. Had she rejected his advances then it would have been another thing entirely and she would have been dismissed. But this Kirei seemed to have an untold story that kept Arashi invested, among other things, causing him to actually enjoy just talking with a girl for once. Still, his one-track mind prevented him from seeing anything but her outer beauty.

She's kinda sexy. his eyes could not leave her rosy lips. There was an air of surprise that washed over him when she announced that she had been undergoing training to be a kunoichi. It wasn't exactly surprising to find another ninja, even female, walking around the Low City of the Gion village. But for some reason he didn't expect it from her. Perhaps it was her attire that threw Arashi off. His gaze drew back to her eyes which he noticed to be a hue brighter than his own.

"You training to be a ninja, huh? That's coo'. A beauty and a beast. I don't want to get on your bad side you might beat my ass."

The surrounding suburbia neared an end and what remained were the deserts they he traversed hundreds of times. Still, he didn't look forward to the walk. Even with Kirei by his side. Something about the vast desert felt empty and bland. The terrain had grown to be an extremely tiring trek and he loathed the boring sensation he always felt as he left a trail of footprints in the sand.

"I don't do much. Just enough to pass the time from day to day. I work as a caregiver at the Suna Support and Recovery Hospital. Taking care of people who can't take care of themselves." laughter took over Arashi. "One day I went into the job and one of our guys literally ran up on me holding a pile of his shit in his hand and he started eating it! Hahaha I know it's sick but damn I couldn't stop laughing."

Shortly thereafter the laughter faded. "I do a little bit of everything. If you ever need someone to practice with, give you a tattoo, or go on a date with hit me up. I could make time for you any day."

Sinnocent 01-30-2013 01:20 AM

Kirei couldn't help but laugh at the remark about being a beauty and a beast; she could only hope. Going on looks alone, it seemed that Arashi would have easily been able to take her on and bring her down. Taller, built better. She could only assume that he dabbled in a couple of different styles of taijutsu, or had at least done some street fighting in his time. Her own styles were both soft styles that focused more on being quick and evading rather than brute strength. That and with all that had been going on in Sunagakure lately, she'd fallen behind on her training. She couldn't remember the last time she had actually managed to secure Hitoko-sama for a session, though the few missions she had been given did offer some exercise.

When he announced that he was working in a wing at the hospital, the smiled widened. There weren't many people, especially those of her age group, that would do that. Much less want to do it. However, upon the tale of the man eating his own feces, the corners of her lips turned downward slightly and she let out a rather awkward sounding laugh.

Then, something else he mentioned caused her to spark up again? Tattoos? It should have been obvious by the ink on his own body. The one she had gotten on her forearm, she had to get from some back alley guy in Suna. No one else would do one for her. It was nice to have someone who would be able to do one, even though she hadn't really planned on getting another.

"Be careful, I might just take you up on one of those offers."

The idea of going out on a date intrigued her as well. Apparently, Kirei was placed in to an arranged marriage with one of her father's business partners when she was young, what was worse, was it was to Shinnosuke. However, when it came out the genin was missing, assumed dead in the jailbreak, she was relieved of that commitment. Was it bad that at the time she felt freed? Her parents both knew about her developing feelings for Ryuusei at the time as well, but it seemed that he had either lost, or buried his own feelings deep. It was something that she still resented. Maybe, just maybe, a new male in her life would be a good thing. While she wasn't in any mindset to be dating right now, it was a future possibility, just to blow off steam... but that would mean he'd have to find out more about her. A situation that made her nervous to say the least, not just with Arashi, but anyone.

As they reached the city limits, it seemed both of them were staring out in to the bleak distance ahead.

"I wish I would have brought my board."

That was when it occurred to her.

"Ever been wind boarding?"

It was a pastime that she had been introduced to through Ryuusei, but she had come to enjoy herself. It no longer even reminded her of the now Chuunin.

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