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  • [Shichou] The Rumormill - Missions and More

    Your Shichou Briefing
    ”Never trust just one source of information. Buy all our magazines! – Shichou Yoemon

    Welcome to the bustling, vibrant, gossipy Shichou Grounds! Any good designer knows to get the best of your competition, you need to stay abreast of all the latest news. But who says what, and when, changes with the seasons. Who really knows best? The penny-pinching bean counters that occupy Zachi Hall? The haughty, incomprehensible artists who strut around like royalty and smoke long black cigarettes? The greasy loom workers trying to pull that child out of the mechanical loom again? That’s for you to decide!

    The Rub
    Shichou ‘missions’ take 4 different forms. The first are official mission postings which go through Amegakure. These are you standard ‘missions’, which anyone can take, even non-Shichou who have no connection with the clan at all. These represent jobs which typically involve going to the surface and doing something which bolsters both the Shichou and Amegakure simultaneously.

    The second are unofficial, in-house missions known in the clan as ‘favors’. Favors are posted by big-wig or ambitious Shichou looking to gain an edge on competition, both within Amegakure and within the clan itself. These jobs are highly political and espionage centered, though almost always nonviolent. You can think of favors as ‘under the table’ missions- they won’t raise your clout with Amegakure, but they will earn you a place at the table of Shichou politics.

    The third spicy flavor of Shichou are some unoriginally named Faction missions. The Shichou as a clan have a reputation with various Ame no Kuni groups and organizations, and in turn those folks have opinions about the Shichou. Faction missions aim to alter this in one way or another. I'll be monitoring these threads closely, as all actions taken by shinobi in them will have consequences!

    The last group of missions are character-centric and don’t have a cool name, sorry. These represent personal, individual story arcs of Shichou shinobi. How these develop, and who is included in them, is up to the player. As GM I am available to NPC to help characters along, and I’ll try my best to tie the smaller grassroots arcs up into something bigger as we grow. These will be heavily based on stuff I read in character biographies, but if you have a specific idea or direction you want your character to get involved with, I’m totally open to that instead. Feel free to write you own missions!

    The Catch
    If you don’t want me reading your Shichou threads and writing Shichou missions that spin off from them, just let me know and you can opt out. Otherwise I’m going to be scouring your posts for future story hooks, reoccurring NPCs, and other fun lore-building aspects. Nothing is ‘canon’ until a thread is completed, so just because a job is ‘posted’ doesn’t mean it ‘exists’ yet. Think of these as possibilities, rather than certainties.

    The Meat
    ”Loose lips sink ships, but they also really build the hype for the next issue! –Shichou Yoemon

    Official Shichou Mission Postings

    From the desk of one of Shichou Liru’s lieutenants…
    The lockdown means we’re eating into our surplus funds at an alarming rate. Miss Liru is looking to secure some above-ground materials to lower our overhead…specifically, she’s got her eyes on the Rain Militia’s supply chain. Let’s get some of our top operatives out there and give them the support they need to bring back some loot, for the good of Amegakure of course!
    To do: Ransack, pillage, and bring back the bacon for the Shichou’s coffers.
    Or maybe: Find some other way to increase Shichou profit that doesn’t involve so much violence
    To not do: Too much wonton murder of otherwise harmless civilians gives Amegakure a bad name. So either dial it back, or don’t let the caravans know you’re shinobi.

    Posted by the collective landlords of the Shichou Studio Block…
    Isn’t is appalling how we Amegakure citizens dug this society out with our bare hands, and now it lays overrun with riffraff and scoundrels? Let us take back our rightful clay! We want the abandoned Kurosaki Cistern area north of Sector 1 cleaned out of criminals and low-lives, then given to the Shichou for safe keeping! Let’s see those scumbags try and move into an area populated by Amegakure’s most dangerous and temperamental shinobi.
    To do: Clear out multiple gangs from the Kurosaki Cistern, one way or another.
    Or maybe: Find a more permanent solution to the problem.
    To not do: Destroy the Cistern, obviously. Any significant structural damage will ruin the spot for future land development. Please check your etags in at the door.

