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Kaen 06-02-2016 06:54 PM

Engi's Offical Discord Chat
Engi has an official Discord group, for those wishing to try to find a team, discuss the roleplay or just hang out with other players and mods from Engi! There are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind before you join us, which are simple and easy to follow.
  1. Chat is considered part of Engi within reason. If something is against the rules on site, it's probably against the rules here.
  2. This is an Engi chat. While off topic conversations are not prohibited anything that squelches actual Engi conversations IS. Be aware and be considerate.
Those who do not follow the guidelines may receive a warning. Those who continue to disregard the rules may receive a temporary kick. And those who prove especially disruptive in chat can be banned, either from the chat alone or from the forum at large, through the same process that bans are processed on forum.

Be decent to each other, because the moderating staff doesn't want it to come to that. Help make Engi and this chat a welcoming community by following the guidelines and treating your fellow players with respect.

Joining is easy. You simply need to click this link, give your browser permission to open it, and your Discord should automatically try to add you to our chat.

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