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[Arc, 1/3] The Final Ambassador of Suna no Soushoku

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    Yes, but it seems our operatives split up.Split up?Twice.
    - - -
    D a n g e r o u It was here, at that very moment, shrouded in darkness and the eerie quiet of the sixth floor, that the danger became tangible for SHINRAI Kansei Tanryoku. Rooms away and isolated from Chouku Shuju, not only would the recent addition to the SHINRAI fold hearT h o s e, I n e e d those.bluefinallymove, fast. Slithering like a horde of snakes threading a path to a single target, the architecture of the whole floor shifted as Shichiro was in mid-motion. The high walls of the sixth floor began to sink into the ground and ceiling, maintaining its structural integrity as a whole but clearing out all rudimentary items that may get in the way of the impending battle. The floor was left with nothing but them, and windows.

    F o r M i n o r u, f o r Assate.

    Scattered words were as fractured as he was, quivering hand creeping closer to the SHINRAI.

    D o y o u h e a r the s e a?
    Wires kept rushing into his cloak as he reached toward Tanryoku, just as the hands of the surviving staff of the hospital grasped the front doors of the building in bundled desperation.

    The scenario was much differentcut through it, but crushed the figure. The sound of metal clashing against some sort of armor sprung into the air, followed by the subtle footsteps of the hospital marionettes who continued about their business despite the sudden commotion. It was bizarre, even. Creepy, then, that the reflection of very thin black wiresH-help!ThisKugutsu Gigei | Puppet ArtsHyaku Shouaku Ayatsuri | Hundred Grasp Manipulationpuppet


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      and swallowed the quiver of fear that followed, the phantom reality of what might have been had he reacted any slower.

      Hands off!

      The fingers were connected to a gaunt forearm, also blueDamn the sea to hell.

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        Breathe in. The hands were now nearly on top of him, so many that they occluded his view of the rest of the hallway, each palm forward, fingers seeking to grasp.

        Breathe out.Now Manyuda.Must cut them.

        Genpachi made a quick handsign and his beads, which were only just beginning to slow their vertical rotation around him, suddenly stopped, became soft-seeming, and melted. Each bead flowed, becoming a black shard of razor-sharp glass. With incredible speed, the shards flew away from their position around Genpachi, spinning and slicing at the wires all around Manyuda, cutting at them with all the power of 8 of the sharpest swords.

        As the shards did their work, Genpachi spared a glance for his puppet opponent.