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Wess 08-16-2018 01:06 AM

Shichou Amane
Shichou Amane
Male ~ 15 ~ 5'7" ~ Chuunin ~ Amegakure

Physical Description: A soft face gives way to a statuesque body, remnant of classic architecture. Possessing a soft musculature, Amane’s body is one accustomed to work and toil, and it, along with his shinobi training, manifests in the form of lightly defined pectorals and abs, capable arms, and toned legs. His doe-like eyes possess a kind of dichotomy, their pale blue tint bright and eager, simultaneously dulled with duty and responsibility. His skin is pale like most of Amegakure’s residents, fleshed out in a casing of ivory while his face appears to be carved from marble, a light dusting of freckles passing over his sharp, upturned nose and just under his eyes thanks to time spent aboveground. Despite being thin and in shape, his shoulders seem a bit too broad, other parts of him yet to be shaped by the denouement of puberty.

Even though he lives in Sector One, Amane lacks the aristocratic sense common to many of his clan members. He has a tendency to lean slightly forward when he walks, and he always carries a small, demure smile on his face as if the slightest bit of optimism can help him push through the rest of his day. His neck seems a little too long and too thin; with such a prominent Adam’s apple, it’s a wonder that the boy grows little to no facial or body hair.

His skin is baby delicate to the touch, and his voice is silvery, despite possessing a kind of fruity, adenoidal quality. His chocolate brown hair is some of the softest in Amegakure thanks to his use of sulfate-free shampoo.

Clothing: Unlike many shinobi, Amane’s wardrobe does not change depending on whether he’s on or off duty. As a Shichou, he possesses an incredibly vast wardrobe, capable of creating whatever he wants to wear for the day in a matter of minutes through the use of chakra. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t have a preferred style or color choice, but the fact remains that depending on his mood or what exactly he’s doing, it is entirely possible for him to change his attire upwards of ten times a day.

Generally, Amane starts his day off in a printed shirt and colored jeans or shorts, depending on how cold or hot it is. If it proves to be particularly cold, he prefers long sweaters, leggings, boots and the like. On the surface, he usually dresses in outlandish jackets, constructions that look like they belong on a runway model rather than a shinobi.

When diplomacy doesn’t work and Amane is forced to fight, his wardrobe is constantly changing and ever evolving in order to properly cater to his needs. He views himself as a fashion icon, and all of his work reflects that – particularly his lethal pieces.

Personality: Ambitious and cunning, Amane takes his position among the Shichou more seriously than most. He is an artist, a businessman, an entrepreneur. First and foremost, however, he is a shinobi. His killer instinct, combined with a drive to be the best at his craft and an insatiable desire to earn his keep have created a young man tempered with resolve. Time is money, and he runs like a carefully oiled machine with a penchant for management. Always abound with youthful energy, he has fashioned himself into the Shichou’s rising star and refuses to let his newfound notoriety slip through the cracks.

Despite his devotion to his work, Amane is by no means the most charismatic of salesman. He’s an amalgam of goofiness and sass, with queer ponderings and a single, overpowering interest: fashion. Despite his shortcomings as a salesman, Amane’s work speaks for itself, proving to be of the utmost quality like the majority of the Shichou’s products. He possesses an odd cheer about him and a generally agreeable manner. While not necessarily shy, something about him seems muted, and he’s happy to let someone else steer casual conversation, giving the impression that he’s a good listener. If one does manage to get him to go off on a tangent, he’s capable of rambling and talking in circles for quite some time, proving that he can be quite a good distraction.

A vein of insecurity, however, penetrates Amane to his core. He is a perfectionist, one that is easily upset when things don't go as planned. Notorious for his one liners, Amane loses any sense of calm when he or his work is criticized. He strives to be the best, to make a name for himself, and is quick to label anyone an enemy that doesn't have his best interests at heart.



Bookworm: +2 Power, +1 Control, +2 Willpower, +1 Intelligence / -4 Strength, -1 Tactics, -1 Stamina
Primary: Chakra, Secondary: Physical Tertiary: Mental
You may spend up to two rather than one thread points on jutsu. The second point spent on jutsu must always be a Genjutsu or Ninjutsu.

