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Junge 09-23-2019 09:48 PM

[Iron] Ferrous Coalesced Onmyodo
Through blood and tears one team of Brigadiers fights an unstoppable Sennin . The struggle blazes across continents before finally settling in the mouth of an active ice volcano, and the deciding blow shatters the world as we know it for decades to come. Do not avert your eyes. This is the moment where it all gets decided.

Wess 09-29-2019 11:19 PM

Both of you get 3 points, 1 for jutsu. And Junge gets additional points per BM/Leader rules.

All in all, this was an entertaining thread. I didn’t notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, so kudos there. It was refreshing seeing a thread not centered on killing people and a little bit of world building going on. You two had a chemistry in writing this, which I appreciated. Maybe I’m just a stickler for good fluff threads, I dunno. I’ll keep this eating short though, because I don’t have any complaints.

Actually, I have one. Junge, the next time you make a thread rating, use the correct thread link. Lol

Junge 10-01-2019 09:27 PM

What an embarrassing mistake with that link. The dangers of rampant copy pasting!

Thanks for the rating. As usual this will be a mess of edits (aren't Leaders great?).

First, if the link to First Lord's Charge could be changed to this that'd be cool: http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=46407

Then I'd like to put a point in Stamina, and a point in Strength. And hey wouldn't you know it, now she can take this special technique! This can be plopped into her sheet however, but something like this would probably be fine:
HTML Code:

[b]Special Techniques:[/b]
[i]-Last Lord’s Charge[/i]

+1 Intelligence and this technique from the Mercenary list:
[1]Magician’s escape (Tactics=3, Speed=2)

+1 Control and this technique from the Mercenary list:
[1]Magician’s escape (Tactics=3, Speed=2)

+1 Speed and this technique from the Mercenary list:
[1]Magician’s escape (Tactics=3, Speed=2)

This can all be plopped into thread ratings like this:
HTML Code:

10/1/2019 -[URL="http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?p=473024#post473024"] Ferrous Coalesced Onmyodo[/URL] - +1 Stamina, +1 Strength, Last Lord's Charge, Noboru: +1 Intelligence, Ryoseidowa: +1 Control, Inabune: +1 Speed, All Retainers: Magician's Escape
Hope the edits aren't too bad!

Virtual Dream 10-17-2019 06:06 PM

Thanks, bud.

Jutsu: Hidden Leaf Genjutsu Stage 4
Aitou no Hibiki (Echo of Lament)
Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10

Bookworm: Hidden Leaf Genjutsu Stage 5
Nemuri (Sleep)
Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15

+1 Speed.

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