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Diaketh 12-15-2006 01:13 PM

Chigatana no Kenbu (Sword Dance of the Bloody Sword)
Chigatana no kenbu – Sword dance of the Bloody Sword

Most swordsmen commit the same error. They focus so much on their techniques and the theory behind them that they lose the focus on the basic teachings of fighting. A sword is just a lump of metal with the purpose of causing damage. Techniques can be replaced by experience, theory with willpower. In the end, it is all about who is the last one standing”

Chihara Sora, founder of Chigatana no Kenbu


Chigatana no Kenbu has often been ridiculed as “foolhardy brawling bloodlust sword style”. On contraire with many of its fellow schools, it holds close to zero focus on defence. In reality, it is a sword style with a simple goal: To kill the opponent. It doesn’t matter if too much power is applied, if you get hit in the process, if you happen to kill a civilian, if you happen to destroy a building or two, as long as the opponent dies.

Its main attribute is that is a very unorthodox style without any set forms. It is also believed that it cannot be truly learned in a dojo with wooden weapons, but only when fighting for your life. This in turn explains why it has never become one of the major sword styles since a lot of practitioners die during the course of learning. Its goal is to create a warrior with complete awareness of his surroundings born from the experience of countless battlefields as well as knowledge where to strike in order to kill.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Chigatana no Kenbu is the ability to project your own lust for blood so it becomes noticeable to the enemy. The lust for blood, the determination to kill your opponent, is in truth the complete base of the style. As the student progress he learns how to at first sense other’s bloodlust and later on learns to use his own to put fear in his opponent’s heart.

Accuracy: The knowledge of were to strike and to actually put this in practice is one of the bases for Chigatana no Kenbu. At first it is nothing impressive but at a higher level where the user will strike his opponent with pinpoint accuracy is truly horrifying.

Defence: Defence? Are you out of your god-damned mind? One of the reasons why a lot of Chigatana no Kenbu students die during their process of learning is that the style relies more on instinct and experience rather than training for any specific defensive patterns. But with time their defence becomes a mix of psychological warfare and the threatening aura that they sunder. Besides, why defend when you can attack?

Offence: The offensive theory behind Chigatana no Kenbu is simple; to use any means necessary in order to kill your opponent. Elbows, knees, head butts, anything! They rely much on the style's unpredictable and unorthodox nature since there are close to zero set of attack patterns, so the enemy must constantly stay on their guard as they don't know what to expect.

Style Basis: Weapon, Sakki


Defining "Sakki"
Sakki would be directly translated into "thirst for blood", ie a yearning to harm either something living or an object.When using the term Sakki in this style I take it as an actual intent to harm someone else/something. So in other words someone accidently tripping and hitting in the crotch would be an attack carried out without any Sakki. On the other hand a cold merciless assassin trying to figure out how to gut you would be caught instantly by the Sakki-O-Meter.

Then of course depending on how eager they are to kill you, the pulse caught by Sakki no Kanji will be weaker/stronger. But that is just fluff more or less.

Requirements: A sword at least of kodachi length. (Daredevil archetype would be quite fitting to the mentality of the style, but it is by no means a requirement)

Stage One: Sneaky Bastard
Stat Requirements: Strength 5, Stamina 3
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina

The user learns the basic theories behind fighting with a sword, but has yet to actually use it in practice. While they can use the sword without risking hurting themselves they have yet achieved complete control over their weapon and can only perform a set of a few basic swings. On the other hand they usually complement their limited skills with the sword by using other means to attack. It is also important that the student begun to learn how to use both of their hands with the same ease.

Regular Techniques:

Sanbatsu Kougeki (Triple strike Attack)
True to the brawling mentality of the style, the user charges in with a shoulder tackle. After coming into contact with the enemy, the user plunge the butt of the sword into the enemies solar plexus and finishes with a swift cut from below.

Hikyousenban Ryoutekiki Kougeki (Sneaky Ambidexterity Attack)
The user learns how to fight with both of his hands with equal ease. If the user is left handed they will draw a kunai/use a stick, whatever and use it in their right, to attack. It is important that the movement of the off-hand if somewhat hidden in order to cause a sufficient amount of surprise.

Stage Two: Ruffian
Stat Requirements: Strength 7, Stamina 7, Willpower 6
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina

Having hopefully used his skills in an actual combat situation with a real sword, the user has now beginning to grasp what it means to fight with the sword. Learning that one’s own skills are not all in a fight, it is important that the user learns to know what happens around him. Therefore they have begun to learn how to somewhat read their opponent. Another important aspect of the teaching at this stage is that the student must learn how to change their attack patterns regularly.

Regular Techniques:

Hikyousenban Hikui Shoumenkougeki (Sneaky Low Frontal Attack)
It is counter technique that generally works best on opponents wielding weapons. The user parries the first blow and then proceeds to move toward their opponent, plunging their knee into the user’s abdomen/groin. It is cheap, unsportsmanlike and terribly effective.

