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    [Sunagakure Announcements]
    Primary GM: Hitoko
    Co-Secondary GMs: Seikon & Wess


    It’s been a long time coming. Welcome to the highly updated and further expanding Sunagakure. I’m your friendly neighborhood Primary GM Hitoko. I’ve gone right ahead and swapped out many of the old announcement threads and did a bunch of cleaning up—so the Sand Village forum looks pretty bare, right? No worries, through the initiatives and hype train, maybe we can attract a vivid and live community of writers to explore the depths and lore of the village.

    Sunagakure Unofficial Lockdown is officially over, but what does that even mean? Well, other than being able to freely register characters once again, not much else, honestly. Except, you know, the language of a lot of things concerning Sand has shifted to add my own voice to the guides and stuff laying around the forum. Wanted a fresh start for 2016, so there’s a handful of things that’ve changed or has been updated.

    For example.
    • There’s a New Mission List.
      • The Yagyou & Penitent are now open for applications upon character registration (Chuunin, feel free to holler at them, that’s for you).
      Snow Refugees still won’t be taken in, unless they are Penitents, of course (Sand & Leaf are buddies, we sticking together).
      • I’m looking for Special Forces Jounin as well, to lead threads and Genin teams, especially for The Spartoi Project
      Dedashi & Fuji Musume have been added to the Sunagakure Information
      Sand Division Items are up to speed and ready to go.

    Things I’ve repurposed:
    • • Sand Ask Away
      • Sand FAQs
      • Sand Arc Archive

    The only other thing of immediate concern would be what Kana and I (alongside some outside help of fellow writers of Engi) are working on/fine tuning for the future. In the next couple of weeks, look out for these additions soonish:
    • • Summoning Contract: Boar
      • Summoning Contract: Meerkat
      • Summoning Contract: Caiman
      • The Kabane Clan

    Ekitai Kenfu & the Rittaisen is seeing a makeover, too.

    Another small tweak that I decided without consulting anyone else is the methodology of how character sheets are created. From this point on, anyone creating a new character should write their biography in first person, interview format. Ninja are reviewed/interviewed by the Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni. I’ve explained this many a time, but I’m a sucker for first person narratives. The reason I’m pushing this agenda is for the writers coming through to the village to, for one, be challenged in a literary sense and, two, it helps you connect more to your character by understanding their voice.

    Trust me. It’s dope.

    For those who purchased Sennin. Remember, your story hook is simple: The Kazekage sent out a letter to you, welcoming you back to Sand where ever they maybe. Also, I'm only accepting Sennin 25 and older, take your prodigy stories else where (tre-tre-tre-tre-treated).

    Other than that, I believe that’s all I really have to announce at the moment. Been up all night cleaning up the forum and preparing for this, so please, feel free to look around and ask questions. I’d also love to extend my gratitude in terms of everyone’s patience as the Arc went on, although some of you drove me crazy asking about the next step, thanks for sticking around.

    I Look Forward to Reading Your Adventures.

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    Spartoi Deadline is Friday, Feb. 12th

    Although there’s still a couple of things I need to clear up on my end before getting the Spartoi off the ground, the date I set above is the final deadline for all Spartoi character application (where the Jounin at?). They must be in the registry and ready. Here’s something I wanted to mention, on the side, as well:

    Although I’ll have the final say of who is in the Spartoi Project, realize that the bulk of the work is on the applicant’s shoulders to decide who they are willing to mention/connect their characters with throughout their biographies/dynamic. Essentially, the process is sort of self-editing thing because the community of connected characters ultimately decides who is in and who is out. It’s easy to disapprove of one character, but if that one character is a vital part of four or five people’s biographies, then it’s a much harder/impossible decision.

    Less work for me, truth be told

    Oh, also. If an EoE says, I’d like to see more mention of this in the bio—don’t wait on me to come in and say the same. Lol. That’s all.

    See You on The Twelfth
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      Spartoi Characters due today. Get them in or forever hold your peace.



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        [Spartoi Final Results]
        Congratulations, after spending the whole weekend reading everyone’s application, this is what the Spartoi has shaped up to be. Slim competition, but the process was much easier considering who was connected to what. Here’s the (semi)-official list.
        The work isn’t over yet. Although I placed my stamp of approval on all of these Spartoi, I am only one man. As most of the applicants are composed of EoE (wow, yeah I just realized that, but oh well), I’d like to task every able half approve…er…to help get everyone else along through the registry. With that being said, this whole process is a community/group effort, so Spartoi won’t be moved from the registry until the whole crew is approved, and such.

        Hey, don’t give me that stank look; everyone has to do their part, right?

        With that being said, the actual primary reason for this decision is so it gives me some time to solidify the teams. Also, I’m gearing to do a large Spartoi group thread as a means for everyone to get acquainted with his or her characters, and such. That’s uh…that’s about it. Go forth. Let’s posse up and get everyone through. And once again, thank you all for being interested in moving forward with Sand.

        Friendly Neighborhood GM, Out


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          Spartoi, get your sh*t together—
          —Nah, I’m just playin’, I'm playin'.

