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    So this is a little thread I've started to be an extension of my character development. Currently I have a few characters in the works and I want to use this thread as a method to see if I can write them the way I envision, because a lot of the times that isn't the case. This will also serve as a bit of an organizer, as i'm going to make a list to keep track of which ones i feel I'm farther with.

    (Order of Importance)

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    It's a warm summer day. The sun is especially relentless on this particular day, pounding the earth with her vibrant rays. Yet in the countryside of Iron Country, there was a slight breeze, producing a peculiar yet comforting sound as it made it's way through the low brush and the tall bamboo stalks. It was a bright forest, lit up with the green bamboo, yet there was a path swathing through the trees. It was a road leading out of Sennou no Shi. It was never a really busy road, and that rang true today. There was only one man on this road, moving at a rather unremarkable rate.

    His long, powder blue hair flowed gently in the mild wind. He was a handsome man, with modest, yet alluring features. The traveler seemed normal enough. He was of average height and his physique wasn't particularly impressive. His clothing was simple, yet traditional. The only thing that was really of note, was the sword he was carrying. It was one of those cane-like numbers, held comfortably in the palm of his left hand, while it rested on his shoulder. In his other hand was a pale green apple, half eaten.

    Truthfully, there was nothing that screamed ex-Legionnaire about this man, but that was exactly what he was. Plus, based on the levity of his actions only four hours before, the man was thoroughly relaxed, sloth-like even. His gait went unchanged as he realized that he wasn't alone on this road. 100 yards in front of him stood a figure, almost defiantly scarring the idyllic look of the environment around him. Even at this distance the man knew who this figure was, yet he continued on unphased. Then at about 20 yards away he halted. Taking a last bite of his midday snack, he savored the tart-sweet taste of the fruit then he tossed it lazily to the side of the road. Finally breaking the silence between them, the blue haired man addressed the other.

    "Beautiful day, isn't it O-Ushi sensei?" His voice was deep and sultry, yet his enunciation was all but flawless.

    The man he was referring to was utterly disgusted. Tight lips were turned up as if smelling something horrible. " could you? To believe that a student of mine could be capable of such....cruelty--" The man's voice trailed off, the pain in his voice was apparent. "To think that I initiated you into this order of men, who are meant to protect the people. Taught you the way of the sword, the code of Bushido! Discipline, morals, righteousn-"


    It was an outburst that seemed to catch both parties off guard. Brushing himself off and regaining his composure, Togashi continued. "You stand here posturing on all these useless notions. Order, morals, laws, it's all bullshit. None of that matters in the end. As finite organisms, spending time on such things is nothing short of insane, I refuse to do so any longer." He paused to really let it sink in. His master had been a patient listener, but he had grown tired of this.

    "What are you really here for master? I know it wasn't to have a philosophical conversation."

    The bald man, dressed in one of his best kimonos closed the distance between them. "I'm here to bring you back, boy." O-Ushi sensei spat with every syllable. "You shall repent for your deeds, so will I, as your teacher." The man widened his feet and lowered his center of gravity as he placed his right hand on the hilt of his ornate katana.

    Togashi scoffed. "Sensei, let me remind you that at this distance, I'm lethal. It is not my wish to murder you. You taught me the way of the sword." Yet O-Ushi's gaze did not falter. "Very well, if you wish to perish, who am I to stop you?"

    ~~To be Continued~~
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      ~~Part 2~~

      The clear, piercing jade hued pupils of the sensei steered angrily into the deep, chocolatey pools of his disobedient student. Body language is an integral part of combat, socialization, love; pretty much everything. And to that point, Togashi was exceptionally skilled at reading it like a book. Crouched, poised posture ready to spring into action in seconds. Sweat beads pooling on head and face, anxious in anticipation of battle. 70/30 weight distribution, offensive attack b--. In the middle of his battle analysis a sudden thought came to him, and he was compelled to inform the man who had taught him how to swing this lump of metal held loosely in his left hand.

      "This will not end well O-Ushi." He was sure to leave the sensei part out. "I know the full extent of your abilities and your on the wrong side of 50 years old. Your unique Niten-ryu style of dual sword combat is renowned. Yet and still, since I left your tutelage, I too have been improving. Before I send you to see the Ferryman, allow me to show you."

      With that the blue haired demon of Iron Country dropped into a low crouch, right hand on his sword handle ready to draw and at the same time snapping his eyes shut. This motion always helped to trigger his mental focus and with the appropriate cognitive cues, he burst open the First of the Celestial Gates. O-Ushi's eyebrows raised as he could see the physical representation of Togashi's Qi release. As the Ronin's eyes snapped back open there was something....more behind them. "You have tapped into something I've only heard stories of. As your master I'm proud of your passion to better yourself. At that same time, I feel nothing but pain and sadness because you are using these skills for death and destruction. It is a sad day."

      At the last utterance he sprang into action, charging at his former student with surprising speed. The space between vanished in a blink, and in that blink you would have missed what happened. O-Ushi was upon Togashi, who was surprisingly still despite the tremble of the Kai-Mon ravaging his body. Finally metal was loosed of it's sheathe as the katana of the master swung in a terrifying combination of speed and Iaido technique. His eyes were locked onto those of his student and as he peered into almost the very soul of the villain he realized it. He would lose this contest. Grasping his sword in his right hand, the Cyan Serpent of Sennou no Shi drove the middle knuckle of his left fist directly into his sensei's chest.

      The physical force of this bare handed assault was tremendous. It stopped the advancing sword master in his tracks, but more than that you could hear the impact. The thud cutting clear through the relative silence of the bamboo forest. But it was more than just the force, it was the placement of the punch that was truly significant. The knuckle shattered the weakest area of the breastplate, which in turn severed the main valve to the heart.

      The silence was deafening, the two men stood there for what seemed like an eternity, as if they were stuck in time. The Gate was closed once again, and Togashi's hand was still on his master's chest, palm engulfed in luxurious green and gold embroidery. The bright, clarity of O-Ushi's eyes began to fade as he stood there, eyes wide in shock at the power of this man he had molded for so long. He couldn't move, he knew he was dying, but he had enough in him to whisper. "Your soul is tainted Togashi, I have failed you. I'm sorry for that. May Kami have mercy one you." With that he went completely limp, life escaping him with his last exhale.

      Togashi stood there, baring the man's full, dead weight for a few moments more. Then using that same left hand he pushed the corpse over. As he brushed himself off, he offered a rebuttal to his dead sensei. "That's exactly your problem O-Ushi. Or should I say it was your problem. There is no Kami. There is no Heaven, no Hell. There's only the meaningless grind of life. The only thing that matters in this miserable existence is power and strength. Your life and those of everyone else's including mine, means less than shit. With that, farewell sensei." Done with his rant, he stepped over the man and continued down the road, as the glazed over jade orbs of the corpse watched him.


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