Power: 1 + 2 + 9 + 1(AP) + 1(TP) = 14
Control: 1 + 1 + 12 = 14
Reserves: 1 + 9 + 1(AP) = 11

Strength: 1 - 4 + 8 + 3(AP) = 8 (+6 Under One Umbrella)
Speed: 1 + 10 = 11 (+9 Under One Umbrella)
Stamina: 1 - 1 + 9 + 1(AP) = 10 (+4 Under One Umbrella)

Intelligence: 1 + 1 + 7 + 3(AP) = 12
Tactics: 1 - 1 + 10 + 1(AP) = 11
Willpower: 1 + 2 + 7 + 1(TP) = 11


Jutsu and Techniques

The Shichou Art of Fashion
[1]Band of Tears: Power 2, Intelligence 2
[2]Fascinator (Replacing Disposable Sandals): Intelligence 5 Tactics 4 Willpower 4
[2]Dressed for Success: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Power 6
[3]Hat Trick: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 8
[3]Spectacles of the Seer: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8
[3]Grandma's Blanket (Replacing Open Slot): Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Reserves 8
[4]Dragon’s Hood: Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
[4]Tunic of the Three Lords: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Control 12
[4]Blunder Blindfold: Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

Oil Release
[1]Oil Slick: Control 3, Intelligence 2
[2]Acid Replacement: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6
[3]Acid Bomb: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
[4]Tar Lances: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

Ribbon Techniques
[1]Basic Ribbon Control: Power 2, Willpower 2
[2]Tactile Ribbons: Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4
[3]Dragon Ribbon Technique: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
[4]Puppet Ribbon Technique: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
[4]Ribbon Saw: Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Power 12

Global Ninjutsu
[1]Unlocking Technique: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
[2]Tree Walking/Wall Walking Technique: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Under One Umbrella: +9 Speed, +6 Strength, +4 Stamina
[1]Strength 4, Speed 4
[2]Strength 7, Speed 7, Tactics 6


Inventory: 8/8
Fashionista's Kit (0)
Yin Umbrella +2 Returning (7)
Yang Umbrella (1)

Weapon Points Gained: 0


Biography: There is a long, sprawling tapestry belonging to the Shichou, strewn across the great Berzachi Hall with a vast length woven across the manor, detailing its seemingly infinite history. Its start is detailed by the appearance of Koko, the wondrous Matriarch, and its history continues, leading its viewer on a journey through several rooms. With the introduction of a new branch, the fabric offsets, strewn across the rafters that details lesser stories but ones that ultimately tie into the history of the Shichou itself. The greats, like Berzachi, Wang, Osuka and Karan, and even Liru have their own tapestries double-twined into the history of the clan, leading anyone curious about the clan and the lives of its key figures around the multitude of rooms that serve as a kind of mausoleum.

There still are those that do not double-twine, those that aren’t yet leaders, like that of Shichou Amane. Connected to his adoptive father’s own tapestry, the two divulge at a focal point, a beautiful woman embroidered onto black fabric drenched in a puddle of red yarn.


A man stood in front of him, blocking Amane’s view. Even at three years old, the boy recognized the scent of blood, the scent of death. Living in Sector Two was a tough life; there was little to eat and little room to live, let alone breathe, and it wasn’t uncommon for families to feud over resources. He’d never understand it, but he could see the still form of his mother, veiled with a white sheet. Blood still poured out of chest, her stomach, some even pooling around from her back. The shinobi that had brought her back to their house had informed the woman watching him that it had been a homicide, a murder. She ultimately seemed perplexed, confused. There were questions, talk of next of kin.

Amane didn’t have anyone.

He was peeking out from behind the man’s legs, wide eyes curious, afraid. His face was stained with tears, but the boy was silent, his throat dried from the lack of water and cracked from the hours of crying beforehand. When the man scooped him up, the two locked eyes. Amane felt safe, sheltered as the man laid the boy’s head on his shoulder. A hand reached over, resting on him, while the other held him tight.

“The Shichou will take him.”
The tapestry continued, showing signs of growth, a young man placed among others like him, gathered around a loom. It continued, detailing a few years of growth, of toil and play, until he reached the age of 5. The shinobi academy blossomed in brilliant design, chestnut threads detailing the darkened building of Sector Three, and a young Amane walking toward it, gold beams emanating from his head, as if to emphasize his excitement. Leading him was the figure of his adoptive father, with a speech bubble extending from his head. The kanji inside read, "Earn your keep." The embroidering of the boy looked happy, particularly cheerful as he walked in. From there, the embroidery divulged into him attending classes, and the next few years looked promising as positive kanji rested near each classroom described by the thread, each reflecting a grade.