    In a joint statement by senior Shichou and Amegakure officials…
    It has come to the attention of the regulatory agencies that some in the village are purchasing and wearing bootleg Shichou Looms brand clothing and accessories. While owning counterfeit goods is not technically a violation of Amegakure law, providing funding to enemy forces certainly is. For those wishing to not get court martialed on charges of treason, it would be best to cease purchasing these unauthorized Shichou goods. We have good reason to believe they are manufactured and distributed by the Capital Channel Crew, and will not hesitate to punish those we catch assisting them as such. Thank you for your consideration.
    To do: Track down who is making the bootlegs.
    Or maybe: Shake down whoever is buying the bootlegs. It won’t solve anything but doesn’t it sound fun?
    To not do: Tarnish the Shichou Looms brand. Seriously, don’t.


    Whispered by a certain councilmember Shichou Midori
    The Unveiling is upon us! Already our lesser brethren scramble to impress us with their tablecloths and fancy bath robes. Despicable, darling, it really is. As if one showing can somehow erase a history of mediocrity- oh, but I shouldn’t ramble. This year the list of contenders is far too long. Too many cooks spoil the broth, if you catch my drift. Do something about these record-high numbers of applicants. But be discrete, dear.
    To do: Get various Shichou to pull their outfits from the next Unveiling.
    Or maybe:: Expose the nepotism and corruption in the system so something worse can replace it.
    To not do: Break Amegakure law, obviously.

    In a lonely, crammed cubicle in Berzachi Hall…
    I heard Shichou Tenshi hasn’t made a sale in weeks. In weeks! I don’t know what’s got her in a rut but she’s eating up Shichou resources with nothing to show for it. More than a few of our top agents are looking to unseat her. Crabs in a bucket, right? I hear she’s got another week before Liru drops her from her lieutenant team. I also hear she might have a big sale lined up, something that’d make her impossible to fire if it goes through…who knows what’ll happen?
    To do: Help, or hurt, Shichou Tenshi’s crazy business plan.
    Or maybe: Get in on the action yourself, you greedy bastard.
    To not do:: Make things overall worse for the Shichou. We’re supposed to be family, after all.

    Shouted out in between noisy, clanging machinery…
    Bloody inefficient, is what I’d call it! Rain powered looms- who the hell thought that sounded plausible? These waterways output consistent power, yeah, but they aren’t energy dense enough for us to expand. You know what’d really turn the cranks on these babies? Some goddamn petrol powered engines! We could double production overnight if we retrofitted our gearboxes with the suckers! But those whiny artists say they hate the smoke and noise…bunch of ingrates. We need some land in Sector 2- something we can really juice up to show off what modern engineering can do for the Shichou. They say Shichou Iori has a prototype that could revolutionize the business, go lend him a hand!
    To do: Clear out a functioning Sector 2 factory so Shichou mechanics can test out a gasoline powered loom.
    Or maybe: Sabotage the whole affair, keep our Shichou products sustainable and environmentally friendly!
    To not do: Get all preachy

    Faction Missions

    What do else do the unwashed masses deserve but a good washing?
    Though not a focal point of Shichou business, charity work is a good way to bolster pubic opinion and get easy advertising. Also it's hard for people to compete with 'free', so we'll be driving out the competition as well. Work alongside local Amegakure poverty groups to transport and distribute free clothing to the destitute throughout the country, both above and below ground.
    To do: Help the needy, but not enough to cut into profits.
    To not do: Get blood on the merch
    Increases reputation with Amegakure citizens, Ame no Kuni citizens
    Decreases reputation with local and foreign businesses

    The friend of my friend is not my friend.
    Once, the Shichou Looms dominated the textile market. Now the field is split into hundreds of tinier outfits and businesses that compete directly with the clan. Competition drives down prices, which drives down profits. Each of these companies we can take under our wing (or smash beneath our heel) means more money in the long run. Seek out the biggest operations both locally and abroad, and get them to join us in trade agreements...or otherwise remove them from the playing field.
    To do: Rebuild the Shichou Looms monopoly
    To not do: Take principled stances against capitalism run amok
    Increases reputation with local and foreign businesses, Amegakure government
    Decreases reputation with local and foreign citizens

    There is no such thing as bad advertising.
    Making a big, showy scene isn't really a good way to do ninja work. It is a great way to intimidate would-be challengers, though. A large, public, gruesome execution in a populated city center would be a great way to get the Shichou name on the minds and lips of the bigwigs upstairs. It won't win us any favor with the little folks, but a display of power like that is sure to turn the heads of the rich and powerful.
    To do: Capture and execute a high ranking Rain Militia official
    To not do: Come off a bunch of bloodythirsty murderous psychopaths
    Increases reputation with foreign military groups, wealthy elites
    Decreases reputation with basically everyone else

