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Kaen 03-11-2011 01:58 AM

Engiversary 7.0
Seven is a good number.

For those of you who haven’t been here long enough to remember the sort of day March eleventh is for us, or haven’t seen the little notice at the bottom, today is Engi’s seventh birthday; our birthday.

I haven’t been here for the full run, but I’ve been here long to wonder at this site, and I’m sure many of you have too. What started out as a little forum started at the whim of three people who are no longer here; a bunch of kids who wanted to create magical ninja and exploding chickens, getting together and playing their own sort of game.

Now we’ve gotten older. Most of our veterans from those venerable days have moved on, but as the people of the forum got older their sensibilities changes with it. The stories got a little darker, people started worrying about strange things like ‘grammar’ and ‘character development.’

More important, we talked to one another. We set up networks and groups to do our thing, and slowly but surely they changed from associations of necessity to real friendships, and some very close. Now, seven years later, even with most of the originals gone the frameworks holds strong. Our Engi no Jutsu has evolved into something so much more than a RP site; it is a group of friends, a collaboration of storytellers and a family all at once. Seven years we’ve got for ourselves so far, and they’ve been good years.

It’s a great that this site has done for us, and we’re gonna celebrate it this month. We’re opening the door with a new city, a new universal setting where characters from all over the shinobi world can meet and interact without the restrictions of textbook diplomatic missions and the foreign exchange program. Our gift to you is Sennou no Shi, capital of Iron Country and center of the shinobi world.

There will be more for you. What will it be? Not even we’re quite sure yet, but we’re sure that you’ll enjoy it. Sennou no Shi is the first to you, the one that came on-the-day. Be on the lookout for others, and have fun!

Sinnocent 03-11-2011 02:38 AM

Yay! First post (besides Kaen who had to start the thread)!

Again, a few of you got tricked by a bot resurrecting the old 6.0 thread and posting your yays in it. But, now you can post in the real one :) Like Kaen, I haven't been here the whole time either. I was telling Merd and Mid earlier how I got to miss all the fun of Blood Village and running around with all the just... insane clans xD Now they are locked away somewhere where no one can see how much Engi has progressed. Maybe for the 10 year anniversary, open it up so we can get a peek? <3

They say 7 is a lucky number and this year there certainly has been a lot going on, what with Sand and Leaf arcs, Sound and Cloud going the way of NPC :(, Some of the regulars going off but then picking up some pretty spiffeh ones. Kaen was also right in that some how, this place becomes more than RP site after awhile. It's evolves from a community. You get in chat where the weirdest shit happens and you laugh your ass off like you were with a group of friends. With some people, you even get cell numbers and begin to text and call and in some cases, when another Engian comes near your home... you stop by and meet them face to face and realize that you've got more than just an online connection. :) (*cough* Abby, even though you're in Germany now and probably won't read this yet!)

Proud to say I think and hope I spawned the next generation. I'd really love it if one day when Ariana was older, she'd stumble across this place of magical ninja (who I stopped paying attention to like, 2 years after I joined and was just here for the writing and the people) go, "Oh?" and make a character. I hope she'd never realize who the hell I was... but you get the idea. Basically, I hope Engi is around for many, many more years and it stays like it is. Evolving, interesting, and close knit.

Anyways... Happy Engiversary!

/me scares Long with a pinata!

Nutextrordinaire 03-11-2011 10:46 AM

I have no long monolouge to put here. Though, as a relative newbie compared to both Kaen and Sinn. I have really come to enjoy it here, and plan to stay around til the next engiversary and hopefully many more.

So, Happy Engiversary!

/me scares Long with a giant pinata


Break 03-11-2011 11:34 AM

Seven years old already, hell before we know it Engi going to reach those rebellious preteen years. Though essentially a newbie as I have only briefly come and gone over the years, I've always enjoyed it here. It's rare to find people of the intellectual (and nerdy) caliber that you do on Engi. It's nice we have a little place to congregate.

And best of all, birthdays are a great excuse for drinking!

Here's to many more! Happy Engiversary!

Bunrakudo 03-11-2011 04:22 PM

Lucky number seven indeed.

I've been around long enough to have seen many changes instituted and innumerable faces come and go. It's not always easy being hooked on something as addictive as Engi, but I've stuck it out this long because this is a place that allows for immense creativity and improvement in one's writing skills. I know I've benefited from this personally, and I've seen many others whose writing has done likewise as they stuck it out.

I may not be the most active member, but damnit, I'm still a member and I will keep coming back come hell or high water. Happy birthday Engi, and may you keep going strong for plenty more years to come.

12omaji 03-11-2011 05:45 PM

Unfortunately I was one of those who got "Pwn'd" by the
bot... =_=

I must say, I'm impressed that Engi no Jutsu has been going strong for seven years now. Being new myself I haven't much to say, but I will say that I must agree with everyone. This place is so much more than some RPG Forum. Engi is a place respite, a community, a family. Even though my activity has waned as of recent, I find comfort in knowing that Engi is here.

Here's to Engi's 7th Engiversary!


tidus6 03-11-2011 08:49 PM

well, 7 years for an rp is a nice long life and his 1 has quiet the story behind it. I hope some day ill be able to make a long speech about memorys and the greatness of a site that is new to me :) Happy Engiversary!!!!!!


darkbeauty 03-11-2011 11:38 PM

Seven is a lucky number! Supposedly anyway. Thumbs up to everyone on Engi. It has stolen five, no wait, maybe four years from my life and besides helping my characters develop, it helped me develop too. I'm not just a whiny 12 year old anymore, I'm a whiny 17 year old who knows how to roleplay as a magical ninja. I'd also like to say that Engi gave me a few friends that I don't think I would have gotten through some aspects of life without. Goddamn adolescence.

I honestly thought Engi would never make it this far, but it's still going strong. I'm kinda proud of all of us. Good job, guys.

Cheers! <3

Wess 03-12-2011 10:25 AM

Ah, seven. <3 One of my favorite years, aside from that one teacher. Happy anniversary, Engi!

I had a long, droning peace of speech to put here, but I've decided against it, mainly because I forgot.

PS. Darkbeauty, come back to the immature side. We have cookies and hawk-like language art teachers. ;-;

Rough 03-12-2011 01:27 PM

Honestly, I appreciate 3 things about Engi:
1. The people
2. The village arcs, as they've gone this way and that through the years.
3. Having a community of writers to relate to/take criticism from/etc

While there are less people active than when I first joined, I think in my time here I've seen both the arcs and the general level of writing here improve a lot. I often miss some of the old people that aren't around anymore, but I've also been enjoying the people that are "new" here, too. So yeah.

I do worry about us having 2 villages now npc'd, but on the other hand, activity seems to have stabilized, and both Sound and Cloud have had huge periods of inactivity since I first joined. When you think about it, we haven't shrunk all that much.

The reg is slower than it used to be, and people make less rp threads than when I first joined, but at the same time I think many of the threads being made now are actually getting finished, and the reg might be slower but it's a hell of a lot less spammy and terribad, compared to some other years I've seen.

Anyhow, I guess I'm trying to say that Engi remains awesome, and here's to another year!

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