In regards to the pieces that resembled the rooms of the Shichou manor, there was a brown haired boy who proved to have acclimated quite well to the use of the loom. The tapestry continues on, to the boy standing around the age of ten centered amidst several embroidered outfits that continued on for a couple of feet, transitioning into an image of him surrounded by brilliant blue threads that connected to each image of an outfit. The embroidery meant to symbolize his ability to apply the skills he’d picked up in the academy to the art that his clan was known for: Amane had become a warrior of his clan, solidified by the next part of the tapestry – the rain symbol, etched onto the boy’s forehead as he stood amidst two girls and a taller male, positioned behind him.


“Rollcall – Shichou Amane.”

Amane stepped out from between the two girls, both pretty in their own right. One, with chestnut hair neatly folded into a bun and a longbow resting on her back gestured the boy forward, while the other, unassuming with long, black hair looked toward him expectantly. The trio’s sensei was one of the most imposing men that he had ever seen: Covered in muscle that he had no problem showing and a military cut, the man wore armguards fashioned from the dog tags of the Rain Militia.

“Omura Miyako.”

The girl with the long hair stepped forward, hands folded neatly in front of her. Like Amane, she looked toward their sensei with a mixture of awe and fear.

“Tsunoi Io.”

Their remaining teammate also stepped forward, never once removing her gaze from the man standing before them. Something about her seemed confrontational, angry even. Even as the man stared back at her, stared her down even, she didn’t once waver. Amane couldn’t help but to admire her confidence.

“I am Takamori Hyobe.” The man reached into his weapon’s pouch in a fluid motion, a subtle chime accompanying the movement. “And your task for today is to take these from me.”
The tapestry goes on to show an expanse of the sewers and the three genin chasing after Hyobe. What followed for several yards was a recount of the team’s adventures, ranging from menial tasks, like rescuing animals and standing guard at entrance points scattered along the map of Amegakure to more difficult tasks, like pursuing enemies through the labyrinth of canals that connected the underground city.

The tapestry then seems to contort, with the kanji for the Amekage and dozens of question marks etched around it. The cloth continues, leading into the appearance of Tanomoshi Ayame with the three genin and their sensei knelt before her. Above her, golden thread etches its way downward from above: Sunlight.


For the first time that he could remember, Amane stood amongst trees. It was odd to him, being allowed outside of sewer labyrinth. Just like him, his teammates moved cautiously, testing their footing on grass. Their normally serious sensei looked rather amused, his stern face softened ever so slightly as he tried to stifle a laugh.

Their task was simple: A scouting mission. Ayame was smart when it came to introducing her future soldiers to the outside world. She needed to give them time to acclimate to their new surroundings, to fresh air. Living underground for their entire lives had created a cautious pack of genin, one that proved to have a penchant for going unnoticed. Amane had proven his skill in utilizing cloth and oil to bolster his allies, while Io had become quite the deadeye. Miyako’s true talent lied with genjutsu, while Hyobe, well rounded like most jounin, proved to be particularly capable at punching his way through anything that stood in front of him.

Producing a scroll, Amane provided each of his teammates with a wardrobe – they would be spending a good bit of their time undercover, if nothing else. More importantly though, they would be testing the surface. Ayame had a need for eyes, just as she needed the new generation of shinobi to be comfortable to fighting on the surface.

Amane knew as well as she did that the military’s aggression towards Amegakure could not go unpunished.
The tapestry continued on, the background of the tapestry changing from a dark brown hue to a deep blue, swirled with green. It shows the quartet of shinobi spending much of their time above ground in the dense jungles, obscured by rain and shadow as they monitor the Rain Military for a considerable amount of time. What very well that could have been a year of spying was dotted with the occasional red hue mixed in with the blue – assassinations, subterfuge, it began to mark the heightened sense of risk that the genin were beginning to undertake.

The tapestry began to take a darker effect after some time, like they were in a tunnel. While another team made its appearance in Konohagakure, Amane’s team was left out, tasked with work that the Amekage had deemed too important to allow their team compete. Or maybe it was that she didn’t trust the trio to partake in the ritualistic sport for promotion.


“I don’t understand.”

It was Io who spoke over the matter first. The others were gathered around the campfire with her, and she spoke with a vigor that startled even her teammates. Amane had always known Io to be confident, skilled in her abilities, but she was for the most part level-headed, even if she could be a bit standoffish at times.