Hikyousenban Takai Shoumenkougeki (Sneaky High Frontal Attack)
Well, in theory identical to the above mentioned technique, but instead of kneeing the groin you bash them with you bloodlust-filled head! A must for any regular bar fighter!

Stage Three: Hoodlum
Stat Requirements: Strength 12, Stamina 8, Willpower 8
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina

At this stage the primary goal is to acquire individuality in your fighting, to develop your own style in accordance to your options. One CnK user could be drastically different from another, yet what is important is their motivation and Sakki. At this stage the defence is improved due to improved technique when it comes to dodging. Their step in speed also becomes a lot faster and they learn how to better read their opponents attacks.

Regular Techniques:

Ryuusui no ugoki (Flowing Water motion)
Perhaps a very fancy word for an increased skill in their footwork by quickly changing their steps from long to short and so forth, the user’s movement now seem more flowing and agile. With it their dodging ability has become accurately sharper as they move a lot smoother than before, almost flowing with precise accuracy in order to avoid an attack.

Zoukiteikyousha (Organ Donor)
This is the stage at which the user takes the step from being a sneaky bastard to a brutal monster. All that is needed is a sufficiently deep cut and you’re halfway there. Now all that is needed is for the user to stab him with his hand and grab the first organ you can get your blood-smeared hands on and then just yank it out. Congratulations, you have now made your enemy an organ donor. (Be sure to give him a thank-you card on the way out.)

Special Techniques

Sakki no Kanji (Feeling of Bloodlust) Level 1
"First you must know your enemies intent to kill. Only then will you truly master your own." -
The user has begun to learn how to sense other’s lust for blood, their intention to attack, even if they try to suppress that feeling. It is an ability that can not be trained but only achieved with time and experience. It takes the form of something akin to a signal in the person's mind. He has by no means any clue of the origin of the sakki, but that signal might be enough to save the user's life. The user can only sense the sakki of someone within 5 feet.

It is important to note that this Sakki-sense does not pick up objects, unless they have a conciousness.

Stage Four: Killer
Stat Requirements: Strength 16, Stamina 14, Speed 13, Willpower 14
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina

At this stage the Chigatana no Kenbu user learns the true strength of the style. They are now able to direct their attacks only where they will cause the maximum amount of damage, knowing full well which areas are the hardest for the opponent to defend. More importantly, they increase their defence by learning the ability to make their stance completely unreadable to the opponent.

Stance Name: Muteikei (Shapeless)
Stage Bonuses: Supreme awesomeness
Standing relaxed with the sword held almost carelessly in his hand, his other hand dug into his right pocked, even while he yawns, how come there are no openings? That is probably what most swordsmen or fighters would think when faced with the stance that is one of the core techniques of the Chigatana no Kenbu. It has no set form like most stances; instead it varies between the users. They can stand casually, but any intent on attacking them will be met instantly by the sword that was casually held moments ago. That is truly where its name comes from, it has no set shape yet there are no openings in which to attack and an attack from the user can come from any angle possible.

Regular Techniques:

Hien (Flying Swallow)

This is an attack that was made originally for the Muteiki stance. As the user swings his blade in a slash from one direction, then like a swallow in flight it changes its direction in less than a moment with a sharp flick of his wrist, drastically changing the direction of the cut, catching the opponent unguarded. While this may sound simple, it requires a tremendous strength in the wrists. It is the perfect attack for the Muteiki stance, where the opponent will have no idea where the attack will come from or hit.

Karappo (Hollow)
Give a style enough years under its belt and techniques to counter it are bound to pop up. Ironically it was invented by a user of the very style it was supposed to counter! Hollow is a rather unorthodox technique if you consider the average mindset of a CnK user. It is part of the mastery of your Sakki, namely to suppress it completely.

There are several uses for this technique. Since the user has completely sealed off his Sakki, he will not be detected by Sakki no Kanji. They will also be unaffected by mind-reading esqué techniques. While using Karappo the user can not use Sakki Kansei, Sakki Shinkirou or Attou Sakki.

Stage Five: Walking genocide
Stat Requirements: Strength 22, Stamina 19, Speed 15, Willpower 16
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina

At this stage the user's offence is increased greatly as he learns how to focus and project his own bloodlust so that it will affect the opponent, attacking them psychologically. Their analytical skill has become a second habit to them, enabling them to use the opponent’s bad habits to their advantage and unleash the true gruesome nature of the style. Crafted from hundreds of battles is a sense of insight, a combination of being able to read the bodylanguage of their opponent together with their awareness of his or hers Sakki.

Regular techniques:

Sakki Kensei (Blood thirst Feint)
Requirement: Sakki no Kanji Level 1
A normal feint can usually be seen through easily. However fakes that have been given some kind of ‘soul’ aren’t seen through as easily. By placing the user’s entire bloodlust into the feint and looking into the enemy's eyes, a feint will seem much, much more real.

Chimamire Tsubame Gaeshi (Returning Bloody Swallow)
While it is a truly wonderful technique, the weakness of the Hien is the strain it puts on the user’s wrist. But at this stage the user has become so accustomed to it that he can actually put together a series of them. Chimamire Tsubame Gaeshi is in essence a simple technique.

