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    “Of course I understood all that.” Hong Feiyan scoffed, adjusting the bear shaped ANBU mask to try and get a better look at the pasture the two shinobi stood in. “But like, just to be totally sure, you better tell me again.”

    While listening to her Hyuuga companion explain the tracks they were following for the third time that evening Hong Feiyan slipped some more ostrich jerky into her mouth. As expected of Yoshida Farms, the quality was top notch. What a blessing to be able to get the treat on-site for once! Unfortunately, the previous night some malicious actors sabotaged the farm's water supply, threatening to dehydrate all the livestock in the that summer's unusually blistering Leaf Country heat. Prior to that the farm suffered setback after setback as its prized birds kept turning up missing or butchered. Conventional investigating turned up nothing and as usual when the going got tough, shinobi got called in. One KUMA ANBU Agent Hong Feiyan and a young Hyuuga man accompaniment was more than enough, though! Especially since the two spent almost the entire day chasing leads and piecing together an utterly confusing puzzle. Thank goodness the enhanced sight of the Hyuuga finally caught the trail they now followed- not that the clever Hong Feiyan couldn't have used her own Feiyanigan eye powers to have found it it as well, but, you know, it's good to let everyone on the team contribute, wasn't it?

    “Got it, Chief” Hong Feiyan nodded with a authority far outpacing her actual understanding. “That all sounds right to me and it lines up with what that little urchin you captured said after we twisted his arm.” With that vote of confidence the two resumed creeping along the grassy field, staying well clear of the flocks of grazing chickens blissfully unaware of their own dire predicament. ”Scoundrels always hide out in secret tunnels, so once we find it there's no way anyone we find inside isn't the culprit! Anyone or anything," She quickly added to cover her bases, "Since we haven't ruled out it being a really angry ghost yet."

    Swirls of darkening clouds gathered on the horizon opposite of the setting sun, casting stark shadows even in the early evening sunlight. The breeze carried the smell of smoking meats from far away. It certainly didn't feel like the location where one might uncover the dark underbelly of bird ranching- or at the very least, it didn't fit Hong Feiyan's villain aesthetic very well. Whoever the guilty party was, they sure didn't care about cultivating an appropriate atmosphere of dread and tension!
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    A stream of dirt spilled between Hyuuga Yuu’s fingers as he stood up, rubbing his fingers against each other before patting his palm absently against his rump. The dust wasn’t thick with ectoplasm, nor had he heard any ghastly wails, so a really angry ghost wasn’t likely - -

    He grimaced and shook his head a few times to get the thought out. Of course a really angry ghost wasn’t likely. Ghosts didn’t exist, probably. Just weird bandage illusions that looked like people you once knew. Everyone knew that. He glanced over at the masked girl with a bit of hesitation. She was part of black ops, maybe she knew something he didn’t. Then again, if there was ghosts, wouldn’t he be able to see them with his special eyes?

    “A secret tunnel isn’t out of the question.” In his previous adventure at the farm, he had combated an enemy shinobi in a basement. That was like a secret tunnel, if secret meant carefully planned and stamped by a Fire Country architect and tunnel meant large room. “But I’ve never met a ghost anywhere in Fire Country before.”

    At least, he didn’t think.

    The tracks didn’t make a ton of sense, and Yuu explained as much to his companion. He could trace the stolen birds in so far that he was definitely tracing large birds, but there didn’t seem to be any tracks that implied human intervention. No carts, no footprints, no nothing. Just big birds.

    “The rancher was sure his birds wouldn’t just up and leave. Apparently they’re all very well trained.” He said that, as if the his welted face wasn’t from a particularly aggressive ostrich from a few hours before.

    The giddiness of having a real life ANBU assigned to his mission had worn off pretty swiftly as the operation had started - - moving along the tracks of something mysterious had become pretty rote and boring to the young man. He had expected more intrigue and explosions and high level ninjutsu and - -

    - - well, something like really angry ghosts. Not birds and stolen property and questionable jerky made from bushmeat. As sweat pooled under his armpits and slicked to the back of his neck, he wondered if the secret tunnel that may or may not exist would be cooler than the hot summer air around it, or stuffy and suffocating. He let out sound of frustration at the thought.

    “Hopefully they saw something at the guard post ahead.” He padded the brown sack he tied to the belt that held his ninja tools. “When we drop off these rations maybe they’ll have a stronger lead than just - -”

    A chicken nearby eyed the Hyuuga boy suspiciously as he glared at it. “Than just birds.”
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      “Shouldn't you guys be, uh,” through mouthfuls of food one of the guards pointed at the masked ANBU and intimidating stare of the Hyuuga, “like, be doing more important stuff?”

      Delivering a smug huff and standing up with pride Hong Feiyan tapped her chest with a fist. “Supplying the front lines with sufficient resources is one of the most important jobs there can be!” That comment seemed to be met with guarded caution by the group of border guards, so leaving nothing to chance she added “And how else are you going to obey every whim of your slave-driving boss if you aren't properly fed?”

      “I wish we had that much to do.” Another guard emptied a flask of wine and have a hearty exhale. “Haven't seen poachers in months since we chased off the last band. Nowadays it's just wolves and the occasional snake...”

      “There was the alligator that one time!”

      “No, it was a crocodile-”

      Despite the farm's imminent doom the sellswords seemed to be in rather high spirits. Or maybe that was the actual spirits at work. Less of the ghost type, more of the cheap booze kind.

      “Those eagles, though! I bet they are responsible! Fences don't do jack for eagles...”

      “Hawks. Those were hawks.”

      “No, dumbasses.” Through a burp one of the guards smacked his companion across the back of the head. “Those are vultures. Vultures don't hunt.”

      “But they eat meat! And they're always circling around where the livestock disappear. Very suspicious!”

      “Because vultures eat dead things. Put two and two together, imbeciles.”

      Under normal circumstances, sellswords like these would be prime suspects. But the Hyuuga had already done his due diligence prior to Hong Feiyan's arrival and turned up empty handed. All of the most likely suspects had already been ruled out.

      “No trails,” She leaned down to better discretely conspire through her mask at her companion. “No traces. Mysterious tunnel that we can't find with the Byakugan. You know what I'm thinking?”

      “I mean, apart from ghosts again.”
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