“We’re being passed up in favor of another team?”

“Don’t take it to heart.” Hyobe was quick to patronize her, though he lacked the ability of a nurturer. Rather, he was blunt. “Right now, you don’t have a face. None of you do. You’re better off as scouts like that. The attention that the exams would give you would expose every operation that you’ve been part of. Disguises or not, Ayame knows what she’s doing. It’s for the good of Amegakure.”

Amane contemplated the man’s words, and like Miyako, he seemed to grasp them a bit better than his other teammate. Io’s irises still burned with a bright fire, regardless of their sensei’s words. Something about her had changed – she had been content with being strong, but now she wanted recognition.

In truth, Amane did too.
The thread stitched into the cloth persevered, with distinctions made after the chuunin exams. The tapestry changed back to its original hue underneath, picturing Amane hard at work, perfecting and designing more of his own clothing. Above, Io led the charge, hard at work to be something other than nameless. Bloody, open skirmishes began to appear on the topmost part of the tapestry as hostilities between the military and shinobi increased, and it was becoming evident that the intel that Amane and his team had been providing Amegakure over the years was becoming crucial in understanding the military’s patrol routes and their objectives.

There were markings that symbolized Ayame’s plans to abandon Amanjou, in addition to the appearance of the military’s new generals and the miko sisters. Amidst it all, however, was the battle that, in addition to everything else that Amane and his team had done, earned their promotion. The design shows the quartet outnumbered, and through some odds, their victory. Io’s image is stitched in, complete with a volley of arrows while Hyobe appeared to dart between them. Miyako stood off to the side, hands clasped, surrounded by a plethora of enemies while Amane stood amidst a rain of black thread.

Just after their promotion is another, singular image. Rather than Amane, a simple book is turned opened, the kanji for “new beginnings” sparsed out between the pages.


Other Info:
Amane's favorite food is anything with mochi in it.
His favorite color is undecided, but ultimately between sky blue and the darkest of greens.
Amane produces a style magazine of sorts. It's not very big, but it's supported by the Shichou because it doesn't only feature his creations, but anything that is expected to sell well.
Amane is a Capricorn.
If you catch him in a rare, nonproductive mood, Amane is definitely the type that enjoys making bad decisions.
Amane is a notorious gossip. If you want to know what's going on inside Amegakure, he's your guy.

AP Used: 10/27 Stats, 6/6 Jutsu


Underground Style:
The Tapestry Continues...
Chapter 000: New Beginnings
+1 AP Reserves, +1 AP Power, +3 AP Intelligence, +1 AP Tactics, +1 AP Tactile Ribbons, +1 AP Dragon Ribbon, +1 AP Puppet Ribbon
Chapter 001: Between Sky Blue & the Darkest of Greens
+1 Willpower, +1 Power
Interlude: It's Called Fashion
+1 AP Stamina, +3 AP Strength, +2 AP Stage 2 Under One Umbrella, +1 AP Fascinator, +1 GMAP Unlocking Technique, +1 GMAP Tree Walking/Wall Walking Technique, +1 GMAP Grandma's Blanket, +1 GMAP Ribbon Saw

Junge 08-20-2018 05:22 PM


"Earn your keep."
reeeeeee that's not in the clan fluff anymore

I complained about you not linking the Shichou info but then I realized it's in his name so that's okay I guess. If the nindo police don't catch you I'll half and GM Approve assuming I'm still Shichou GM anyway.

Kana 08-23-2018 08:18 PM

It all looks good save for the small math error in your power stat. Fix that and I'll give this a Rain GM Approval

Virtual Dream 08-28-2018 09:38 PM

Your power should be 12, I think, which means you don't qualify for Blunder Blindfold in your Shichou tree. Let me know when this is resolved and I'll throw my approval here.

Wess 08-29-2018 02:34 PM

Added an AP to solve the issue.

Virtual Dream 08-30-2018 02:30 PM

You're the one percent of Engi.

Half approval.

Bass 09-03-2018 09:33 PM

What, Ap solves all problems, doesn't it...?

Half'd now thats fixed

Seikon 09-16-2018 09:41 PM

Half-Approved for you, ya nerd.

merdle 09-17-2018 11:52 PM

There was a typo, but I lost track of it. Either way, approved .

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