To actually invite for an attack to come, then while it has just been initiated, knock it off its course. Yet together with the mastery of the Hien, you keep the momentum by merely changing the direction after knocking the attack away and strike the opponent while he is caught off balance.

Noto (Sheathing the sword)
I am like the stone in the river. Unrelenting, unyielding, I will never waver from my chosen path.
If there is one trait that users of CnK share, it is a clear dislike of losing. They simple won’t give up as long as there is at least one shred of will and at least a pint of blood left in their body. Once they have begun to attack, they will not stop until they have done so. Arrows, impalement, few things short of cutting their throats or chopping their arm off will stop them from fulfilling that single attack. This is sometimes used as a (if rather foolish) way of catching opponents who are faster than the user.

Karasu no hitomure (Murder of Crows)
“The crows will descend in the wake of the Swallow”
Grasping their sword they bring back their arm so that the tip of the sword is pointed toward the enemy. Using most of the strength in their upper body they lunge forward and as they begin the thrusting motion they sink lower and then shoot forward, further increasing the speed of the thrust by using the power of their legs.

It is actually a two-point attack. That is because if they do manage to pierce the target, they will quickly rip it out horizontally, causing a bloody mess. Just the way you want it.

Special Techniques

Sakki no Kanji (Feeling of Bloodlust) Level 2
Requires: Sakki no Kanji Level 1
The user has by now nearly mastered the ability to sense other's Sakki. They can sense a source of Sakki even if it is not directly focused at them and they can also discern between several different sources of Sakki. Range of 10 feet.

Stage Six: Warlord
Stat Requirements: Strength 29, Stamina 24, Speed 22, Willpower 19, Tactics 17
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina

The Warlord knows how to fully unleash his innate strength and that of his style, his mere presence a solidifed avatar of bloodlust. Through extensive practice they have achieved a mastery of their own momentum, greatly incresing their offensive capabilities, the whole aspect of that practice being the "useless swordtaking" technqiue.

Regular Techniques:

Sakki Shinkirou (Bloodthirst Mirage)
The very aura around the CnK user can be focused in many different ways. When locking their eyes upon the users, his unleashed bloodlust will make it seem like his figure is flickering back and forth, with a maximum of 20 cm away from the real body. This can potentially make it harder to hit the user if ever so slightly.

Kainashiken Totte (Useless sword taking)
Only effective against an opponent armed with a bladed weapon, most preferably a sword. While it requires precise timing and overwhelming force, if it succeeds your foe will most certainly leaving this world. When attacked you dash into inside their guard and grab the bottom of their hilt with your hands. Then while hopefully using their own momentum, you steal it from their grasp and fulfil the attack in a full circle.

Now this is possibly easier said then done, but there are several ways to ensure that you manage to get inside their guard. One tactic might be to parry the attack while stepping in, or to make a feint and last but not least overwhelm them with your monstrous bloodlust.
User must have a higher strength than their opponent or have their permission (where speed might make up for a lack of strength)

Special Techniques

Attou Sakki (Overwhelming Bloodthirst)
When mastering this stage of the sword style, the user’s ability to project one’s own lust for blood has come to the stage when they can overwhelm weaker opponents with it. Their full bloodlust is so overwhelming that they will paralyze (one post) those with a willpower weaker than his own intent to cause harm (his own willpower). Those who have willpower as strong as himself or above are not stunned, but will still feel fear when faced with such murderous intent. After the paralysis has passed they will almost certainly feel fear and they cannot be paralysed once more in the same thread.

Stage Seven: Blood god
Stat Requirements: Strength 34, Stamina 33, Speed 32, Willpower 24, Tactics 20
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina
Their attack and defence becomes one as they can defend and counterattack in quick succession. The ferocity in their attack is much greater than before and their attacks can easily cut or break normal weapons in two. Having mastered the art of sensing and focusing Sakki, the user is now the bloodgod reborn. Now it is up to him to demand the sacrifices belonging to him.

Regular Techniques:

Sakki Zenchizennou (Bloodthirst Omniscience)
Requires: Sakki no Kanji Level 2
The complete mastery of reading other’s bloodlust. They are able to read changes in bloodlust and through that they are able to somewhat predict how the opponent will react with the help of reading their body-language. There are limits to this however as they only get a general idea, for example what kind of attack they will launch or from which angle, but to the opponent it will seem like they truly are able to read their mind.

Special Techniques:

Sakki no Kanji (Feeling of Bloodlust) Level 3
Requires: Sakki no Kanji Level 2
The user can know feel the presence of a person's Sakki if they harbor hostile thoughts at all in a 15 feet radius. It can be nothing but a brief annoyance, a flash of irritation, the user will sense it. An excellent skill when entering foreign soil, making the user able to anticipate the presence of a potential foe before his normal senses would have.

Chigatana no Kenbu Ougi (Sword Dance of the Bloody Sword Secret Technique)
*open slot* Due to the individualistic style of Chigatana no Kenbu, each user has their own Ougi. Naturally, they are awesome to the max.

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