          Hello! This is your Friendly Neighborhood GM Hitoko with some quick updates. Since my last announcement, not a lot of things have happened in terms of RP, but I wanted to make something clear. I won’t be moving forward with the current Sand Arc, mainly because characters aren’t developed enough to partake in such high level activities (even if all the Jounin were active, still wouldn’t be able to handle the funk). So, then, what is there to do?

          There’s a whole mission list with about thirty unclaimed missions that need to be completed. Since Spartoi, most of the characters in Sand are all little Genin running around. So, with that in mind, there will be no more rank restrictions on missions on the list. After a dope chat with WoF, I figure this to be the best route.

          What this means is anyone can form teams, or groups, to complete any mission on the list. They have the freedom to scale each mission however they feel fit in order to, ya’know, tell a dope story. So, this opens up more things to do for everyone sitting around twiddling their fingers and such. Remember, though, failure is an option with these things. Put your characters through the ringer, make these threads special in order to develop your characters even more. That’s what I’m looking forward to most.

          Keep in mind too, while references these missions in character, missions are still regulated by their class criteria such as Wolf or Tiger or Demon. That’s some language I got from One Punch Man. it’s staying.

          What else?

          Oh yeah, for those who kept up with the Kage Summit, here’s a list of villages that Sand f**cks with:
          Leaf: Open
          Grass: Open
          Mist: Open
          Rain: Open
          Stone: Closed (GM Approval needed)
          Cloud: Closed (GM Approval needed)
          Sound: Closed (Just, no)
          Snow: Closed (Unless they trying to be Penitents)

          Characters from other villages (Leaf, Grass, Mist & Rain) can now do missions in Sand as well. So, Sand Ninja, feel free to reach out to them for cross village play and all that fun jazz.

          Sand Summons are on the way, ya’ll can wait. And, I’ll be making a big announcement sometime soon figuring out an official incentive system to get folks more motivated. So, yeah, with that being said, there’s a lot of things to do in Sand, so, yeah, word—get out my inbox asking for more to do when ya’ll got unfinished threads hanging around.


          I’m kidding. But forreal though. Spartoi:

          Get it together.

          Best <3,
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            Quick announcement.

            With Kana moving on to do bigger and brighter things for Rain Village, he’s stepped down as Sand Secondary to focus his efforts there. With that being said, I’ve gathered the help of two individuals who have been helping me bulk up future material, and of whom I feel confident with sharing work with. So, with that being said, welcome to my new Co-Secondary GMs:

            Seikon & Wess

            And since everyone in Sand got some dope-ass titles, I’ve decided to call them my Sun and Moon Generals, just for me though, just for me. Regardless, with this in effect, it’ll make approving things such as missions or characters easier in the future. Future applicants of Sunagakure will be reviewed by the three of us, which’ll make the approving process easier (My full approval plus two half approvals), so look forward to that.

            What else?

            Oh yeah, by the end of this month a lot of things will be included and changed. The mission list will reopen, rank restrictions will be back in play, 50+ missions will be added, new NPCs and locations will be added, plus there will probably be a more proper roll out for future arcs announced too. But this is all at the end of the month, so, go head and do some fluff threads till we get busy.

            And congrats to Seikon and Wess

            Thank Ya’ll for Reading,


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              Whole bunch of new shit announced:
              1. S.O.S System has Arrived
              2. New Maps and Location revealed (done up by Seikon, descriptions by Wess)
              3. Two sets of NPC added to the Kaze no Kuni Repository (More to come)
              4. Mission List is officially back open!

              And we still building on! Go check it out!

              Forward, always.


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                A little later than anticipated, but, as we move into February, us dudes over in Sand thought it was about time for some more changes/rewards:

                New Subdivision KATA has launched in full, and with it, new NPCs (scroll down a bit) new missions (and a new rule), a new monthly challenge, and GMAP rewards for those of you who contributed to completed missions which unlocked the first of a long series of stretch goals.

                Keep on chugging away at those missions.

                Stay fresh!
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                AP: 21


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                  Hello friends and lovers,

                  I know there's a lot going on in the world more important than our little ninja game but now is as good a time as ever (for me, at least) to try and get things done on Engi -- I'd like to finish this arc as badly as all of you participating in what we have allowed to become a multi-year sleepfest and I know for certain that I have a big part in directly causing things to stagnate all over the forum.

                  I posted in Pursuing a Blue Dragon "2/3" Collection of Five Puppets

                  I want to continue the tradition of letting players drive content forward in Sand in the spirit of the S.O.S. system and definitely as far as Arc-related play is concerned. Hitoko has expressed that we can summarize and end this and award you all for the participation and I would definitely not be opposed to that at all.

                  For the remainder of this one, I suppose my question is, what would you like to see out of it? I think at this point we could trim the threads down to two, or even one, and continue them with a more free-form posting order. Shit's about to get a little crazy in there and we appear to have the makings of a large scale battle ahead of us. I wouldn't mind recusing myself [I play Eiko but would take it upon myself to just NPC for the rest of the ride if we intend on staying seated for a bit].

                  Just let me know on discord or in a visitor message or in a PM what you would like to see happen here -- for posterity's sake I would like to ensure I represent your characters in an "official" Sand Archive thread accurately so in the event the majority believes summary and plot-advancement is the way to go don't be afraid to post anyway or send me a lengthy message.

                  -Sunny Lad
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