    Please do not get down with the sickness.
    The Maeda are not often on the Shichou radar, given the vastly different fields both clans occupy. However it has come to the attention of those high up in the Shichou hierarchy that some kind of inner political turmoil is broiling in the parasite clan's ranks. Nobody is quite sure what, if anything, this means, but it always pays to be vigilant. Go and ensure Shichou interests are not threatened by whatever it is those worm-filled cretins are doing.
    To do: Gather information on the Maeda, discretely if possible
    To not do: Make things worse for everyone
    Can increase or decrease reputation with the Maeda, Amegakure citizens

    Why would you worship anything in a godforsaken country like Rain?
    The shrine maidens of the Hontou no Itami have been flitting about the country for a few months now and still nobody is sure what the hell the are doing. From the outside it looks as though they are engaged in providing food, water, and medical care to refugees. For once, Rain Militia and Shichou interests seem to align: the presence of this third party complicates things and both sides would be better off with the mikos out of the picture. Find one Cardinal Yoemon and either convince him to leave the shrine, or give him an early retirement.
    To do: Through hook or crook, get Cardinal Yoemon out of the picture
    To not do: Get any local deities upset
    Increases reputation with the Rain Militia
    Decreases reputation with the Hontou no Itami shrine maidens and the local citizens

    The last guy who mentioned a 'ceasefire' got thrown off a bridge by a general. So bring your swim trunks.
    Though it is a tremendous unlikelihood, rumors are that perhaps a peace could still be brokered by the more beleaguered elements of Rain Country and the Hidden Village. It is the Shichou's stance that no policy other than the eradication of the Militia is acceptable. Find these lone voices for peace, and strangle them in the crib, though not literally if it can be avoided.
    To do: Silence both above ground and below ground advocates for reconciliation
    To not do: Look like vindictive warmongering sellswords
    Increases reputation with vindictive warmongering sellswords
    Decreases reputation with peace loving, spineless cowards

    Character Arcs

    Have you heard what they are saying about Amane? Let me fill you in...
    Everyone knows Liru is no stranger to reaching out to the best and brightest of the clan. Everyone also knows how she uses most of them up and tosses them aside once they've been bled dry. The young Amane looks like a new squeeze of hers, with that work he's been doing outside the country. Is Liru looking to expand operations, or milk a new recruit with dangerous side jobs?
    To do: Figure out what Liru's latest scheme is.
    Or maybe: You do you, man.
    To not do: Burn out like a fading star.

    Curiosity killed the cat, Akisame...
    Can you imagine it, here, on the Shichou grounds, a quarantine? Word is Dr. Akisame has been fiddling with something he found on the surface. At the same time some weavers working by the loading docks caught a nasty bug. Coincidence...? Maybe. Or maybe it's a chance to knock a high ranking Shichou down a peg. Who knows?
    To do: Pursue your interests
    Or maybe: Interest your pursuers
    To not do: Gaze too long into the abyss
    (Rain Chuunin) Oichi Josuke | (Sand Chuunin) Sawamatsu no Motonubu | (Leaf Chuunin) Hyuuga Kannon
    (Retired Grass Chuunin) Shinshi Gemmei | (Snow Genin) Gonnohyoe | (Mist Genin) Kurusu Ringo
    (Brigade of Light) Chosokabe Muneshige | (Leaf Chuunin) Hong Feiyan
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    Shichou Payday!

    Hey, Shichou activity! The two currently active Shichou (Akisame and Amane) can both take 2 AP each for doing threads. I meant to do this a while ago but I'll be giving out an AP each month for each completed thread, as long as supplies last. I'll be editing this post periodically to keep the payments up to date, so check in after you complete a thread to make sure I've adequately compensated you for your hard work!
    (Rain Chuunin) Oichi Josuke | (Sand Chuunin) Sawamatsu no Motonubu | (Leaf Chuunin) Hyuuga Kannon
    (Retired Grass Chuunin) Shinshi Gemmei | (Snow Genin) Gonnohyoe | (Mist Genin) Kurusu Ringo
    (Brigade of Light) Chosokabe Muneshige | (Leaf Chuunin) Hong Feiyan
    Shichou Clan GM - Shichou Mission Thread Here!
    Brigade of Light GM - Missions and More!
    I will do any thread, anywhere, anytime. Just PM me!
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